major changes   (主要变化)

In 1924 also bought major changes to the building.

Kemeny oversaw several major changes at the college.

For 2007 Champ Car underwent some major changes.

changes were made   (进行了更改)

Various changes were made with Hunt's appointment.

Other changes were made to lower acquisition costs.

For the European tour a number of changes were made.

significant changes   (重大变化)

However, there were some significant changes made.

The most significant changes are a new front end.

There are many significant changes in this game.

many changes

Carmella underwent many changes during her tenure.

There have been many changes since those times.

The second edition contains many changes to the text.

name changes

Several name changes later, Terminus became Atlanta.

The beck in Deepdale undergoes a number of name changes.

The club went through several name changes.

changes made

However, there were some significant changes made.

Some critics praised the changes made from the film.

Since 16 April 2009, the changes made by Act No.

several changes

1983 brought several changes to the Field House.

Round 37 saw several changes in the standings.

The arena has undergone several changes over the years.

minor changes

The award has undergone a number of minor changes.

There were two minor changes during this period.

Since then, only minor changes have been made to the exterior.

boundary changes

Five fewer seats were contested because of boundary changes.

The town now lies in Cumbria following boundary changes in 1974.

However, for the 2010 General Election there are boundary changes.

other changes

No other changes were made, which eased the changeover.

The 1976 Arms Control Act incorporated these and other changes.

There were other changes made to the complex in the 1960s and 1970s.

number of changes

For the European tour a number of changes were made.

The band set-up has seen a number of changes.

Internally, the pressure resulted in a number of changes.

changes during

Carmella underwent many changes during her tenure.

There were two minor changes during this period.

Managerial changes during the 2012–13 campaign.

structural changes   (结构变化)

India's agricultural economy is undergoing structural changes.

Chromatin undergoes various structural changes during a cell cycle.

The resulting structural changes were implemented between 1995 and 1998.

changes included

Other changes included larger tyres and a lower final drive ratio.

Other changes included de-emphasis of the nurse-patient relationship.

Other changes included the renaming of Burlington SC to Halton United.

make changes

Jerome Robbins was called in to give advice and make changes.

After the embarrassing 2003 season, the Tigers vowed to make changes.

They have to make changes there can’t be wandering pieces of the Kah-Gash.

few changes

There will be few changes to the Line 2 concourse.

It is based on Hasmonaean with very few changes.

The Templar family had made few changes to the house.

due to changes

Further variations exist due to changes during the colonial period.

Sales productivity has been declining due to changes in their customer's behaviors.

"Speakers' Corner Alberta" was cancelled in April 2008 due to changes in both companies.

no changes

With little exception, Henry VIII allowed no changes during his lifetime.

For Assyrian private confessional schools there had at first been no changes.

The Taylor cartridge is simply a necked down .458 Winchester Magnum with no changes.

social changes

Printing brought profound social changes.

Ruth became an icon of the social changes that marked the early 1920s.

This is believed to be indicative of social changes to a more hierarchical society.

changes his mind

Sivagurunathan changes his mind and lets them marry.

A shocked George tells Gwen to run before he changes his mind.

Disillusioned, Neville changes his mind about proposing to her.

rule changes

A number of rule changes were made for the 2007 season.

Furthermore, two other rule changes have been implemented.

That means a social rule changes over time within the same society.

political changes

After Touré's death in March 1984, major political changes were afoot.

Bhumibol reigned through several political changes in the Thai government.

National political changes also had an effect on the general changes in the community.

small changes

The β roll only undergoes small changes during binding.

The second model had several small changes.

The book was reprinted with small changes in 1774 and 1858.

design changes

No publicity was produced for the other design changes.

Mako went through a number of design changes.

Some design changes were introduced in the front end and side boxes.

proposed changes   (建议的变更)

At the time the proposed changes were considered to be suggestions.

All of the proposed changes were contained within the one question.

