Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

certain amount   (cierta cantidad)

A certain amount of rarer cards were guaranteed in each booster.

The Diet voted to pay for certain amount of infantry and cavalry.

We have a certain amount of tension that's very ripe comedically."

certain number   (Cierto número)

In a classroom there are a certain number of seats.

It contains a certain number of errors and Urban myths.

However, they can only equip a certain number of Force Metals.

certain types   (ciertos tipos)

Casino A casino is a facility for certain types of gambling.

A multi-fare system is followed on certain types of services.

Also, there is a newer rule requiring certain types of sticks be used.

certain areas   (ciertas areas)

In certain areas, crevices opened in the earth.

Since 2008 CDMA2000 and WCDMA is available in certain areas.

This has had the effect of converging the law in certain areas.

not certain   (no seguro)

The date and place of his death are not certain.

It is not certain whether the list is complete.

How long this experiment lasted is not certain.

certain conditions   (ciertas condiciones)

Other species may eat feces under certain conditions.

They must, however, fulfil certain conditions instead.

Dual nationality is allowed, under certain conditions.

certain circumstances   (ciertas circunstancias)

Control of the bank can change under certain circumstances.

The limit is four years, but could be less under certain circumstances.

Iroquois tribal members, in certain circumstances, may use the full name.

certain other   (cierto otro)

Tamoxifen interacts with certain other antiestrogens.

Domestic and certain other workers could work 56 hours per week.

They always exist for planar graphs, but not for certain other graphs.

certain parts   (ciertas partes)

This species can be found in brackish water in certain parts of Australia.

In certain parts of Bar Beach, the land being reclaimed can already be seen.

Due to this, there has been a construction boom in certain parts of the city.

certain aspects   (ciertos aspectos)

Subscription is free, although certain aspects are limited.

Mishti does begin to reveal certain aspects of her past to Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano).

Codecs are often designed to emphasize certain aspects of the media to be encoded.

certain cases   (algunos casos)

Evidence in certain cases (e.g.

In certain cases a woman could transmit rights that she could not enjoy.

However, in certain cases other representations may be suitable as well.

certain degree   (Cierto grado)

When you're acting, you sort of believe it to a certain degree."

The penalties imposed in practice also vary among cantons to a certain degree.

They gain a certain degree of success through their personal efforts and struggle.

certain level   (cierto nivel)

An odd-majority of Slovenes (59%) have a certain level of knowledge of Croatian.

Hobbies require a certain level of passion in order to continue engaging in the hobby.

It contains a certain level of self-mockery alongside criticism of others he encountered.

certain extent   (cierto punto)

Virtually all dwell to a certain extent upon the grotesque.

In practicality, the process continued to a certain extent.

Domestic cattle compete to a certain extent with wild mammals.

certain point   (cierto punto)

"I would lift my voice at a certain point so what I said could not be cut.

At a certain point every month, her appearance changes to a different person.

For every bracket of marks a student gets, a certain point score is allocated.

certain times   (Algunas veces)

There are also dancing purple ghost that come out at certain times.

At certain times of the year, these insects can make up 90% of their diets.

At certain times, the Kushans also held political sway in parts of Balochistan.

certain time   (tiempo específico)

If a player completes a stage under a certain time they receive a "bonus sapling".

If within a certain time period a misfortune occurred in his life he was found to be guilty.

Additionally, team sports that are strongly associated with a certain time of the year (i.e.

almost certain   (casi seguro)

primary seems almost certain to be epic."

It is almost certain that there are graves under this road.

However the outcome of Culloden was almost certain before it began.

certain species   (ciertas especies)

It can be reared with some other carps, but it tends to compete with certain species.

"Amaranthus" shows a wide variety of morphological diversity among and even within certain species.

The starch obtained from the stems of certain species is still used as food by some indigenous tribes.

certain points   (Ciertos puntos)

Some people seemed to agree on certain points.

Męczykowski wrote that Grabowski contradicted himself on certain points.

Even faithful and simple Sancho is forced to deceive him at certain points.

within a certain   (dentro de cierto)

The biology of life operates within a certain range of temperatures.

Fix Packs and Feature Packs within a certain release are cumulative.

If within a certain time period a misfortune occurred in his life he was found to be guilty.

certain situations   (ciertas situaciones)

when given a writing task in certain situations.

In certain situations h/she should follows rules of three or more cultures.

For example, they may in certain situations constitute crimes against humanity.

certain way   (de cierta manera)

There's a certain way we do things in Nashville.

1 star, which doesn't mean that I have to act with him in a certain way."

