İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

defending champion   (savunma şampiyonu)

"defending champion Stacey Stable did not qualify"

The race was won by defending champion Wyomia Tyus.

Thomas Walsh came in as the defending champion.

world champion   (Dünya şampiyonu)

He is the world champion in the men's F55 javelin.

She won her first world champion title that year.

Liang was twice world champion in his age category.

national champion   (ulusal şampiyon)

The team was selected national champion by Dunkel.

She is the 2005 and 2006 French national champion.

He is the 2002 and 2005 Mexican national champion.

eventual champion   (nihai şampiyon)

There she lost to eventual champion Martina Hingis.

Bulgaria swept eventual champion Brazil in three sets.

He lost 7-10 to eventual champion James Wade.

heavyweight champion   (ağır siklet şampiyonu)

Magalhães is now the TitanFC light heavyweight champion.

This led WBC to proclaim Peter their Interim heavyweight champion.

His son is former world heavyweight champion, James "Buster" Douglas.

reigning champion   (hüküm süren şampiyon)

Josep Garcia is the reigning champion from Enduro 2.

It is also the reigning champion.

In quarter finals he was matched up against reigning champion Buakaw Por.

boxing champion   (boks şampiyonu)

Thompson's father was a former boxing champion.

His son Jacob is a former national amateur boxing champion.

He was also the amateur lightweight boxing champion of Hertfordshire.

league champion

He was a four time Belgian league champion with Anderlecht.

The top four teams advance to the playoffs to determine the league champion.

With the club she was again crowned as a league champion in the 2016/2017 season.

state champion   (eyalet şampiyonu)

She was also state champion in the 4x400m relay.

He was also a state champion track star in high school.

Fluminense became the first Rio de Janeiro state champion.

former champion

In 2004, Minto had a bout with former champion Tony Tubbs.

He beat the former champion by a unanimous decision in their 10-round bout.

The former champion Mandrake was the longest reigning champion in history of the company.

former world champion

He was coached by former world champion Dwight Phillips.

The race was won by former world champion Laurent Brochard.

In 1991 it signed former world champion Eddie Lawson to its team.

champion but lost   (şampiyon ama kaybetti)

Benfica was the defending champion but lost in the semi-finals to Sporting Clube de Portugal.

2018 Busan Open – Singles Vasek Pospisil was the defending champion but lost in the final to Matthew Ebden.

1996 Paris Open – Singles Pete Sampras was the defending champion but lost in the second round to Marc Rosset.

champion seed

A champion seed is indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which that seed was eliminated.

middleweight champion

Savchenko was the Soviet middleweight champion in 1977 and 1980.

In 2000 he got a shot at WBA middleweight champion William Joppy.

In the process, New York recognized Apostoli, not Steele as middleweight champion.

tournament champion   (turnuva şampiyonu)

The winner of this round is declared the tournament champion.

Bahrain emerged as the tournament champion with 7 points ahead the rest teams.

Their season ended losing to tournament champion Central Arkansas in the Semifinal round.

new champion

He knocked out Chiba at 3R and became the new champion.

The show ended with the new champion and the chairman shaking hands and sharing beers.

There would be a new champion this season as SMU was unsuccessful in advancing to the event.

conference champion   (konferans şampiyonu)

The winners of those games will play to determine the conference champion.

They finished the season 12–0 overall and 7–0 in the Big East to finish as conference champion.

They finished the season 11–1 overall and 7–0 in the Big East to finish as conference champion.

welterweight champion   (ağır siklet şampiyonu)

Millett was the 1991 National Golden Gloves Light welterweight champion.

He stopped WBF junior welterweight champion Kenny Vice in a non-title fight shortly after that.

After beating Ryan Biglar at the PXC 32 event in July 2012, he became the PXC welterweight champion.

junior champion

She was the 2005 U.S. national junior champion.

She is a former World junior champion skip.

However Krpálek became the world junior champion that year again.

current champion

Riho is the current champion in her first reign.

Keith Lee is the current champion in his first reign.

season champion

The regular season champion received an automatic bid into the 2013 NIT Tournament.

If this had happened, the regular season champion would have gotten the NCAA auto-bid.

Due to this, a playoff match was played on 27 December 2018 to determine a season champion.

first champion

The first champion was HIFK Fotboll from Helsinki.

The first champion was Ethnikos Piraeus.

Natsuki☆Taiyo was the first champion in the title's history.

became champion

The Sport Recife became champion of this tournament.

The women's U-19 team became champion of the tournament.

After finishing third in 1994, he became champion in 1995.

lightweight champion   (hafif şampiyon)

In 2007, he was the lightweight champion of Shooto.

The lightweight champion tapped out at 1:46 of the second round.

He is currently the IBF Pan Pacific lightweight champion and rated currently the World Number 3 Lightweight.

champion team   (şampiyon takımı)

As a result, other international tournaments were lined up for the champion team.

He was involved in recruiting 17 players on WKU's 2002 Division I-AA national champion team.

James would be a part of the 1983 Southeast Conference champion and Sugar Bowl champion team.

featherweight champion   (tüy siklet şampiyonu)

In 2011, she became the first Jewels featherweight champion.

Khasbulaev was expected to face former WSOF featherweight champion Rick Glenn on June 5, 2015 at .

He was also the 1973 ABA bantamweight champion, lightweight in 1975, and featherweight champion in 1976 and 1977.

reigning world champion

In the quarterfinals he went against the reigning world champion Ryunosuke Haga of Japan.

Kim beat Russia's Sofya Velikaya, the reigning world champion, 15–9 in the gold medal match.

