İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

legal challenges   (yasal zorluklar)

The court has withstood legal challenges.

Several months of legal challenges followed the appointment.

While the legal challenges were going on, the game continued.

new challenges   (yeni zorluklar)

Williams moved on to new challenges in the early 1970s.

The couple looked for new challenges in the newspaper industry.

The SIEFs will bring new challenges.

challenges facing   (karşılaşılan zorluklar)

Overall, the focus is on the challenges facing Goa.

There are some major challenges facing the banking sector.

There are many challenges facing the neighborhood of Grand Yoff.

many challenges   (birçok zorluk)

The move brought many challenges to the Pool Parties.

Then he faces many challenges in his life.

Those that stayed faced many challenges.

challenges faced

They also get exposed to the challenges faced by the local people.

This process is one of the most important challenges faced by technical writers.

There have been scheduling challenges faced in the design of the Modular Houses sets.

major challenges   (büyük zorluklar)

There are some major challenges facing the banking sector.

Housing of residents presents one of the major challenges every city must face.

One of the major challenges in Embu County has been the road network which is currently under construction.

technical challenges

Limited memory capacity of early computers led to substantial technical challenges when the first compilers were designed.

Other technical challenges could not be met in Australia, the curved glass windows and frames having to be shipped from the U.K.

One of the primary technical challenges was to sufficiently insulate the submarine cable to prevent the current from leaking out into the water.

several challenges

It faced several challenges from the beginning.

The Board also faced several challenges during the war years.

However, there are several challenges associated with this technology:

environmental challenges

The world faces serious environmental challenges.

These efforts include setting management priorities and deciding on specific responses to environmental challenges.

This process, as well as the emerging coastal environmental challenges are being dealt, together with other Mediterranean countries .

various challenges

It features Daily quests, various challenges, and the Transfer Market.

The various challenges encountered by call operators are discussed by several authors.

This issue was published as one of the few that year for various challenges in the magazine.

challenges such

He also embarked on a series of new challenges such as developing mountaineering skills by trekking on Nepal, Ecuador and Peru.

Water supply and sanitation infrastructure in China is facing challenges such as rapid urbanization, as well as water scarcity, contamination, and pollution.

While the main company is venturing into new challenges such as cabaret, touring shows with singers, lyrical art (training, opera creation) or the artistic direction of theme parks.

significant challenges   (önemli zorluklar)

These were significant challenges to Madero's presidency.

East Timor posed significant challenges.

East Timor posed significant challenges for logistical support.

challenges and opportunities

It was imperative to address constructively the new challenges and opportunities which these changes created.

The Organization also wants to take into account the new challenges and opportunities of the media environment.

The forum was a series of panel discussions which aimed to debate the challenges and opportunities for women in building creative and prosperous lives, families and communities.

economic challenges

Many games also offer economic challenges and exploration.

All the 8 radio stations were successfully operational by the end of 2017 despite the tough economic challenges.

Despite the recent modest and stable growth, Djibouti is faced with many economic challenges, particularly job creation and poverty reduction.

meet the challenges   (zorlukları karşılamak)

To meet the challenges from new actors and new payment solutions, BankAxept AS was founded in April 2014.

This merger took place to ensure that the Navy could meet the challenges of technological changes and advances.

Rural–urban proportional is a hybrid-proportional system designed by Fair Vote Canada to meet the challenges of Canada's geography.

unique challenges

Today's recovering veterans have unique challenges.

This presents unique challenges to managers, and opportunities for businesses.

Disability in Zambia People with disability in Zambia face many unique challenges.