Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

no chance   (ninguna posibilidad)

When they concluded they had no chance, they surrendered.

There had been no chance of sending out a wireless distress call.

Basically, everywhere I turned, I was told that I had no chance."

second chance   (segunda oportunidad)

Given a second chance in the at-bat, Ruel doubled.

But fate favors her and gives her a second chance.

Despite this, Frank got a second chance to apply.

chance to win   (oportunidad de ganar)

I don't think the South ever had a chance to win that War."

She got her chance to win Bronze medal but lost to Sakshi Malik.

Each rider has the chance to win $100,000 from their individual performances.

another chance   (otra oportunidad)

Dr. Pine convinces her to give Gannon another chance.

She affirms, and he asks for another chance.

Overall, he planned on returning to give Bosi another chance.

chance to play   (oportunidad de jugar)

it provides a rare chance to play ... an ordinary guy.

Beg, borrow, or steal a chance to play ADVENTURE!!!!!"

Being a winger, the coaches rarely gave him a chance to play.

last chance   (última oportunidad)

In this case, it is maybe their last chance...

New York had one last chance in the top of the eleventh.

Two final teams are selected from a last chance qualifier.

given the chance

Viewers were also given the chance to interact in a poll by phone voting.

Week 7: The stars were given the chance to design the costumes for their dances.

The students in this program are given the chance to learn computer science hands-on.

chance of winning

Obama then had an estimated 61.8% chance of winning a majority.

For these reasons, Mullin was thought to have a good chance of winning the election.

Each time the gambler plays the slots, there is a one in one million chance of winning.

little chance   (pocas posibilidades)

It was a situation with little chance for improving one's life.

If this is done by each diver only for themselves, there is little chance of confusion and error.

This move surprised the party, with many commentators giving him little chance of getting elected.

given a chance

He is given a chance to say his last words.

Wessel was not given a chance to fight on the finale card.

Rolfe and his family are given a chance to travel to England.

chance meeting

After a chance meeting, Raj invites Sanjeev to his home for dinner.

But a chance meeting with a slick American stranger changes everything.

A chance meeting with Brandon Tartikoff lead to the movie being sold to NBC.

best chance

This possibly stymied the Yankees' best chance of the day.

Edith is her best chance of survival.

Around the Azores, the best chance to see blue whales is February to March.

better chance

A nest made in a colder climate with less precipitation has a better chance of survival.

In April 2009, Castle stated "there's probably a better chance I'll run for the Senate than the House.

Larger males with larger nests have better chance of successful mating than smaller males with smaller nests.

chance encounter   (encuentro casual)

JR and Audrey have a chance encounter in the airport.

In 257 BC there was a typical chance encounter.

That chance encounter led to Staros making comics his career.

get a chance

Great Britain will get a chance to field a combined team.

He couldn't get a chance in Test series.

'I hope that you get a chance to read this aloud to your kids one day.

good chance

He's got a good chance of starting next week if he impresses in training".

For these reasons, Mullin was thought to have a good chance of winning the election.

These are shy animals, but there is a good chance of seeing them if you go out on a calm day.

chance to get

An estimated 3,000 to 5,000 migrants were waiting in Calais for a chance to get to England.

In 2008, ESPN's Todd McShay said Delmas had a chance to get drafted in the first three rounds.

The program is being marketed with the "chance to get a degree for the cost of a dollar a day."

percent chance

I'm told I have a 90 percent chance of recovery and of living another 20 years."

There is an 89.7 percent chance that any two residents, chosen at random, would be of different race or ethnicity.

got a chance

He then got a chance to see Kant at Königsberg.

Lahore Qalandars were bowling first and Irshad got a chance in the 8th over.

Once the first team's run was complete, the opponents got a chance to run the Eliminator.

chance to make   (oportunidad de hacer)

In 1997 Seir Kieran had the chance to make it three title in-a-row.

For others, it is a chance to make a statement about female pleasure."

Hardstaff exploited his second chance to make 43 before falling at 4/243.

offered the chance

Grady is offered the chance to change his life with one wish.

In the film she portrayed Grace Connelly whose boyfriend (Carey) is offered the chance to be God for one week.

