nineteenth century   (19世紀)

Its history goes back to the mid nineteenth century.

Late nineteenth century theories are not valid.

The subgenre rose in the nineteenth century.

twentieth century   (20世紀)

It operated in Asia in the early twentieth century.

The twentieth century saw huge population movements.

In the twentieth century the property was broken up.

eighteenth century   (18世紀)

The order became extinct in the eighteenth century.

The town was fortified by the early eighteenth century.

Work was not completed until the early eighteenth century.

seventeenth century   (17世紀)

Kingston was first settled in the late seventeenth century.

Gedi was abandoned by the middle of the seventeenth century.

The church has a pipe organ dating from the seventeenth century.

early twentieth century   (20世紀初頭)

It operated in Asia in the early twentieth century.

He was prominent in the early twentieth century.

This situation still obtained in the early twentieth century.

sixteenth century   (十六世紀)

It was finally abandoned in the sixteenth century.

They can be traced back to the sixteenth century.

century when   (世紀)

It was destroyed by the Normans in the 9th century when they plundered Metz.

However, he scored a third century when he captained the MCC against Border.

It probably lapsed during the 17th century when Coleford became a market town.

first century   (一世紀)

It is believed to date from the first century BC.

On 5 December 2019, he scored his first century in T20Is.

It dates from the end of the first century.

late nineteenth century   (19世紀後半)

Spain recreated its dragoons in the late nineteenth century.

Chemical engineering developed in the late nineteenth century.

An Italian community developed in the late nineteenth century.

half a century   (半世紀)

It's their reunion for half a century.

He died in 1695, aged only 26; his widow outlived him by half a century.

fifteenth century   (15世紀)

Until the fifteenth century, Kulubnarti was a remote area.

The Chapel of St. Leonard stood until the fifteenth century.

Its date may be about the middle of the fifteenth century...

thirteenth century   (13世紀)

The prose romance dates to the thirteenth century.

It was annexed by Lucca in the thirteenth century.

The Acoma Pueblo emerged by the thirteenth century.

century later   (世紀後)

A century later, the situation was very different.

Ramakrishna Pillai was born over a century later.

A century later it would cover one third of the globe.

twelfth century   (12世紀)

By the twelfth century, William's legend had grown.

The granite font dates from the twelfth century.

The church is medieval dating from the twelfth century.

fourteenth century   (14世紀)

The renaissance began in fourteenth century Italy.

André chooses to stay in the fourteenth century.

The church dates from the fourteenth century.

century saw   (センチュリーソー)

The 20th century saw much development to the quays.

The twentieth century saw huge population movements.

The 18th century saw another golden age of Bordeaux.

fourth century   (4世紀)

In the fourth century Saint Philastrius occurs.

This remained the status quo through the fourth century.

The statue is thought to date to the third or fourth century B.C.

century onwards   (世紀以降)

Trade with Europe followed from the 17th century onwards.

The trade was worked in Chalk from the 17th century onwards.

From the 4th century onwards city occupation gradually contracted.

last century   (前世紀)

Much of the present housing was built in the last century.

Anarchist tactics have shifted during the course of the last century.

The other two are Mim Kut and Pawl Kut, also revived in the last century.

early nineteenth century   (19世紀初頭)

The couple moved to London in the early nineteenth century.

The variation in spelling is typical of early nineteenth century orthography.

Gaelic settlement in Cape Breton began in earnest in the early nineteenth century.

second century   (二世紀)

The city was founded in the second century BC by the Berbers.

Ayaz Kala was built in the second century by the Kushan Empire.

"The second century is about making sure that is not the case."

fifth century   (5世紀)

The Greek mathematicians of the fifth century B.C.

The wreck dates to the end of the fifth century.

Paleographically it has been assigned to the fifth century.

sixth century   (6世紀)

It has been assigned to the fifth or sixth century CE.

In the sixth century, Christian missionaries visited the islands.

Thrppuliyoor temple was established even before the sixth century.

third century   (三世紀)

Lucius Ranius Optatus was consul in the early third century AD.