- La voie certaine vers "Dieu," (The certain way to God), Les cahiers de l’Égaré, 2008.

only certain   (solo cierto)

Others reserve SNB for only certain people.

This constraint automatically permitted only certain values of electron energies.

According to him, "there are only certain places we should build on her landscape."

certain period   (cierto periodo)

These rights typically only last for a certain period of time that is negotiated.

There are 10 panels in the museum, each of which represents a certain period of railroad history.

However, felons may qualify for restoration of some rights after a certain period of time has passed.

known for certain   (conocido por cierto)

Little is known for certain of Cyril's early life.

It is not known for certain who the architect was.

The etymology of Silla is not known for certain.

certain elements   (ciertos elementos)

There are, however, a few restrictions on certain elements.

Each one improves certain elements of chance or resource production.

There are certain elements of the book of Esther that are historically accurate.

certain kinds   (ciertos tipos)

Wager of law was a possible defense in certain kinds of cases.

This caused certain kinds of clocks to become six minutes slow.

They still have liberty which is not repugnant to certain kinds of necessity.

certain type   (cierto tipo)

Objects are stored as references which may be restricted to a certain type.

There is a universal type "any", and a procedure force[] to check that an object is a certain type.

Markov odometer In mathematics, a Markov odometer is a certain type of topological dynamical system.

meet certain   (cumplir con ciertos)

The direct object of a "bǎ" construction must meet certain requirements as well.

Seagoing vessels navigating the Baltic Sea must meet certain ice class requirement.

Some national associations provide funding to some skaters if they meet certain criteria.

certain death   (muerte segura)

The chorus of Greeks warn Achille to flee a certain death.

The two friends reflect on the nearly certain death they are facing.

Meanwhile, Willy has saved Angel from certain death, but sold him out to Spike.

certain countries   (ciertos países)

Examples of impediments to expulsion in certain countries are:

Direction of these mandates was allotted to certain countries.

In certain countries the plant has started to exhibit resistance to herbicides.

during certain   (durante cierto)

Non-circumpolar stars are visible only during certain days or seasons of the year.

It also offers access to the public for fishing (paid) and hiking during certain seasons.

Electric current is available during certain hours of the day, provided by the town's generator.

certain things   (ciertas cosas)

But certain things have remained the same.

"I’d have to say that I’ve been close to certain things all my life.

They decide to create a "no-no list" so each one can't do certain things.

certain groups   (ciertos grupos)

This subgenre might also lend itself to certain groups (e.g.

This arrangement sparked controversy among certain groups in San Diego.

In certain groups at very high risk, antifungal medications may be used preventatively.

certain people   (algunas personas)

Others reserve SNB for only certain people.

Moral action always has consequences for certain people or things.

She can even mentally see the hopes of certain people by touching them.

certain regions   (ciertas regiones)

The single was released in certain regions on 14 November 2005.

A circular ring of DNA was synthesized, with certain regions of C-rich DNA.

Ferries are available in certain regions, such as Sayaxché or around Livingston.

certain members   (ciertos miembros)

CUPE 3903 condemned the offer as "backroom dealings of certain members of the [Unit 2] Bargaining Team."

Seats and party affiliations on similar lists for other Congresses will be different for certain members.

certain events   (ciertos eventos)

most of the clans represents certain events or traditional meaning.

He also explains certain events where Priya actually misunderstood him previously.

Some parts of the film are dramatizations, as the actual details of certain events remain unknown.

within certain   (dentro de cierto)

The input information is made up of averages within certain population groups, i.e.

It remains controversial within certain segments of the veterinary, and chiropractic profession.

Many of the changes were subtle, such as collatable character sets within certain numeric ranges.

certain rights   (ciertos derechos)

In this way, they would retain certain rights and privileges.

In Saint-Domingue they had enjoyed certain rights as "gens de couleur", including owning slaves themselves.

The FCNM provides certain rights and protections to a national minority with regard to their minority language.

certain criteria   (cierto criterio)

The intent was for certain criteria to be met by the millennium (2000).

Students can receive a "Public Affairs Diploma" by meeting certain criteria.

Under this act only Hindus may adopt subject to their fulfilment of certain criteria.

certain forms   (ciertas formas)

He devised new calculation methods for certain forms of tables.

In 2015 Genentech and Exelixis won FDA approval for cobimetinib for certain forms of melanoma.

French uses certain forms of disjunctive pronouns completed by adverb -même, for example (Je l'ai fait moi-même).

make certain   (asegurar)

A pH that is too high or too low will make certain nutrients unavailable for uptake by plants.

Researchers should make certain that the coding process does not lose more information than is gained.

