İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

changed its name   (adını değiştirdi)

The band changed its name to Orange Juice in 1979.

State-O-Maine changed its name to Nautica in 1994.

It changed its name to Grand National Party (GNP).

name was changed   (isim değiştirildi)

The name was changed to "Harmonia Sacra" in 1851.

Shortly thereafter, her name was changed to AJ Lee.

Later the name was changed ‘Meitei Dramatic Union’.

later changed   (sonra değişti)

Mineo later changed his version to a police baton.

The family later changed the surname to "Pettie".

This sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

changed the name

The company changed the name to MuleSoft in 2009.

McCann changed the name of his chain accordingly.

Unilever soon changed the name to HB Chocolates.

changed his name

Shi became a monk and changed his name to Jing-yi.

In 1930 he changed his name to Horatio James Powys.

At some point, he changed his name to Fred Shields.

changed their name

They have now changed their name to "Empire Kids".

In 2016 they changed their name to Gaeloideachas.

In 2015, the band changed their name to Metafive.

name changed

This was the hospital logo until the name changed.

The name changed to San Jose City College in 1958.

In 1990 the name changed to "razzle dazzle rose".

changed hands   (el değiştirdi)

The cinema changed hands again in 1937, when D.J.

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

The house changed hands again in 1971 and 1993.

changed his mind   (fikrini değiştirdi)

In later years, he changed his mind on divorce.

He soon changed his mind, however, and recanted the order.

Kennedy eventually changed his mind to agree with Thompson.

station changed   (istasyon değişti)

From 1 January 1998, the station changed name again.

The station changed call letters, this time to KUVR-CA.

The railway station changed hands 14 times in six hours.

changed its call   (çağrısını değiştirdi)

WTGM changed its call letters to WHRO-FM in 1978.

On April 24, 2014, WOLT changed its call letters to WRTH.

On 1992-02-10, the station changed its call sign to KZUS.

not changed   (değişmedi)

His attitude has mellowed a lot, but not changed.

The station's beautiful music format was not changed.

Gold coins have not changed sizes since first minted.

then changed

Wiley's bio page was then changed to "Pending B.A.

He then changed the name of his boot company to H.J.

Arcadia Corporation then changed its name to Starpath.

officially changed

In 2014, they officially changed their name to Ayacucho FC.

The name of the town was officially changed to "Craig Key" in 1971.

John Chiang officially changed his surname to Chiang in March 2005.

changed again

This was changed again in 1913 to simply "Hawthorne".

The course was changed again for the 1973 race.

The name was changed again (to Tiso Blackstar) in 2017.

company changed   (şirket değişti)

The company changed the name to MuleSoft in 2009.

In 2000 the company changed its name to Nettbuss.

This company changed the recipe of Afri-Cola in 1998.

changed when   (ne zaman değişti)

Everything changed when Fred joined the band.

Chenery's life changed when her father became disabled.

This was changed when the show was broadcast nationally.

population has changed

Over the last 10 years (1997–2007) the population has changed at a rate of 1%.

Over the last 10 years (2000–2010) the population has changed at a rate of 11%.

Over the last 6 years (2010-2016) the population has changed at a rate of 4.57%.

title was changed   (başlık değiştirildi)

In April the title was changed to "My Lucky Star".

In September the album title was changed to "Bossaura".

The award title was changed to simply "The Booker Prize".

changed back   (geri değişti)

At the end of 2010, DWSY has changed back to DZSR.

In 2018, he changed back number from No.9 to No.51.

In 2018, he changed back number from No.61 to No.1.

changed over time   (zamanla değişti)

The style of dish presented has changed over time.

Body size, shape and style has changed over time.

The terms for these divisions has changed over time.

changed her name

In 1996 Williams changed her name to Chaya Grace.

After marriage, she changed her name to Shobha Nehru.

Tonny Olsen married and changed her name to Tonny Ahm.

again changed

Around 1977, the Hi-Flier was once again changed.

The seaport once again changed her rig.

By the 1970s, the cultural tide on smoking had once again changed.

club changed

In 2005, the club changed its name to FC Fehérvar.

In 1977, the club changed its name to KK Jagodina.

After the promotion, the club changed name to C.D.

changed several

The away shirt colour has changed several times.

The name has changed several times since then.

Vexx's design changed several times during development.

changed dramatically   (önemli ölçüde değişti)

This situation changed dramatically during the 20th century.

The Austro-Hungarian economy changed dramatically during the Dual Monarchy.

The nature of the job has changed dramatically as technology has progressed.

soon changed

Unilever soon changed the name to HB Chocolates.

The name was soon changed to Kappa Sigma Tau.

He soon changed his order to a high-wing Vega seaplane.

changed several times

The away shirt colour has changed several times.