The village had been a local capital since the third century AD.

The earliest extant copy is Papyrus Bodmer X, dating to the third century.

seventh century   (7世紀)

It became a city-kingdom by the seventh century BC.

Overall, it was his seventh century in 14 Tests.

The site is even older, as seventh century rock carvings attest.

ninth century   (9世紀)

Its compilation is usually dated to the ninth century.

The inscription has been dated to the late ninth century BC.

The history of Shi'a in Indonesia started in the ninth century.

eleventh century   (11世紀)

The family's origins date to the eleventh century.

By the eleventh century, Pala rule had weakened, however.

The history of the village dates back to the eleventh century.

half century   (半世紀)

He led the newspaper for the next half century.

Reciprocity went nowhere; McKinley's vision was a half century too early.

This was his only half century score in the tournament and came against Denmark.

century and early   (世紀と初期)

Slavic people entered the town in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

Slavery was prevalent until the late 19th century and early 20th century China.

They wrote in journals and magazines in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

next century   (来世紀)

Antagonism between the two dominated the next century.

It was the standard anatomy textbook for the next century.

Control theory made significant strides over the next century.

tenth century   (10世紀)

Popes began making such decrees in the tenth century.

The Saurashtra style disappeared by the tenth century.

There are many old temples dating back to tenth century.

eighth century   (8世紀)

The visionary Dryhthelm was also a monk there in the early eighth century.

The eighth century church Santa Maria in Binda is found in the town limits.

By the eighth century, they are in use in the liturgical celebrations in Rome.

century during   (世紀)

The tower was added in the 13th century during the reign of Henry III.

The modern structure was built in the 19th century during Ottoman rule.

Part of castle was built in the 13th century during the Byzantine rule.

century before   (世紀前)

Warner scored his third test century before being dismissed for 119.

He reached his century before lunch and his 200 by the tea interval.

A century before the Doom, the Targaryen family moved to Dragonstone.

nearly a century   (ほぼ一世紀)

This form of government continued for nearly a century.

It would not spread to the rest of Europe for nearly a century.

What started Siegel and Shuster nearly a century ago is still going strong today.

late eighteenth century   (18世紀後半)

The late eighteenth century was a time of prosperity in Gibraltar.

In the late eighteenth century, the Islands were dubbed "the French Isles".

He also illustrated a notable edition of the Bible in the late eighteenth century.

century ago   (世紀前)

A century ago, Europe had nearly a quarter of the world's population.

What started Siegel and Shuster nearly a century ago is still going strong today.

This idea in transformation geometry was advanced by Sophus Lie more than a century ago.

following century   (次の世紀)

In the following century, the word was in general use.

French writers were to take their lead from Gelli in the following century.

A south chapel was added in the 15th century, and the vestry in the following century.

century through   (世紀を通して)

late 17th century through the mid-20th century).

There are pieces form the 2nd century through the present.

They were produced from the late 3rd century through to the 5th century.

past century   (前世紀)

The use of these phrases has been on the rise for the past century.

Modern scholars over the past century have variously favoured both forms.

Beginning in 1918, the fair has grown considerably over the past century.

late twentieth century   (20世紀後半)

It became part of Derby in the late twentieth century.

Some roads are characterised by late twentieth century link houses.

The fort was destroyed by quarrying during the late twentieth century.

century due   (世紀による)

It developed in the nineteenth century due to increased coal mining and quarrying.

The city was gradually deserted after the 13th century due to change in the course of the Indus.

They will spread northwards and to higher elevations in the next century due to increasing temperatures.

almost a century   (ほぼ一世紀)

almost a century after Bryan's original discovery.

After almost a century of vague, the MOS 71B, Chaplain Assistant.

After his death, Skjoldenæsjolm remained in his family for almost a century.

new century   (新世紀)

At 95, he embodied faith in the future of this new century."

Belov was replaced by Stanislav Eremin as the new head coach in the new century.

