Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

several centuries   (varios siglos)

The château was constructed over several centuries.

The Ratta empire ruled Poobaagi for several centuries.

In Saarland, coal has been mined over several centuries.

many centuries   (muchos siglos)

The use of the gesture dates back many centuries.

Options contracts have been known for many centuries.

English folklore developed over many centuries.

twentieth centuries   (siglos XX)

The names given were common usage in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Among these is a large collection of printed Bibles from the fifteenth to twentieth centuries.

The port was the pre-eminent commercial port of India in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

centuries later

The cathedral was completed two centuries later.

The pantheons were eventually merged once more centuries later.

Two centuries later, the Norman Conquest put an end to Arab rule.

centuries before

This was a place where Abhinavagupta had lived nine centuries before.

He was to hit five more first-class centuries before the end of the season.

Bradman and Jackson had both scored centuries before Young took their wickets, though.

centuries ago

Standardisation of spelling originated centuries ago.

However, East Germanic languages became extinct several centuries ago.

This habit was reported (with an attempt of explanations) centuries ago.

few centuries

Contact between India and Romania dates back a few centuries.

Monwaing itself was contacted only a few centuries previously.

This newly emptied frontier would remain in place for the next few centuries.

following centuries

It kept that status through all the following centuries.

In the following centuries Via Flaminia was nearly abandoned.

A series of wars affected Pomerania in the following centuries.

early twentieth centuries

The names given were common usage in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Order experienced "unparalleled success" in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Various other records of it come from the latter half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

nineteenth centuries

This church was restored during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

From the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, the name of Joos van Cleve as an artist was lost.

A portmanteau was a traveling suitcase used as a mailbag in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to carry both letters and newspapers.

half centuries

He scored a further 16 half centuries.

Roman rule in Schierstein lasted for almost three and a half centuries.

One of two half centuries he made, this score came against the touring West Indians in 1923.

later centuries

There were two more satirical dramas in later centuries.

It is the basis for all Brazilian architecture of later centuries.

It was originally built in the 5th century BC but was altered in later centuries.

centuries earlier

The troupe bears a resemblance to actors who had visited the manor centuries earlier.

However, the water bath was known many centuries earlier (Hippocrates and Theophrastus).

They had also converted to Islam centuries earlier and resided in Turkestan and Khorasan.

through the centuries

who must guide their peoples through the centuries.

The placement of Arcturus has also been mutable through the centuries.

In this manner, ancient styles have been replicated through the centuries to the present day.

eighteenth centuries

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, food was a classic marker of identity in Europe.

1652 - 1724) was a master organ maker in England in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the action of trover largely replaced trespass for wrongful distress.

early centuries

We know very little about these early centuries.

By the early centuries CE, several walled cities and towns had emerged.

The tradition of university education in Iran goes back to the early centuries of Islam.

centuries old

The town is surrounded by centuries old olive groves.

Many of the materials are centuries old.

Asa is five centuries old raga.

seventeenth centuries   (siglos XVII)

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Athena was used as a symbol for female rulers.

Church forces labored to abolish the practice throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Twelve printed editions of "Hürnen Seyfrid" are known from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

first centuries

These writings were collected in the first centuries of the common era.

The Sindi were assimilated by the Sarmatians in the first centuries AD.

The Ymyyakhtakh culture continued at least until the first centuries of our era.

last few centuries   (últimos siglos)

It was formed by the glaciers Breiðamerkurjökull, Fjallsjökull and Hrútárjökull during the last few centuries.

Alternatively, if it is a transient dust cloud it must be extremely young, perhaps having formed within the last few centuries.

Taranatha in his "History of Buddhism in India" of 1608, gives an account of the last few centuries of Buddhism, mainly in Eastern India.

next two centuries

Pagan entered a golden age that would last for the next two centuries.

It was the residence of many notable people for the next two centuries.

It was built in the late 12th century, with additions in the next two centuries.

previous centuries

In previous centuries, more upstream, the Donge was heavily used in the leather industry.

A number of periodic comets discovered in earlier decades or previous centuries are now lost comets.

Jews were accepted at the time, in contrast to the persecution by the Inquisition in previous centuries.

throughout the centuries   (a lo largo de los siglos)

Drinking has been a large part of socialising throughout the centuries.

It has been enlarged throughout the centuries to become the second Belgian inland port.

Lucia Nadin asserts claims that the work was well known throughout the centuries in all of Europe.

past centuries

The suit is a joke or parody of cattle drovers past centuries.

The topography of the land has changed drastically in the past centuries.

Pucci stavolgendo almost completely urban planning of the past centuries.

used for centuries

Lichen has been used for centuries to make dyes.

It has also been used for centuries for leather burnishing tools.

The Miserere was used for centuries as a judicial test of reading ability.

subsequent centuries

In the subsequent centuries the Portuguese dominated the scene.

The British, French and Dutch joined in the slave trade in subsequent centuries.

During the war of the subsequent centuries surgical skills developed in treating the wounded.

last two centuries   (últimos dos siglos)

He was well versed in modern history, more particularly that of France and Germany during the last two centuries.

The second half of the compound word, "lore", proves easier to define as its meaning has stayed relatively stable over the last two centuries.

The complete collection of the museum, enriched in the last two centuries by donations of illustrious citizens and collectors, now has more than 1500 artworks.

recent centuries

But these are limited to the recent centuries.

Until recent centuries, Japan's territory did not include several remote regions of its modern-day territory.

Birjand grew in recent centuries, especially during the Qajar dynasty and found its important role in this region.

earlier centuries

In earlier centuries, agriculture was the main industry.

The population in earlier centuries reached four thousand.

Storytelling, music, theatre, dance and games are recognisably the same as in earlier centuries.

nearly two centuries   (casi dos siglos)

The instrument subsequently fell into complete neglect for nearly two centuries.

The name "Mii-dera" ("Temple of Three Wells") came about nearly two centuries later.

This unusual behavior was only discovered in 1982, nearly two centuries after the bees were first classified.

sixteenth centuries

The official history dates the Sultans to had lived in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries respectively.

The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries saw further rebuilding, and the tower and south arcade still survive from this phase.

The focus of her research interests is on stained glass and panel painting from the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

thirteenth centuries

There are mentions in Medieval records of fleets commanded by Scottish kings in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The period between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries represents the height of European interest in dragons as living creatures.

On the Continent in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, there was a renaissance in all learning, especially in legal concepts and writing.

centuries scored

Of the seven centuries scored in the competition, Northern Conference batsmen scored four: two to Mark Bailey and one each to Nash and Blair Pocock.

He was a regular member of the side for each of his four years' residence, the batting highlights of which were two centuries scored in 1923: 115 against the MCC, and 182 (his best first-class score) against the West Indies touring side.