The NHWF and its supporters will continue its vigilance to make certain this bill does not move forward.

certain features   (ciertas características)

explain certain features of preemptive patenting.

Bash has certain features that the traditional Bourne shell lacks.

Although it is well known that certain features of languages (e.g.

against certain   (contra cierto)

Edible vaccines stimulate the immune system when ingested to protect against certain diseases.

They are also designed to have advantages against certain classes while being vulnerable to others.

Cervarix Cervarix is a vaccine against certain types of cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV).

certain words   (ciertas palabras)

It allows the poet to stress certain words and shape the meaning of the poem.

When needing extra emphasis to certain words, there is the use of rising glides.

There are some notable regional variations in the pronunciations of certain words.

certain individuals   (ciertos individuos)

Pardon decrees are passed about certain individuals.

Natural additives may be similarly harmful or be the cause of allergic reactions in certain individuals.

It was invisible to the eye, yet it would hold conversation and even shake hands with certain individuals.

certain kind   (cierto tipo)

Multiple attestation has a certain kind of objectivity.

novels) do "a certain kind of cultural work within a specific historical situation."

To stay in the area, and to earn a living in such a place, takes a certain kind of mindset.

certain requirements   (ciertos requisitos)

To work in any of these settings, certain requirements must be met.

The direct object of a "bǎ" construction must meet certain requirements as well.

Matrices, subject to certain requirements tend to form groups known as matrix groups.

when certain   (cuando cierto)

Job creation happens when certain employers' needs are matched with the skills of job seekers.

Roles are not constant and chemical interactions determine when certain ants engage in certain activities.

In the N-Gage version, new mini-games (jobs for the Sims) are unlocked progressively when certain tasks are done.

certain age   (cierta edad)

In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age.

the attainment of a certain age or the predecease of another person.

Never shaving after a certain age, the men had full beards and moustaches.

certain sections   (ciertas secciones)

Later certain sections were allocated for baby burials.

This may be unusual in certain sections of Indian societies.

Trail conditions vary based on the amount of traffic certain sections receive.

well as certain   (bien seguro)

The Dwarves "introduced a number of unsystematic changes in value, as well as certain new cirth".

Theatrical blood is also popularly used in Halloween costumes, as well as certain horror-themed live action role-playing games.

It requires a significant investment of resources, and poses incompatibility issues with IPv4, as well as certain security and stability risks.

certain characters   (ciertos personajes)

Some armor can be worn by certain characters.

Experience is awarded based on how often the player uses certain characters or Personas.

Some historians have seen in him an inspiration for certain characters in the novels of the Marquis de Sade.

certain scenes   (ciertas escenas)

However, in certain scenes, Cagney improvised.

The video also features "child-like" drawings in certain scenes.

Varela did find certain scenes involving Marta's scenes difficult.

use of certain   (uso de ciertos)

Cultural restrictions forbid the use of certain character classes.

A major use of certain complex spaces is in quantum mechanics as wave functions.

The authors explained that the use of certain chemicals that are part of standard wound care (e.g.

certain distance   (Cierta distancia)

In the ordeal of fire, the person has to walk a certain distance carrying a red-hot iron ball in his hand.

The Tamemes were in charge to carry all the products on their backs and there was a relay after every certain distance.

A related idea to the zoo hypothesis is that, beyond a certain distance, the perceived universe is a simulated reality.

certain classes   (ciertas clases)

These quantities are conserved in certain classes of physics processes, but not in all.

SOLAS Convention mandated certain classes of vessels must carry NAVTEX, beginning August 1, 1993.

They are also designed to have advantages against certain classes while being vulnerable to others.

certain whether   (seguro de si)

It is not certain whether the list is complete.

It is not certain whether polonium is a metal or a metalloid.

It is not certain whether the fort sustained any hits from the ships.

certain actions   (ciertas acciones)

When you take certain actions, you must be quite happy to suffer the consequences."

Clank can control "Gadgebots", smaller robots similar to Clank, who perform certain actions for him.

Furthermore, characters themselves are often used as "resources" to perform certain actions in the game.

certain places   (ciertos lugares)

They are considered an invasive weed in certain places.

The gorge in certain places (e.g.

At certain places water gets accumulated because of uneven surface.

subject to certain   (sujeto a cierta)

Matrices, subject to certain requirements tend to form groups known as matrix groups.

One was travel at their own expense and the other free of charge but subject to certain conditions.

The Area Planning Zones (APZs) are areas where urban development is permitted subject to certain regulations.

certain tasks   (ciertas tareas)

Visions have helped several characters achieve certain tasks.

After completion of certain tasks the player is presented with a full motion video sequence.