The name has changed several times since then.

Vexx's design changed several times during development.

subsequently changed

Edmonton subsequently changed his name to Mars Bonfire.

It subsequently changed hands between the Alans and the Huns.

However, he subsequently changed his mind about acting in the US.

changed during   (sırasında değişti)

Viewers' perception of Sienna changed during her tenure.

The targeting system was also changed during development.

The balance of the workforce changed during World War II.

changed significantly   (önemli ölçüde değişti)

The group's activities changed significantly over time.

Things changed significantly her senior year of 1929-1930.

The routing algorithm changed significantly in version 0.7.

band changed

The band changed its name to Orange Juice in 1979.

In 2017, the band changed its name to D'All Starz.

In 2015, the band changed their name to Metafive.

changed so

Skateboarding’s changed so much now.

I changed so much over the show and Guy definitely helped with that."

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

changed their format

On May 1, 2017, WBEL changed their format from news/talk to oldies.

On May 10, 2015, KLGO changed their format to comedy, branded as "Comedy 1260".

On January 14, 2013 WGKC changed their format to country, branded as "US 105.9".

changed little   (biraz değişti)

In this, the Concordat of Worms changed little.

It was initiated in 1865, and has changed little since.

The test has changed little since 1948.

letters were changed

In 1963, the call letters were changed to KEND-TV.

In 1976, the call letters were changed to KCFO.

The call letters were changed to WNAI in 1997.

changed name

After the promotion, the club changed name to C.D.

From 1 January 1998, the station changed name again.

The image was then transferred to the Church, and changed name.

settlement was changed

The name of the settlement was changed from "Prapretno-Sv.

The name of the settlement was changed to Stamford on April 6, 1642.

The name of the settlement was changed from "Log" to "Na Logu" in 1951.

changed the way

He changed the way music was composed for television.

It's changed the way we view our universe.

SAE changed the way they tested engine hp for the 2006-2008 TL is .

changed his surname   (soyadını değiştirdi)

Norman never legally changed his surname to Norell.

Switters changed his surname by deed poll in July 2018.

He changed his surname from Davis to Williams in late 2006.

legally changed   (yasal olarak değişti)

Norman never legally changed his surname to Norell.

By that date, 7,000 persons had legally changed gender.

Loughead legally changed his name to Allan Lockheed in 1934.

changed hands several

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

It changed hands several times, taking on different names.

Capitol Beach changed hands several times.

sign was changed

The call sign was changed to KVBH on April 16, 2019.

On March 19, 2018, its call sign was changed to WLSF.

The call sign was changed on January 12, 2007 to WASA-LP.

not be changed

These systems cannot be changed from within.

The category cannot be changed once the timer has started.

A private post cannot be changed and shared with new people.

situation changed   (durum değişti)

The situation changed in independent Estonia.

This situation changed before World War II.

This situation changed dramatically during the 20th century.

team changed   (takım değişti)

In 1951, the team changed their name to Kinizsi.

In 2005 the team changed the name and moved to Hannover.

The team changed their name to the Bacchus Marsh FC in 1983.

eventually changed

Kennedy eventually changed his mind to agree with Thompson.

On 31 August 2001, the name was eventually changed to Stadium Hang Tuah.

He started rapping under the name "JayOhVee", but eventually changed it to Joey Badass.

format was changed

In August 2009, the format was changed to classic rock.

In 2009, the station's format was changed to adult hits.

In September 1999, the station's format was changed to soft AC.

completely changed   (tamamen değişti)

The graphics, idents and adverts were completely changed.

An alluvial fan can be completely changed due to orogenic thrusting.

The ordering was completely changed during this last re-organization.

changed names

They changed names to Badalona Dracs in 2004.

The game changed names between carrier.

The NAWCH changed names in 1990.

changed due

Some names were changed due to the fact the characters are machines.

An alluvial fan can be completely changed due to orogenic thrusting.

However, the venue was changed due to the April 2011 Fukushima earthquake.

school changed   (okul değişti)

The school changed its name to Embley in September 2019.

In 1965/66 the school changed its name to Bearwood College.

In 1879 the school changed its name to Lee Street State School.

changed sides

12 MPs changed sides between the first and second readings.

The other three changed sides, and began to work for the opposition.

In 1706 he changed sides and became a supporter of Stanisław Leszczyński.

changed its format

In 2018, it changed its format to Adult hits.

It also changed its format to news & talk.

WNOX changed its format to classic hits, branded as "Classic Hits 93.1".

changed her mind

When Gennie refused to go home with Brenda, she said she would stay until Gennie changed her mind.

At the tour's first stop, in Barcelona, the singer revealed that she had changed her mind a little bit.