Flamengo leads the new century with 9 titles, and an overall count with 35 titles.

century onward   (世紀以降)

From the 13th century onward it is frequently mentioned.

Crngrob was recorded in documents from the 13th century onward.

Critical scholars from the 19th century onward have rejected this idea.

century earlier   (世紀前)

By comparison, fewer than 5,000 people had lived in Düren a century earlier.

According to the 2001 census, its population was 235, compared to 190 a century earlier.

In the 2018 game "God of War", Fimbulwinter occurs a century earlier than it was supposed to.

previous century   (前世紀)

The finds of the previous century had included Roman coins.

It is a mid-eighteenth century salute to the musical traditions of the previous century.

Immigration in the 20th century differed significantly from that of the previous century.

quarter century   (四半世紀)

The modern, bright logo represents refreshed vigor for the work of the next quarter century.

For the next quarter century, Poland was often a pawn in Russia's campaigns against other powers.

The "Lizzie Throop" encountered some misfortunes on the lakes in her quarter century on the lakes.

century   (世紀 -)

Reliable sources – particularly for the 15th and 16th century – are very rare.

Only two buildings survived into the twentieth century – the Governors House and Prisoner's mess.

2006 г Made unique photographs of one of the greatest photographer of the XX century – Arnold Newman.

century against   (世紀に対して)

He hit his maiden first class century against Tasmania at the MCG.

In Tests, he has not made a century against South Africa and India.

On 12 January 2013, Elgar scored his maiden test century against New Zealand.

scored a century   (世紀を記録した)

He had scored a century in the earlier stage of the tournament.

He also scored a century for the Gentlemen against the Players at Lord's.

Afterwards, MacLaren scored a century in difficult batting conditions against Yorkshire.

early eighteenth century   (18世紀初頭)

The town was fortified by the early eighteenth century.

Work was not completed until the early eighteenth century.

In the early eighteenth century, there were about 150 electors.

century many   (世紀の多く)

In the 20th century many new kite designs were developed.

In the 21st century many, more traditional, Chinese ingredients are used.

In the 6th century many Maronites were killed by Jacobite Christian Syriacs.

century brought   (世紀がもたらした)

The 20th century brought avant-garde revolution.

The 13th century brought the Mongol conquest of China.

The early 20th century brought its share of challenges.

century led   (世紀主導)

The advent of paperback books in the 20th century led to an explosion of popular publishing.

The development of electronics in the 20th century led to clocks with no clockwork parts at all.

early seventeenth century   (17世紀初頭)

The series of moats were laid out in the early seventeenth century.

Caris was born in the late sixteenth century or early seventeenth century.

The Garrett ancestors had been ironworkers in East Suffolk since the early seventeenth century.

century it became   (世紀になりました)

In the mid-4th century it became a bishopric seat.

In the 20th century it became a center for coal mining.

In the late 19th century it became the central street of the city.

double century   (二世紀)

In Test cricket, Miandad made a double century on six occasions.

The man of the match award went to Michael Clarke for his unbeaten double century.

Shrewsbury scored 232, becoming the first Englishman to score a double century in Australia.

century because   (世紀)

Tiles were favoured in the 20th century because they reduced fire insurance premiums.

The use of this dish decreased greatly in the 20th century because of the cost of production.

Large parts of the castle were demolished in the 17th and 18th century because the Isar River had undermined the castle hill.

century the area   (世紀の地域)

In the 19th century the area was part of the Town of Newtown (now Elmhurst).

Since the 12th century the area had been occupied by a Cistercians monastery.

Until the 17th century the area was known exclusively by each of the respective townships.

century came   (世紀が来た)

At the end of the century came a wave of Art Nouveau.

With the 20th century came cinema, radio and television.

In the middle of 19th century came to Zlatno Leo Valentin Pantoček.

century buildings   (世紀の建物)

It is one of the city's most imposing mid-19th century buildings.

Only two means of decor have been observed in 17th century buildings: "Eyebrow Windows" and gable-ends.

The excavation also uncovered numerous 19th century buildings, some of which had been built on the medieval foundations.

century old   (世紀の)

The school is located in a century old brick building which originally housed a mill.