These statutes set wages for certain tasks and provided a good record of the change in wage levels.

certain items   (ciertos artículos)

It has therefore a common origin with certain items of academic dress.

Some items are exempted, such as baby formula, books, cameras and certain items are taxed at 5%.

Aside from Zoints, the player must also collect certain items such as Acorns, Fireflies or Snowflakes.

certain characteristics   (Ciertas características)

Repeated breeding results in certain characteristics appearing with greater regularity.

These have certain characteristics that are intermediate between the two other suborders.

"D. anilis" males and females select mates to some degree based on certain characteristics.

less certain   (menos seguro)

The evolution of dinosaur vocalization is less certain.

Hobbs supported such a move, but other professionals in the team were less certain.

While Ronald Syme argues for the honor, Rutledge is less certain that he achieved this office.

certain issues   (ciertos problemas)

Second, there is a department to encourage political awareness of certain issues.

Sample content from certain issues is also available to view on the "Albedo One" website and is periodically updated.

The law also offers principle norms on certain issues that are not immediately urgent, but are of long-term importance.

between certain   (entre ciertos)

Quadruple and higher bonds are very rare and occur only between certain transition metal atoms.

As part of its bid defence, the CWS carried out an investigation into former dealings between certain CWS executives and Regan.

Neither the United Kingdom or Ireland are part of the Schengen Area, which allows passport-free travel between certain EU member states.

certain area   (cierta area)

The stop of the Group started up barricading at certain area's of Montreal.

It monitors the portion of total precipitation used to nourish vegetation over a certain area.

"Bargains" were let by the setting steward, who would agree a price for a certain area of rock.

perform certain   (realizar ciertas)

The patient is asked to perform certain movements that would normally aggravate their pain.

Clank can control "Gadgebots", smaller robots similar to Clank, who perform certain actions for him.

Furthermore, characters themselves are often used as "resources" to perform certain actions in the game.

certain restrictions   (ciertas restricciones)

Leashes are optional for dogs, with certain restrictions.

In addition, certain restrictions to the FORTRAN language have been added.

Tribal courts can impose sentences of up to three years, under certain restrictions.

certain days   (ciertos días)

On certain days, there is a Torah reading at this point in the service.

Non-circumpolar stars are visible only during certain days or seasons of the year.

It is possible to watch meteor showers and shooting stars on certain days of the year.

above a certain   (por encima de cierto)

Most jurisdictions that allow gambling require participants to be above a certain age.

The bankrupt must pay income contributions if their income is above a certain threshold.

Therefore, a liquid will normally catch fire only above a certain temperature: its flash point.

certain social   (cierta social)

A man owes his friends certain social obligations, but to his home he gives his entire self.

Traditional motifs on textiles are no longer considered the property of a certain social class or age group.

This parameter could correspond to an opinion among people about a certain social, economic, or political issue.

certain threshold   (cierto umbral)

Noise gates mute the signal when it falls below a certain threshold.

The bankrupt must pay income contributions if their income is above a certain threshold.

The photon packet continues propagating until the weight left is smaller than a certain threshold.

certain rules   (ciertas reglas)

Ee and Oo are considered to be variants of Ii and Uu and are used according to certain rules.

Like deontology, rule consequentialism holds that moral behavior involves following certain rules.

Also during the time of prāyaścitta, the sinner must observe certain rules on food and other matters.

certain locations   (ciertos lugares)

Bald eagles also congregate in certain locations in winter.

Some police cars are specially adapted for certain locations (e.g.

The coastal seawater is polluted in certain locations, mainly the east.

certain percentage   (cierto porcentaje)

A certain percentage of dark bay, seal brown, and black horses exhibit such subtle dilution of their coats as to be misregistered.

In Germany, most large corporations are required to allow employees to elect a certain percentage of seats on the supervisory board.

All banks are required to hold a certain percentage of their assets as capital, a rate which may be established by the central bank or the banking supervisor.

certain key   (cierta clave)

This relationship means that certain key features can be observed in both drum membrane modes and atomic orbitals.

In the early Buddhist texts, the Buddha critiques the Brahmanical religion and social system on certain key points.

Irish competition law is comparable to, but quite different in certain key respects, from European Union competition law.

certain properties   (ciertas propiedades)

Languages tend to share certain properties, although there are exceptions.

(In order to be called "linear", it is required to have certain properties.)

Clitics and words resemble different categories, in the sense that they share certain properties.

certain political   (cierta política)

Articles 18-21 and 225 provide certain political rights.

Some currencies are legal tender in certain political jurisdictions.

