legal challenge   (法的挑戦)

The state Republican Party threatened a legal challenge.

The first legal challenge came in 1970.

On 8 March 2018 the legal challenge was formally withdrawn due to Lee's death.

new challenge   (新しい挑戦)

Gretener got absorbed by this new challenge.

The newly developed striking cue provided a new challenge.

It is also a new challenge for me to focus on a melodrama."

major challenge   (大きな挑戦)

The major challenge is the greenhouse gas emissions.

This has proved to be a major challenge and constraint for the FFC.

The first major challenge to the NBA's eligibility rules came from Spencer Haywood.

challenge against   (に対する挑戦)

A second challenge against the law was announced on 3 April 2018.

They won their next challenge against Taranaki on 18 September, 29 – 17.

On December 31, Narumiya failed in her title challenge against Fujimoto.

first challenge   (最初の挑戦)

At the winner of the first challenge is Andreea.

This is the first challenge the Blue Team wins.

The next day the girls take part in the first challenge.

not challenge   (挑戦しない)

On 4 April 2018, Steve Smith confirmed that he would not challenge the sanctions.

Following these events, Shiga returned to the midcard for another few years where he did not challenge for any titles.

Guest Ann Coulter falsely claimed that the separated children were "child actors"; the Fox News host did not challenge her claim.

biggest challenge   (最大の課題)

OTC represents the biggest challenge in using models to price derivatives.

When CD Projekt was founded, their biggest challenge was overcoming video game piracy.

As Mayor, Adams' biggest challenge was handling Calgary's extensive post-War unemployment.

primary challenge   (主な課題)

McCain faced a possible Republican primary challenge.

Another primary challenge consists in the ideology of a "filter bubble" effect.

The establishment of public credit became a primary challenge for the federal government.

serious challenge   (深刻な挑戦)

Lüdemann is the only serious challenge to the consensus of mid to late 50s.

He was challenged in the Republican primary by Paul Crespo, who presented a serious challenge.

Vitter faced a potentially serious challenge in the Republican primary as well as the general election.

right to challenge   (挑戦する権利)

While this dispute was going on, Anatoly Karpov won the right to challenge in 1975.

The new Alan Bond yacht "Australia" won the right to challenge but lost to the Americans.

After defeating Toney, he had earned the right to challenge the WBC heavyweight champion.

final challenge   (最後の挑戦)

The final challenge was "Shadow Mountain Highway".

Harter Fell forms the final challenge in the Woolpack walk when tackled in its usual direction.

Back at camps, Sting discussed that they needed to have a lot of rest before the final challenge.

accepted the challenge   (挑戦を受け入れた)

Dashwood then came to the ring and accepted the challenge.

Abu Bakr accepted the challenge but was stopped by Muhammad.

The Kacharis accepted the challenge.

title challenge   (タイトルチャレンジ)

On December 31, Narumiya failed in her title challenge against Fujimoto.

Archer went on to fail in his title challenge on March 3 at NJPW's 41st anniversary event.

Pastore and teammate Matías De Federico was integral to Huracán's title challenge that season.

up the challenge   (チャレンジアップ)

The prior took up the challenge, and he and Dominic dedicated themselves to the conversion of the Cathars.

The company took up the challenge and developed ptitim, which is made of hard wheat flour and toasted in an oven.

3T, best known for its skill in aluminum alloy fabrication, took up the challenge of re-engineering to build components in composite materials.

strong challenge   (強い挑戦)

Cllr Hughes was deputy leader of the county council and narrowly survived a strong challenge from Llandudno mayor, Carol Marubbi.

Retaining control of Glasgow City Council, where Labour was facing a strong challenge from the SNP, was another of the party's key objectives.

She held the seat in 2003, when she faced a strong challenge from the Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan, and then again in 2007 and 2011.

next challenge   (次の挑戦)

Each player must earn stars to move on to the next challenge.

Building an interactive multimedia company is my next challenge.

The good news was that they could be won back in the next challenge.

late challenge   (後期チャレンジ)

He went into the lead two from home and held off a late challenge from Pleasant Company to win by a head in a photo-finish.

During a Scottish Cup semi final against Rangers in April 2008, a late challenge by Hardie damaged Steven Naismith's cruciate ligament.

Miss Jummy took the lead in the final quarter mile and held off a late challenge from Martinet to win "cleverly" by three quarters of a length.

immunity challenge   (免疫チャレンジ)

In the final immunity challenge, Crowley lost to Smith in a card building challenge.

Stephenie and Bobby Jon, the last two members of Ulong, lost the final tribal immunity challenge.

Kai wins an immunity challenge, receiving an immunity free pass for herself to use whenever she wants.

open challenge   (オープンチャレンジ)

Anderson, who attacked both teams and issued an open challenge for a match which was answered by CM Punk.

On the April 6 "Raw", Stardust answered John Cena's United States Championship open challenge, but failed to win the title.

The next day at the December to Dismember press conference, The Hardy Boyz announced an open challenge for the pay-per-view.

leadership challenge   (リーダーシップの挑戦)

In June 2010 he supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

In June 2010, he supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

In June 2010, she supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

main challenge   (主な課題)

She won the episode two main challenge.

The main challenge of MCFC technology is the cells' short life span.

The main challenge is in fact the competing overoxidation to this acid.

challenge match   (チャレンジマッチ)

The two teams play each other every year in a challenge match.

In September he had played Harry Vardon in a 36-hole challenge match at the new Delgany course.

In a rain soaked game the Admirals lost 28-18 to the Dublin Rebels in an 8-a-side challenge match.

greatest challenge   (最大の挑戦)

The Gang saw Deng as their greatest challenge to power.

However, Hannah's greatest challenge is with Yi Long San.

His greatest challenge was recreating the game's physics.

challenge round   (チャレンジラウンド)

Teams underlined opted to play in the challenge round.

Teams in "italics" elected to play in the challenge round (see below).

* Indicates challenge round

significant challenge   (大きな挑戦)

Maintaining the accuracy of such data can be a significant challenge.

Another significant challenge to British domination of the seas came during the Napoleonic Wars.

A significant challenge in the use of antipsychotic drugs for the prevention of relapse is the poor rate of compliance.

another challenge   (別の挑戦)

Tara won yet another challenge and again had to choose between $10,000 or a one-pound advantage.

The Straw Hats win the first trial, but the outraged Baron demands they compete in another challenge.

Polyploidy is another challenge in assembling a plant genome, and it is estimated that ~80% of plants are polyploids.

court challenge   (裁判所の挑戦)

The German constitutional court challenge was expected to be decided in 2019 but it did not happen.

Then, Brexit and German constitutional court challenge by Dr Stjerna were considered as the main objects.

During the debate, no Senator argued that the outcome of the election should be changed by either court challenge or revote.