This means that a large specimen over a metre (yard) across is at least a century old.

About a century old, the museum stands as a tourist destination and historical symbol for Nepal.

century the town   (世紀の町)

During the 18th century the town's population and its economy grew.

During late 15th and early 16th century the town often changed its owners.

In the 17th century the town began a decline, and lost its city status in 1869.

score a century   (世紀を記録する)

Curiously, he passed fifty 26 times without ever going on to score a century.

He is the only English cricketer to score a century in his only first-class innings.

She has scored a century in a domestic national tournament, becoming the third Nepali woman to score a century.

same century   (同世紀)

The same century also saw the Copts become a religious minority.

Later in the same century, the Lydians under Croesus invaded Persia.

In that same century, Vauban was charged by Louis XIV to fortify the city.

century include   (世紀が含まれます)

Prominent French materialists of the 18th century include:

A few of the notable fascist architecture projects of the 20th century include

Movements in modern a cappella over the past century include barbershop and doo wop.

early sixteenth century   (16世紀初頭)

He estimated the early sixteenth century population to be 2500–3000.

"De calamitatibus temporum" was widely reprinted in the early sixteenth century.

This large country house was probably first constructed in the early sixteenth century.

century following   (世紀に続く)

It fell into ruin in the 17th century following fire in 1645.

However, Qing China declined in the late 19th century following the First Opium War.

The cemetery was constructed in the late 19th century following the brutal murders of 84 local inhabitants.

late seventeenth century   (17世紀後半)

Kingston was first settled in the late seventeenth century.

His grandfather, Ralph Merry, arrived in New England in the late seventeenth century from London, England.

Baroque architecture in Portugal lasted about two centuries (the late seventeenth century and eighteenth century).

century and later   (世紀以降)

The church was built in the 14th century and later added to.

It was built at the end of the 18th century and later rebuilt.

Thomas Bayes during the 18th century and later expanded by Pierre-Simon Laplace.

century included   (世紀を含む)

Productions during the 20th century included one at Daly's Theatre in London in 1937.

Major contributors to "classical" statistics in the early 20th century included Fisher, Neyman and Pearson.

Tenants during the 20th century included a sweets shop, an Army-Navy store, and a meat market (called Public Market).

century most   (世紀のほとんど)

By the early 17th century most of Outer Mongolia was held by his descendants.

In the early 9th century most of the Western Carpathians belonged to Great Moravia.

In the 17th century most of the remaining church and monastic buildings were pulled down.

century building   (世紀の建物)

Reconstruction preserved part of the 18th century building.

- Dau House: 14th century building.

In 1996 main campus was moved to a remodeled 18th century building in the Old town of Lille.

century the village   (世紀の村)

In the 18th century the village was ruled by Kubinyi family again.

But in the second half of the 19th century the village was split into two parts.

In the 19th and 20th century the village grew somewhat, mainly thanks to its vineyards.

century church   (世紀教会)

Sights include the 14th century church of San Leonardo.

It replaced a 12th century church demolished around 1870 to 1875.

The 15th century church is dedicated to St Denis and is located at .

century did   (世紀がやった)

Only in the mid-19th century did "jā" really become usual everywhere.

A brief resurgence of interest in the 19th century did not lead to a revival.

Only in the second half of the 6th century did the West recognize Constantinople I as ecumenical.

century progressed   (世紀が進んだ)

As the 19th century progressed, chess organization developed quickly.

Prices began to improve as the new century progressed and the Davis Strait fishery began to develop.

As the 20th century progressed, some councils in the United States became integrated, but many were not.

mid nineteenth century   (19世紀半ば)

Its history goes back to the mid nineteenth century.

By the mid nineteenth century, Andrushevka had a tannery, distillery and bi-weekly fairs.

Gulargambone was first occupied by Europeans in the mid nineteenth century and gazetted as a village in 1883.

late sixteenth century   (16世紀後半)

Caris was born in the late sixteenth century or early seventeenth century.