Aarun, believing Shirin has changed her mind and refused to marry him, is angered and marries another woman, Nazneen.

changed course   (değişen kurs)

However, at 1500 or 1530, Nagumo changed course to the southwest.

At 07:36, he attempted to confirm that Beatty had changed course but did not get a reply.

The river changed course and inundated areas which hadn't experienced floods in many decades.

changed ownership

The land changed ownership a number of times thereafter.

The channel has several times changed ownership in its history.

The Rochester Elevator changed ownership again in 1913, 1922, and 1930.

quickly changed

His situation was favorable in the beginning, but that quickly changed.

At the age of 15 his father sent him to work shoveling coal which quickly changed his mind.

Construction began on the branch line to Quarryville, but was quickly changed to standard gauge.

radically changed   (kökten değişti)

The professed experience radically changed his career and life.

In those 9 months, he radically changed his approach to painting.

After his return to composition, his music was radically changed.

changed considerably   (önemli ölçüde değişti)

The role of the first lady has changed considerably.

Above this, the roofs changed considerably.

Since the 1790s, the role of First Lady has changed considerably.

group changed

Very quickly the Tyler group changed 1560's call letters to KEBC.

The group changed its name to Hesperion XXI at the beginning of the 21st century.

In August 2013, the group changed its name from Martin McColl Retail Group to McColls Retail Group.

significantly changed

Her plot arc is significantly changed for the remake.

In 1981, the policy was significantly changed.

These techniques significantly changed the definition of sculpture.

title changed   (başlık değişti)

The lyrics were added at a later date and the title changed.

They wanted its title changed to "Les Liaisons Dangereuses '60".

the title changed to Bishop of Wakefield) by Order in Council of 19 March 2015.

changed slightly

The opening sequence changed slightly in this season.

The boundaries were changed slightly in 1987.

The track's layout has changed slightly from its original layout.

little changed   (biraz değişti)

Many of the other services were little changed.

Until the 1960s, little changed in the yard.

The actual language of the 1662 revision was little changed from that of Cranmer.

format changed

In 1985, the format changed to best-of-seven.

The format changed for the 2011–2012 season.

slightly changed

Lopez "loved it", although slightly changed the chorus.

Some levels were also slightly changed to match Chuchel's new colour.

This unit had its name slightly changed to General de la Rey Regiment.

changed the title   (başlığı değiştirdi)

They changed the title and claimed a typo in the catalog.

An Act of Parliament in 1956 changed the title to 'Public Health Inspector'.

The record company changed the title at the last minute to "Black Sabbath Vol.

gradually changed

As Elizabeth aged her image gradually changed.

This gradually changed with the advent of Christianity.

According to some authors, he gradually changed his attitude.

changed drastically   (büyük ölçüde değişti)

Can design and shape have changed drastically.

The welfare rolls racial demographics changed drastically.

A few weeks before his 18th birthday, Thomas' life changed drastically.

changed formats

Another oldies-based Froggy station, KFGI in Austin, Texas, changed formats in 1994.)

In 1974 KLBK-FM changed formats to simulcast with KLBK AM, and play hard rock at night.

This would continue until May 2004, when it was sold to Mapleton Communications and changed formats.

drastically changed   (büyük ölçüde değişti)

His life has drastically changed since his wife disappeared.

During this trip, events drastically changed the nature of his mission.

Operations for Christian Dior drastically changed for the better under Arnault.

changed the course   (rotayı değiştirdi)

This experience with comic art changed the course of her career.

He had a spiritual experience that changed the course of his life.

Those results have changed the course of clinical research in this field.

never changed

The lead never changed hands in any game.

Once a house is named, the name is virtually never changed.

This lineup never changed.

changed once

As of 2 September 2017, the schedule changed once again.

The category cannot be changed once the timer has started.

However, in 2015, plans changed once again to extend I-295.

dramatically changed

Life in Venezuela has dramatically changed since 2014.

The definition of 'organic' has dramatically changed during recent times.

In two years, The Weather Channel dramatically changed its on-air presentation.

having changed

However, late in life he admitted to having changed his last name from Levine to the less Jewish-sounding Laurents, "to get a job."

The school mascot is the Redhawk, having changed its name from Crusaders in 2005 because many had found the former name to be offensive.

It has an estimated 42,396 inhabitants, having changed from a rural to an urban area after experiencing lots of immigration in the 1960s.

changed to reflect   (yansıtmak için değiştirildi)

It is unknown when this name was changed to reflect the current name.

The lyrics are usually changed to reflect a humorous progression of the skit's main story.

It was at this time that the name was changed to reflect that it was served by Ethiopians (Abyssinian).

changed their names

Shortly afterward, the band signed to EMI and changed their names to Radiohead.