Shortly thereafter, Ari is offered the chance to succeed him by the studio's chairman John Ellis for $10 million.

got the chance

The winner then got the chance to open his own restaurant.

However, Ross never got the chance, as an American rifleman shot him in the chest.

In this project, she got the chance to work with veteran actresses Eula Valdez and Jean Garcia.

first chance

This earned him his first chance to test a Formula One car.

MICOM also gave different artists their first chance on television.

He then says that he will repay Sylvester the first chance he gets.

chance to see

He then got a chance to see Kant at Königsberg.

She trades the power of the Aram for a chance to see her daughter again.

Around the Azores, the best chance to see blue whales is February to March.

chance of survival   (posibilidad de supervivencia)

Edith is her best chance of survival.

There was virtually no chance of survival for the baby once it left the womb.

In 1986 Alec Reed was diagnosed with colon cancer and given a 40% chance of survival.

only chance   (única oportunidad)

She feels this is her only chance to finally marry.

They recognised that their only chance of winning the war outright was with the aid of a Spanish invasion.

The only chance came when Barnes powerfully square cut Bedser low to point, where Young spilled the catch.

chance to become   (oportunidad de convertirse)

He turned down the chance to become the club's manager.

At the Affiliated school, Wu once had a chance to become an actress.

Following America's entry into World War I, Eielson found his chance to become an aviator.

chance of success

This greatly increases the interceptor's chance of success and survival.

Spells can be cast before or between battles that will help to increase the chance of success.

Barnard stated to Washkansky and his wife Ann Washkansky that the transplant had an 80% chance of success.

chance to take

Now players in turn get the chance to take the deal, i.e.

He thus decided to offer Rommel the chance to take his own life.

Kelowna had a chance to take the lead just seconds later, but the shot hit the post.

chance to work   (oportunidad de trabajar)

"It was a chance to work with the actors I had run away from.

During the thirties, he had the chance to work in monumental forms.

Cassidy gave Migliore his first chance to work with horses and his first riding lessons.

chance of reaching

– Kaimiņš explained why he believes he has better chance of reaching his full potential in Latvia and Russia than in the USA.

They remained in the top eight of the Second Division table by the end of December, still in with a chance of reaching promotion.

The next two batters (Flynn and Jimmy Blake) are perceived to be weak hitters with little chance of reaching base to allow Casey a chance to bat.

get the chance

Now players in turn get the chance to take the deal, i.e.

He does not get the chance.

Ben would get the chance to establish himself as Spider-Man and move forward.

greater chance

Frigates often saw action, which meant a greater chance of glory, promotion, and prize money.

Downer cows are encouraged to get to their feet and have a much greater chance of recovery if they do.

Escaping tigers are usually killed, while tigers which stand their ground have a greater chance of survival.

chance to compete

The handicap gives teams with lower averages a chance to compete against teams with higher averages.

The contestant had previously competed as a male, and the sex change gave her a second chance to compete.

This division allows players a chance to compete through a tournament trail to reach the 16-18 Year-Old World Series.

chance to meet

I'll probably have a chance to meet him soon."

On this occasion Aramitz had the chance to meet the Comte d'Artagnan.

His sister Anabel died before Martinez ever had the chance to meet her.

chance to go

It was a chance to go back to that world and explore it deeper.

The two players who won the second round competed for the chance to go to the Big Wheel.

Therefore, when Marek gets the chance to go to that era, via ITC's invention, he jumps at it.

higher chance

Oral tapers of less than three weeks duration show a higher chance of relapsing, and tend to show poorer outcomes.

Self-control is a form of thought suppression and when one dreams, that suppressed item has a higher chance of appearing in the dream.

For him, "probability" means a "higher chance" of occurring, and brings about a higher degree of subjective expectation in the viewer.

reduce the chance   (reducir la posibilidad)

This requirement exists to keep the game fair and reduce the chance of loaded dice.

An implantable cardiac defibrillator may be placed to reduce the chance of death from recurrence.

The team suggested a cryptographic signature technique to reduce the chance of misusing direct to consumer websites by police searches.

offered a chance

Syracuse was offered a chance to defend their title but declined.

He took it that the Anglo-Scottish union offered a chance for "greatness" of the combined monarchy.

