chamber music   (室内乐)

He wrote some 200 works, focused on chamber music.

Jazz is not traditionally considered chamber music.

He also studied chamber music with Geneviève Joy.

combustion chamber   (燃烧室)

The combustion chamber was also changed in the TÜ2.

Multiple furnaces would share a single combustion chamber.

A hemispherical combustion chamber and in-line valves were used.

chamber orchestra   (室内乐团)

From 1992 bis 2003 she was concertmaster of the I Musici chamber orchestra.

In 1890, Cook became director of a chamber orchestra touring the East Coast.

Among his compositions is a concerto for electric violin and chamber orchestra.

burial chamber   (墓室)

The burial chamber is dated to 895–903 AD.

Inside, where the burial chamber would have been, was a mint-flavoured fondant.

The burial chamber has the same height and width as the antechamber, but is longer.

chamber of commerce   (商会)

Instead he worked on legal matters in industry and for the chamber of commerce.

The station shares a large two-storey building with the local chamber of commerce and industry.

The company won the "Small Business of the Year" award from the local chamber of commerce in 2012.

chamber musician

Schmidt was also in demand as a chamber musician.

Ferenz Radosc coached her as chamber musician.

She is also active as a chamber musician.

chamber ensemble   (室内乐团)

"The Io Passion" is scored for a chamber ensemble.

Volume IX is for chamber ensemble or solo piano.

In 2001 she founded the Accademia Arcadia as a "Baroque chamber ensemble of high originality."

upper chamber   (上室)

In the upper chamber of the gallery, Charlemagne's marble throne is housed.

In 1917 Barvinsky became a member of the Austrian upper chamber (House of Lords).

Thereafter they frequently held enough seats to give them the balance of power in the upper chamber.

chamber works

120 is one of the composer's late chamber works.

He has recorded solo and chamber works for television and radio as well as CD.

He has composed symphony and chamber works, big band, and jazz orchestra music.

gas chamber

There, she selected prisoners for the gas chamber.

The gas chamber and crematorium were reconstructed after the war.

The first gas chamber at Auschwitz II was operational by March 1942.

lower chamber

There is a continuation of the horizontal passage in the south wall of the lower chamber; there is also a pit dug in the floor of the chamber.

As a member of the opposition coalition “Zajedno”, he was re-elected a Member of Federal Parliament in the Chamber of Citizens (lower chamber) in 1996.

Digging by the Severn Valley Caving Club in 1969 and 1970 led to the discovery of a passage dropping to a lower chamber with many passages leading off from it.

chamber opera

In 1975 he composed a chamber opera "Stigmates", to a libretto by Jacques Pajak.

He has also written one chamber opera, "Bardos", which premiered in Seoul, South Korea in 2004.

The life of Sturn and opera singer Emilia Cundari are portrayed in the chamber opera "Pat & Emilia".

council chamber

This work of art now adorns the council chamber of the town hall.

Kenton is the location of the municipal council chamber for the RM of Woodworth.

It contains offices on the ground floor and the council chamber and reception hall on the upper level.

magma chamber

These volcanoes appear to share a magma chamber at a depth of .

Heavier minerals may crystallize and settle to the bottom of the magma chamber.

Some inclusions in Licancabur rocks seem to be from wall rocks of the magma chamber.

chamber ensembles

Brotons mainly produces works for orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Williams composes for solo piano, chamber ensembles, choir and solo voice.

In Lima she was a member of several chamber ensembles and young people orchestras.

organ chamber

Attached to the south side is a 19th-century organ chamber.

The organ chamber has a three-light window and a rose window.

There is a vestry to the north-east and organ chamber to the south-east.

chamber choir

He made numerous international concert tours with the chamber choir of the university.

Phoenix Chorale The Phoenix Chorale is a professional chamber choir based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Jeffrey Lewis composed "Epitaphium – Children of the Sun" for narrator, chamber choir, piano, flute, clarinet and percussion.

vacuum chamber

It is the world's largest thermal vacuum chamber.

In Spring 2013 SpaceX conducted a fairing separation test in the vacuum chamber.

A jet of steam entrains the vapour that must be removed from the vacuum chamber.

main chamber

The main chamber is wide, deep, and tall at the center of the hangar.

It is illuminated from both a skylight and several lamps above the main chamber .

A coyote den can have several entrances and passages branching out from the main chamber.

second chamber

Part way along, a second chamber is found in its west.

This second chamber later became known as the première des enquêtes.

A second chamber, the "Chamber of Counties" (), was set up in 1993 pursuant to the 1990 Constitution.

each chamber

The umbilicus is open, partly covered by triangular umbilical flaps extending from each chamber of the final whorl.

The chambers must also align consistently with the barrel, so the bullet enters the barrel the same way from each chamber.

In the case of revolvers or other multi-chamber firearms, each chamber must be proof tested before the firearm may be marked.