As part of the re-branding, many of the company's homes also changed their names (e.g.

As adults, the characters changed their names to avoid capture by Sultan Agung's spies.

changed the spelling   (yazımı değiştirdi)

Notably, Marter changed the spelling of "Wirrn" to "Wirrrn".

In 1970, she had changed the spelling of her name from Suliotis to Souliotis.

While attending the Albertina in Königsberg he changed the spelling of his name to Rhesa.

often changed   (sık sık değişti)

Its commanders were mixed and often changed.

During late 15th and early 16th century the town often changed its owners.

Khan's loyalties were suspect, and he often changed sides in political and military struggles.

organization changed

The organization changed its name to VocalEssence in 2002.

In 2012, the organization changed its name to the Rainbow Health Coalition.

In 1968, the organization changed its name to the California Builders Council.

changed to allow

However, in 1966 this was changed to allow the runners-up of the leagues to compete.

The school's constitution was changed to allow Mackay, a Presbyterian, to hold the post.

The route was changed to allow travelers from Vermont to again stop in Springfield and Hartford.

formally changed

In 1840 the organisation formally changed its name to Utrikesdepartementet.

In 1869, the name of the domain was formally changed from Yoshida to Toyohashi.

On 1 January 1991 its name was formally changed to "The Stock Exchange of Thailand" (SET).

changed many

The precise ministerial designations have changed many times.

In official documents the name of the village has changed many times.

A rather minor character, his face has changed many times in the past.

changed direction

The company changed direction to concentrate on distribution and wholesale.

Initially the text changed direction (but not character orientation) at the end of the lines.

In the accompanying booklet the record label explains that Burton's music in this album changed direction.

designation was changed

In 2017 the designation was changed from TA to PR2.

In 1945, the 387 designation was changed to WYO 59.

government changed   (hükümet değişti)

In 2006, the Aruban government changed several tax laws to reduce the deficit.

In 1938 the government changed the name of the capital district to be the same as the name of the province.

The successor government changed the constitution and made it a single member body through an amendment of the Panchayath Raj Act in the year 2001.

changed to include

Even the name of the show was changed to include his name.

In 1995, the boundary changed to include North Dakota, South Dakota, and Arkansas.

In 1989–90 the format was changed to include teams knocked out in the first round of the Challenge Cup.

changed much   (çok değişti)

The façade however has changed much since its erection.

After seven years, the life of the Sarabhai family has not changed much.

The design of 1 guilder coins has not changed much between 1818 and 1945.

changed the call   (Aramayı değiştirdi)

It changed the call sign to WHSK on July 3, 2019.

On December 15, 1980, it changed the call sign to WXIR.

On August 19, 2003, Disney changed the call sign to WRDZ-FM.

changed the face   (yüzü değiştirdi)

changed the face of patient care in the UK.

In 2013, IBN LIVE named him as one of "The men who changed the face of the Indian Cinema".

They changed the face of this place for good which was hitherto an unproductive land and play field for wild beings.

changed very   (çok değişti)

In the Middle Ages, feudal lords changed very often.

Since then route of the road has changed very little.

The stone tools changed very little over time.

changed because   (değişti çünkü)

The relationship between fans and professionals has changed because of access to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

However, for the Kraków Jewish Council, the composition of the council greatly changed because of resignations, arrests and murders, etc.

Chicago alderman Richard Mell, who owned a newspaper by that name, asked that the name be changed because "The "Chicago Post" is not a sleazy newspaper."

changed their minds   (fikirlerini değiştirdi)

2 in its first week, the label changed their minds.

Writers have also changed their minds over time.

Some of the protesters changed their minds when the tower was built; others remained unconvinced.

system was changed

In Mixed Doubles, the scoring system was changed.

The administrative system was changed again at the 2010 Kallikratis reform.

In 1974 this system was changed to two regional divisions which were named 2.

changed through

Ethnikos' crest has changed through times.

Competition tracks included in Topcoder Open tournament changed through its history.

Most often antagonists of Captain America, the roster has changed through various incarnations.

changed division

The following teams changed division after the 2017–18 season.

The following teams had changed division since the 2017 season.

when it changed   (değiştiğinde)

The copyright line shows T.C.G, and did so until 1972 when it changed to O.P.C.

The newspaper was published every Saturday until 13 August 1936 when it changed to a Thursday publication day.

The restaurant was called Norman's Eton Street Station until 1997, when it changed its name to the Big Rock Chophouse.

rules were changed

In 1948, the rules were changed so that when this occurs the match is declared a draw.

Several rules were changed or elaborated in the next editions and after expansions were published.

Since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, league rules were changed to allow the Super Bowl home team to pick their choice of jersey.