Like Wright, Soleri proposed changes in transportation, agriculture, and commerce.

changes include

Other changes include the shows rearrangement of Sunday evenings.

Other changes include MistaJam took over Danny Howard on the Dance Anthems.

Lifestyle changes include weight loss, decreased salt intake, physical exercise, and a healthy diet.

changes when

Ben's life changes when he donates a pint of blood.

His life however changes when Rosalie becomes pregnant.

Her life changes when her father gets transferred to Mumbai (then Bombay).

further changes

On 28 February 2012, further changes were announced.

In this period further changes were made to the choir.

Talwalkar made further changes to this book in English.

changes occurred

Other changes occurred at the school in the 1930s.

Two more ownership changes occurred since 2000.

Specifically, Florence was the spot where the most changes occurred.

policy changes

But Chernenko's short time in office did bring some significant policy changes.

This enabled him to persuade his MPs to support a substantial set of policy changes.

Saeed leans towards the conservative side, and no dramatic policy changes were expected from him.

made changes

Álvaro also made changes to the chancery.

On June 25, 2015, "Billboard" made changes in its chart requirements.

Blair made changes to his appearance in Burma that remained for the rest of his life.

personnel changes

This decade also saw several notable personnel changes.

There have been a number of personnel changes over the years.

Further touring followed and there were various personnel changes.

following changes

Play proceeds as in Round 1, with the following changes.

Setlist 2, used later in the tour, made the following changes: with:

Mike Hayden, an unpopular governor following changes in property tax law.

lineup changes

After that, a number of lineup changes followed.

During these times the band experienced several lineup changes.

Throughout their history, the band experienced multiple lineup changes.

changes took

The changes took into effect on 24 February 2018.

The changes took into effect in September 2018.

The changes took effect from 2 November 2018 onwards.

changes within

There are some notable changes within the narrative.

The Middle Ages brought about major changes within the church.

The first six "bimaristans" show major changes within Islamic hospitals in a short period of time.

changes her mind

Rachel changes her mind to believe that Wallace isn't the vandal.

Asako changes her mind about Baku.

Christine decides to give the envelope to Stu, but changes her mind.

changes such

The focus of epigenetics in the forensic field is on non-heritable changes such as aging and diseases.

Low pH in the endosome induces structural changes such as exposure of the hydrophobic domains that are crucial for TcdA function.

After the conclusion of World War II, the book underwent several changes such as vocabulary and was republished in 1945 by Mira-sha Publishers.

various changes

During the 1994 model run, various changes were made to the New Yorker.

The church has been reconstructed and undergone various changes until now.

The second edition of "Amelia" was criticized for its various changes to the text.

important changes

The amendments involved two important changes to URESA.

The new millennium brought important changes to the organisation.

Werner’s work included two important changes to the Blomstrand theory.

changes between

The group underwent numerous personnel changes between 1951 and 1961.

It also takes notice of the mutual changes between the four elements.

The design of the headcrab changes between "Half-Life" and "Half-Life 2".

radical changes

1970) which caused radical changes in West Pakistan.

In the 16th century, the Reformation brought radical changes.

Russia was in need of radical changes.

temperature changes

Diurnal temperature changes decrease with height in the atmosphere.

It is also essential to avoid sudden temperature changes, which may cause the pot to crack.

The brittle α phase that exists at room temperature changes to the plastic β phase at higher temperatures.

environmental changes

This is a thin layer of tough limestone (formed as a result of environmental changes).

They may have included environmental changes and failings of the Khmer infrastructure.

"G. spixii" tolerates a wide range of environmental changes, though they need open habitats.

climate changes

Due to climate changes, Hoffellsjökull has retreated a considerable distance.

Changes in the formation of NADW have been linked to global climate changes in the past.

The first playable prototype was just a map generator that tested climate changes during the game.

dramatic changes

Life has made dramatic changes in the environment.

In some cases, however, more dramatic changes occur.

It features modern animals, and dramatic changes in the climate.

numerous changes

Future projects will result in numerous changes.

