served as chair   (椅子を務めた)

She served as chair of ACM SIGARCH from 2015--2019.

She served as chair of the Executive Committee.

Professor Alan Miller served as chair from 2008 to 2016.

vice chair   (副議長)

She is a former vice chair of General Electric.

The vice chair must be a lawyer in active practice in California.

He is also vice chair of the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission.

electric chair   (電気椅子)

He is sentenced to death in the electric chair.

He was executed by the state of Georgia in the electric chair.

Edge countered Sweet Chin Music into an electric chair drop for a near-fall.

first chair   (最初の椅子)

Emily Showalter was elected as the first chair.

Master Musician - Class of 92' first chair of clarinet.

They quickly rise to become "first chair."

became chair   (椅子になった)

In 1955, he became chair of the department of history.

He became chair of the Economic Department for ten years.

After Lueger's death in 1910, he became chair of the party.

department chair   (部長)

He was the department chair from 1951 to 1972.

She was department chair from 1981-1985.

Each department has a department chair.

deputy chair   (副議長)

Appointed deputy chair, Gad managed to complete all the arrangements on time.

Today, she serves as the deputy chair of the Partnership's board of directors.

He is deputy chair of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership.

steel chair   (スチールチェア)

They fought until Orton tried to use a steel chair, and Triple H fled.

Sid had the advantage in the match until Hart came back and attacked Sid with a steel chair.

Hart tried to use a steel chair on Austin's leg, but Austin choked Hart with a television cable.

former chair   (元議長)

He is a former chair of the board of Genome Canada.

Howard is a former chair of the AASCU Board of Directors.

Senator Deuell is a former chair of the Senate Republican Caucus.

appointed chair   (任命された椅子)

In February 2018, she was appointed chair of The Radio Academy.

He was appointed chair of the Michigan Olympic Boxing Committee.

While in office, she was appointed chair of the Colorado State Senate Education Committee.

held the chair   (椅子を握った)

She held the chair longer than any of the successors to the department.

Eilart held the chair of Eastern-European Committee of IUCN from 1982 to 1990.

He held the chair in Civil law at the Catholic University of Quito for many years.

endowed chair   (寄贈椅子)

He returned to MIT to hold an endowed chair in 1956.

Tuskegee University developed an endowed chair in geropsychiatric nursing in Harper's name.

An endowed chair was created in her name, but was later defunded without ever having been filled.

elected chair   (選出された椅子)

Kieffer was subsequently elected chair of the commission.

In 2019, Touraine was elected chair of the Executive Board of Unitaid.

He was elected chair of the Liberal Party's Quebec caucus in February 1997.

founding chair   (創業の椅子)

The founding chair of the SASB was Robert Eccles.

Bond is the founding chair of the dance department at Goucher College.

In 1975, Bond became the founding chair of the Dance department of Goucher.

board chair   (ボードチェア)

One of the biggest being Yext, where Walrath serves as board chair.

He was then invited to his first meeting where he was then appointed board chair.

Giroux started in education as a school board trustee at 19 and board chair at 21 in Ottawa.

current chair   (現在の椅子)

The current chair of the Board is Dr Paco Sereme.

He is the current chair of the German Marx-Society.

The current chair of BAKE is Kennedy Kachwanya.

became the chair   (椅子になった)

Mudaliar became the chair of the board.

Later he became the chair of the council's committee on foreign affair.

In 2014, Cani became the chair of computer science at the Collège de France.

professor and chair   (教授と椅子)

In 1985, the department appointed Conger as professor and chair, and also hired Valerio.

He was appointed full professor and chair of the English department at the University of Nagpur.

He worked as the professor and chair of the department of radiology at the University Hospital in Lund for several years.

rocking chair   (ロッキングチェア)

She sees the rocking chair moving.

His prized possessions were a rocking chair and a library of few hundred books.

As she climbs into the attic, she encounters the faceless Black Nun sitting in a rocking chair.

committee chair   (委員長)

House committee chair Clinger charged a cover-up was taking place and vowed to pursue new material.

The committee chair selected the topics and organized the discussions, debates and critical analysis of members’ work.

The executive committee chair is Muriël Dalgliesh (PvdA), and the other members are Urwin Vyent (GL) and Emile Jaensch (VVD).