İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

unsuccessfully challenged   (başarısızlıkla meydan okundu)

Okamura unsuccessfully challenged the verdict at the Constitutional Court.

Nicéphore de Saint Eudes Fylla unsuccessfully challenged him for the position.

Covey unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in 2016.

mentally challenged   (zihinsel meydan okuma)

The villagers realize that Unni is abnormal and is mentally challenged.

The only person she expresses her love to is her mentally challenged sister."

Because of this, she was considered mentally challenged; she also suffered from epilepsy.

successfully challenged   (başarıyla meydan okundu)

This decision was again successfully challenged in September 2000.

California ACLU affiliates successfully challenged the California state loyalty oath.

As a result, she was part of a lawsuit that successfully challenged warrantless wiretapping.

then challenged

Elias then challenged Reigns to a match at Money in the Bank and Reigns accepted.

The two are then challenged by Shadow Moon, who enlarges himself into giant proportions.

Ashoka then challenged her to prove this by procuring 60,000 robes as an offering for monks.

challenged in court   (mahkemeye itiraz)

Language describing I-1240 was challenged in court.

The ordinance has yet to be challenged in court.

The Budget Repair Law was challenged in court.

challenged seven other   (diğer yedi kişiye meydan okudu)

He challenged seven other swimmers on the fourth heat, including British-born Paraguayan swimmer Benjamin Hockin.

He challenged seven other swimmers in the second heat, including four-time OIympian Jakob Jóhann Sveinsson of Iceland.

He challenged seven other swimmers on the second heat, including former semifinalist Hsu Chi-chieh of the Chinese Taipei.

challenged incumbent

Covey unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in 2016.

In 1964, Blatt challenged incumbent Republican Senator Hugh Scott, who was seeking a second term.

After winning the Democratic nomination, Tedesco challenged incumbent county executive Kathleen Donovan.

seriously challenged   (ciddi şekilde meydan okundu)

Hasan Ali Shah's authority thereafter was not seriously challenged again.

Bellhouse sent Tracery into the lead from the start and was never seriously challenged.

During the 1923 season, The Yankees were never seriously challenged and won the AL pennant by 17 games.