During the epidemics of the late sixteenth century that devastated indigenous populations, Anenecuilco survived.

The brewery has been family-owned since the late sixteenth century; Joos Roman, a bailli until 1604, is considered the "pater familias".

century such   (世紀のような)

The Rashidun state was a completely new state and unlike the Arab kingdoms of its century such as the Himyarite, Lakhmids or Ghassanids.

Historians in the early 20th century such as J. Franklin Jameson examined the class composition of the Patriot cause, looking for evidence of a class war inside the revolution.

Postmillenialism was a dominant theological belief among American Protestants who promoted reform movements in the 19th and 20th century such as abolitionism and the Social Gospel.

century the city   (世紀の街)

In the 17th century the city was fortified by Vauban.

By the fourteenth century the city had become part of the Mali Empire.

At the end of the 14th century the city was granted status as a free imperial city.

century the castle   (世紀の城)

In the 16th century the castle was devastated by Turks.

In the 14th century the castle became independent of Shkodra.

In the 15th century the castle was conquered by the Hussite John Jiskra.

century began   (世紀が始まった)

The mid-17th century began the transformation of the vineyards into farmland.

As the new century began, the French police system gradually began to take effect.

Only in the mid-19th century began the reconstruction and modernization of the town and its port.

another century   (別の世紀)

In the second Test of the series, Mominul scored another century, which was also a not out innings.

Then on the final day of the match, Hobbs scored another century to become the outright record holder.

In his first game, he and Sutcliffe shared another century partnership before Hobbs was out, playing casually, for 53.

century and became   (世紀となる)

The area came under Ottoman rule in the 15th century and became part of the Sanjak of Ioannina.

It expanded suddenly under Suhungmung in the 16th century and became multi-ethnic in character.

Located along the Tigris River, the city was founded in the 8th century and became the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.

century or earlier   (世紀以前)

Therefore, he must have lived in the 12th century or earlier.

Cymbals were employed by Turkish janissaries in the 14th century or earlier.

(meaning that these instruments existed since his time in 14th century or earlier).

century the church   (世紀の教会)

By the 15th century the church had fallen into ruins.

By the eighteenth century the church was partly submerged in sand.

During the 18th century the church has been reworked and entitled to Saint Augustine.

century became   (世紀になりました)

This influx of thousands of African Americans in the 20th century became known as the Great Migration.

Western cannon during the 19th century became larger, more destructive, more accurate, and could fire at longer range.

Later it was invaded by Vikings, and in the 17th century became a defensive front for the English army against French invasion.

century between   (世紀の間)

Later published by Fuller's Sycamore Press, it largely concerns the cultural collision in the 19th century between the United States and Japan.

The archbishops of Canterbury are recorded as granting only a few charitable corrodies, no more than thirty during the century between 1313 and 1414.

There are no Grade II* listed buildings in Coventry from the 13th, 17th, or 21st centuries, but there is at least one from every other century between 1100 and 2000.

century as part   (一部としての世紀)

It is known since the early 11th century as part of the giudicato of Torres.

First mentioned in the mid-12th century as part of Duchy of Vladimir, and then the Duchy of Kiev.

Leverett was first settled in the late 17th century as part of Sunderland, and was separately incorporated in 1774.

century up   (世紀アップ)

The belfry on the north is part 11th century up to the openings.

From the end of seventeenth century up to 1837 CE, Poonch was ruled by the Muslim Rajas of Loran in Tehsil Haveli.

In "The Rivals", he covers the entire history of the Yankees–Red Sox rivalry from the first half of the century up until recent years.

century several   (世紀数)

In the early 18th century several duck decoys were built on the moor.

In the late 19th and early 20th century several forms of pragmatic philosophy arose.

In the beginning of the 19th century several French travellers visited the villages.

mid twentieth century   (20世紀半ば)

By the mid twentieth century, it became a fishing village.

By the mid twentieth century, few of these original clubs were still in existence.

In the mid twentieth century, a small hydro electric plant operated in the river gorge.