They also offered a chance to win a sticker or badge for people who wrote to the company about the game.

chance to escape

If they emerge from a window, they will have a chance to escape if grabbed.

It is designed to cause pain to the attacker, hopefully allowing the victim a chance to escape.

The Legion's volunteers were not merely motivated by the chance to escape imprisonment and earn money.

chance to perform

Even in Japan, not everyone gets a chance to perform here!"

Kundirana 2014 were also given a chance to perform at Flushing Meadows in Bohol.

Taking advice from Terry (Terry Crews) about lying, Holt gives her a chance to perform at an important event.

chance to join   (oportunidad de unirse)

The doctor reveals himself to be Duke, and he offers Beach Head a chance to join the team.

When the call came from Bachman, Turner jumped at the chance to join a band that played original material.

His return to Lebanon gave him the chance to join the Champville basketball team under a five-year contract.

chance of getting

Moreover, the chance of getting a raise is greater for the higher-ups.

This move surprised the party, with many commentators giving him little chance of getting elected.

Cousins said, "That injury is something that I got over and am probably no chance of getting a relapse...

chance to prove   (oportunidad de probar)

He also believed that Jones did not give him a chance to prove himself.

As his last chance to prove himself, he must help a prince and princess fulfill a prophecy.

For millennia, the goddess Athena waited patiently for the chance to prove herself worthy of the crown of Olympus.

chance to return   (oportunidad de volver)

As Boy Blue escapes Geppetto's clutches, he offers Pinocchio a chance to return to Fabletown.

On Day 41, Eric was given the chance to return to the house, but ultimately did not get to re-enter the game.

Even though he developed a fondness for Earthlings with whom he worked (such as Liz Shaw and Jo Grant), he jumped at any chance to return to the stars.

more chance

This table contains one more chance to conceive a boy.

Kay convinces Mac and Barrett to giving them one more chance.

Mahadeva decided to give his wretched life one more chance and approached the monk who was camping near Pataliputra.

chance against   (oportunidad contra)

In #16, the Surfer and Captain Britain successfully gained the weapon, as even Galactus himself won't stand a chance against the Fury.

"Casey's Revenge", by Grantland Rice (1907), gives Casey another chance against the pitcher who had struck him out in the original story.

He fights Needles and throws him overboard but stands no chance against Gasparde's Syrup-Syrup Logia-type powers, which allow him to turn parts or all of his body into liquid or solid candy.

chance to show   (oportunidad de mostrar)

Morris—whose place was secure—was rested for the Fifth Test to give Brown another chance to show that he was worthy of selection.

The altered timeline provided a chance to show the "Enterprise" crew in a much more dramatic and human light than would be allowable in a normal episode.

The training school has also been host to the company's Gym Wars shows which gives trainees a chance to show their skills to IWW management and to a crowd.

take a chance

Nadya is upset, but decides to take a chance and eventually gets a place.

Kearney decides to take a chance that Jim is telling the truth and promises to get the truth out of Ethel.

The Texas Rangers decided to take a chance on him for the 2007 season and signed him to a minor league contract.

chance to qualify

Greece lost the first two matches against Canada, losing their chance to qualify to the Olympics.

He discovered he had a chance to qualify for the Olympics in 2011, so he competed in a qualifying event.

Yemen had a big chance to qualify to its first international tournament in its history as a unified country.

chance to score

In the first round, each contestant has one chance to score as many points as possible.

He played 71 minutes and missed a chance to score on debut, "plant[ing] a shot high and wide of the upright".

Kansas State had a chance to score a touchdown on the final play of the first half when Alex Delton threw a pass to Adam Harter that was dropped in the end zone.

gets a chance

Even in Japan, not everyone gets a chance to perform here!"

Susan loses her job but avoids felony charges and finally gets a chance to get to know her father.

En route from the court, the police vehicle is caught in a puddle, and Udhaya gets a chance to escape.

chance when   (oportunidad cuando)

Douglas gets his chance when the band's drummer, Schindewulf, is drafted to go to Vietnam.

However, he was given a second chance when Ervin Katona was forced to retire due to injury.

Richmond offered him a second chance when they secured him at pick six in the 1997 Pre-Season Draft.