They would call people and tell them to vote for a certain political candidate.

used in certain   (usado en cierto)

However, the PER is still used in certain FDA regulations.

All of the above statistics may be used in certain game situations.

Hence, the formula is also used in certain inventory systems with lost sales.

below a certain   (debajo de cierto)

Noise gates mute the signal when it falls below a certain threshold.

Exposed to water (or water vapor), they allow passage of molecules below a certain size.

Elements below a certain DOI threshold can be "filtered" to reduce the number of elements presented.

certain specific   (cierto específico)

Nanotori are predicted to have many unique properties, such as magnetic moments 1000 times larger than that previously expected for certain specific radii.

Evolution itself is taken to result from a certain specific process – and this process can be described, or explained [or 're-presented' ] via a bifurcation of time.

Examples include child euthanasia, which is illegal worldwide but decriminalised under certain specific circumstances in the Netherlands under the Groningen Protocol.

certain public   (cierto público)

It was also said that unification of certain public services would promote greater efficiency.

Regulated corporation can also acquire permits on the agreement that they fulfill certain public service duties.

VAT-exempt supplies include published periodicals; student notebooks, textbooks, books and certain educational services; certain public transport services; the provision of software products (until January 1.

certain special   (cierto especial)

As a result, it retains certain special links with the "Mother Church".

On certain special occasions, the fasces might be decorated with a laurel wreath.

The Heart Heat Gauge is also used in some Battle Styles and certain special techniques.

certain information   (determinadas informaciones)

However some have certain information exempted from access.

However, there is not such certain information of when the name was first originated.

Memory aids are any type of assistive technology that helps a user learn and remember certain information.

certain levels   (ciertos niveles)

The timer required the player to finish certain levels within a set time.

Local government corruption is so prevalent that voters perceive it as a problem only if it surpasses certain levels, and only if a local media e.g.

The Tech-Wing may be maneuvered in any direction, and certain levels contain branching corridors and dead ends that force players to retrace their paths.

certain activities   (ciertas actividades)

However, the way that only certain activities are classified today as art is a social construction.

Roles are not constant and chemical interactions determine when certain ants engage in certain activities.

Depending on how much of each trait a person has, it could make someone more susceptible to participating in certain activities.

found in certain   (encontrado en cierto)

This cycle is also found in certain behaviour.

It is a rare case found in certain dialects of Finnic languages.

Other members of this genus are often found in certain African hypersaline lakes.

certain objects   (ciertos objetos)

SCOOP works by allowing references to certain objects to be declared as separate.

The design of certain objects can have human-related traits that illustrate techno-animism.

Alternatively, moving certain objects can set off chain reactions and open paths to new areas.

certain foods   (ciertos alimentos)

He characterizes certain foods as either forbidden ("unclean") or acceptable ("clean") to God.

The antiscorbutic properties of certain foods were demonstrated in the 18th century by James Lind.

Food taboos also encompasses when people are forced to consume certain foods in a specific manner.

although certain   (aunque cierto)

Subscription is free, although certain aspects are limited.

They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against).

Basic gameplay in arcade mode remains the same as in the campaign, although certain new rules take effect.

certain privileges   (ciertos privilegios)

Registered museums enjoy certain privileges that other museums in Poland do not.

The danger of such missions was recognised by allowing certain privileges, such as being authorised to wear beards.

The sanctity of the shrine ensured certain privileges to the people of Abae, and these were confirmed by the Romans.

how certain   (que tan seguro)

The arrangement of words, how certain sounds create harmony, and the agreement of rhymes create the sense of rhythm within each verse.

botany and sociology, while the instructional sciences are concerned with how certain systems work and can be manipulated to produce certain results, e.g.

Over 2,600 participants in the survey were asked to answer 18 questions about whether a certain provision was in the bill, and how certain they were of their answer.

certain exceptions   (ciertas excepciones)

However, certain exceptions to the bordering exist.

Also Article 8 prevents subjects to certain exceptions.

There are certain exceptions.

not certain whether   (no estoy seguro si)

It is not certain whether the list is complete.

It is not certain whether polonium is a metal or a metalloid.

It is not certain whether the fort sustained any hits from the ships.

certain songs   (ciertas canciones)

This audio plays during the loading screens or bookends certain songs.

Yasunori Mitsuda also adapted certain songs from "Radical Dreamers" while scoring "Cross".

But on certain songs, I do have to figure out what scales I need to use to follow chord changes.

only in certain   (solo en ciertos)

European legislation imposes this duty, but only in certain circumstances.

Xanic wines were not found in supermarkets until 1998 and only in certain upscale ones.

While some are celebrated all over the state, others are observed only in certain areas.