Brittney Reese entered the competition as defending champion and reigning world champion outdoors.

crowned champion   (taçlı şampiyon)

The team with the most points will be crowned champion.

In January 2008, he was crowned champion of the competition.

He decides to return to boxing with the clear goal to be crowned champion.

singles champion

She was six time national singles champion.

Her father is 1998 Olympic men's singles champion Ilia Kulik.

Leius was the boys' singles champion at the 1959 Wimbledon Championships.

series champion

Matt Sheppard enters the 2019 season as the defending series champion.

In the following 1995-96 season with Dynamo Moscow, Schakulin was the runner-up behind series champion CSKA Moscow.

Davide Valsecchi was declared the 2012 series champion after he out-scored title rival Luiz Razia in the feature race.

inaugural champion

The inaugural champion was Ohio State University.

The inaugural champion was Adam Cole.

champion but chose

2018 Jalisco Open – Singles Mirza Bašić was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

2018 Tunis Open – Singles Simone Bolelli was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

2018 Sarasota Open – Singles Frances Tiafoe was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

regular season champion

The regular season champion received an automatic bid into the 2013 NIT Tournament.

If this had happened, the regular season champion would have gotten the NCAA auto-bid.

The team was established in 2001, and was the regular season champion of Conference USA three times.

chess champion

In 1980 he became Correspondence chess champion in the Netherlands.

This win earned him the titles of U-8 world chess champion and FIDE Master.

"It got to be embarrassing, constantly being introduced as a chess champion at parties."

became the champion

LS Kitami) and became the champion of Japan.

In 2016 he became the champion of Europe.

Scoring three victories, he became the champion of the series.

determine the champion

The winners of each advance to the finals to determine the champion, who wins a $1,000,000 grand prize.

It was the 101st Memorial Cup championship which determine the champion of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

Prior to the introduction of automatic playoffs, tie-breaker games were only used to when needed to determine the champion.

champion title   (şampiyon unvanı)

She won her first world champion title that year.

This was her second champion title at the age of 68.

As an amateur, in 1974 she holds one AQHA world champion title.

wrestling champion

Jones is also a 15-time world arm wrestling champion.

NorCal wrestling champion in 1970.

He was the New Jersey state wrestling champion with a 97-1 career record.

tennis champion

She was South African junior tennis champion in 1954 and 1955.

Carter is widely known particularly as the coach of tennis champion Roger Federer.

The song satirizes tennis champion John McEnroe who was notorious for his temper tantrums.

bantamweight champion   (ufak ağırlık şampiyonu)

He was also the 1973 ABA bantamweight champion, lightweight in 1975, and featherweight champion in 1976 and 1977.

Montague faced the former Shooto featherweight and bantamweight champion Mamoru Yamaguchi on December 24, 2012 at Vale Tudo Japan 2012.

As a result, Invicta bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger would move up to featherweight to replace Anderson in the fight against Kolesnyk.

eventual national champion   (nihai ulusal şampiyon)

He scored 21 points against eventual national champion Kentucky in the 2012 NCAA tournament.

In 2005 they would go on to play eventual national champion Johns Hopkins in the first round.

In the NCAA Tournament Final Four, the Ducks lost to the eventual national champion Baylor 72-67.

became world champion

He became world champion over 10,000 m in 1987.

He became world champion in the bantamweight division.

He became world champion in São Paulo in 1982.

flyweight champion

He held the title of World Boxing Association (WBA) junior flyweight champion 1983–1984.

Daniel Cervantes, junior flyweight champion Brian Viloria, and Mia St. John train there.

Moraga was expected to face UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson on April 13, 2013 at .

became a champion

Team Obermoser Jörg driver Peter Scharmann became a champion.

Jägermeister Racing Team driver Ernst Maring became a champion.

Bertram Schäfer became a champion.

indoor champion

He was the American national indoor champion in 2018.

She became East German indoor champion in 1973 and 1976.

She also became East German indoor champion in 1964 and 1971.

overall champion   (genel şampiyon)

In 1939 he became overall champion at the European Championships.

The season runs from December to April, followed by a playoff format to determine the overall champion.

Unlike the two previous CFU Women's Caribbean Cup tournaments, there is no final round and thus no overall champion.

defending national champion   (milli şampiyonu savunmak)

The defending national champion Buckeyes compiled an 8–1 record.

In 1910 Vanderbilt held defending national champion Yale to a scoreless tie.

Only defending national champion Florida (#1) and Pac-12 champion Stanford (#2) were seeded higher.

defending world champion

As a result, Rally2 for the defending world champion.

The defending world champion was Italy's Pietro Piller Cottrer.

The defending world champion was Czech Republic's Katerina Neumannova.

last champion   (son şampiyon)

Jim Courier was the last champion.

The last champion of the competition was Talleres, while Atlético Mineiro is the most successful club in the cup history, having won the tournament two times.

<section begin=map /> <section end=map /> On 4 April 2018, it was announced that the then last champion KSEB pulled from the 2017–18 season citing financial reason.

champion but did

2003 Open Gaz de France – Singles Venus Williams was the defending champion but did not compete that year.

1996 du Maurier Open – Men's Singles Andre Agassi was the defending champion but did not compete that year.

2000 Wimbledon Championships – Girls' Singles Iroda Tulyaganova was the defending champion but did not complete in the Juniors this year.

division champion

The division champion earns a bye to the Division Finals and the rights to host.

Each division champion plays in the best-of-three Prospect League Championship Series.

The Indians finished the season in 2nd place, 15 games behind the division champion Tigers.