Since then the group has had numerous changes in its lineup.

There are numerous changes from what was told in the first book.

lead changes

After many lead changes, Waltrip lead the final 55 laps.

Eighteen thousand people would come to see 35 different lead changes.

There were 18 lead changes; Bill Elliott and Davey Allison each led 30 laps.

rapid changes

The video also features rapid changes in the camera direction.

Hybridization was another way that rapid changes in plant's makeup were introduced.

At metamorphosis, rapid changes in the body take place as the lifestyle of the frog changes completely.

drastic changes   (巨变)

17, and featured some drastic changes from the final product.

Fnatic made some drastic changes with the departures of flusha and JW to GODSENT.

Nazism made drastic changes to German society, restructuring it around Nazi values.

changes took place

Major changes took place in the 19th century.

Several changes took place in the interim.

Prior to the major, changes took place.

substantial changes

The pipeline system was scheduled for substantial changes and additions, however.

By May 2007, there had been fundamental and substantial changes made to the game.

The years 1989 and 1990 can be narrated briefly, because there were no substantial changes.

constitutional changes

According to recent constitutional changes, presidential candidates cannot be MPs.

This has led to calls to reform the Senate; however, such a move would entail constitutional changes.

Medvedev said that the constitutional changes would "significantly change Russia's balance of power".

such changes

The second law asserted that such changes would be inherited.

The SM group Unfettered has created a campaign, Backlash, in opposition to such changes.

A method to screen for such changes was proposed in 2012, namely fast parallel proteolysis (FASTpp).

changes due

The speed, thus magnitude of Doppler effect, changes due to earth curvature.

The number of species always changes due to continuous discoveries of new species.

The Eritrean economy has undergone extreme changes due to the War of Independence.

changes over time

What it is that horrifies people changes over time.

That means a social rule changes over time within the same society.

The importance of each individual influence in this mixture changes over time.

economic changes

The Albanians experienced a period of several beneficial political and economic changes.

They saw the generals failing to prepare for the social and economic changes coming to Central America.

Neuropsychiatric disease has also increased due to recent demographic, social and economic changes in the country.

sound changes

However, unusual sound changes occur.

Vowel shifts are systematic sound changes in the pronunciation of vowel sounds.

As well, since a "ь" followed there was the potential for further sound changes.

changes throughout

The team's nickname has endured several changes throughout the years.

This period also represents major cultural and environmental changes throughout the Caribbean.

This suggests that fluorescent cells may have color changes throughout the day that coincide with their circadian rhythm.

changes brought

Restrictor changes brought the power down to 550 bhp for anyone still racing with the R8.

In the United States, these changes brought destruction to many film companies, the Vitagraph company being an exception.

At first, it seemed that none of these changes brought KCBS any closer to becoming a factor in the Los Angeles news ratings.

demographic changes   (人口变化)

The Ottoman wars instigated great demographic changes.

The school district has seen major demographic changes since the late 1990s.

At the same time, the major demographic changes took their toll on the countryside.

recent changes

The city of Kiev had undergone numerous recent changes of government.

The most recent changes to the conference membership were all announced in 2018.

Inman discovers Riley has been living on Skid Row, owing to recent changes to crime patterns in the area.

changes before

Several clubs made managerial changes before the start of the season.

The group went through member changes before the final line-up was released.

The area went through several administrative changes before becoming organized as a territory on May 11, 1912.

making changes

Stuart also gets the nurses' back up a bit by making changes.

The Sega team considered fan input when making changes to "Yakuza 2".

One of the difficulties of making changes, however, is the political process itself.

slight changes

Once the game was submitted to THQ, the publisher requested a few slight changes be made.

And these slight changes make all the difference, turning synth dreams into techno club success."

This initial version was heard by Roberta Flack who recorded it with slight changes to create a number one hit.

conformational changes

The pore may be hindered by small conformational changes in this region.

Large conformational changes in proteins play an important role in cellular signaling.

However, these conformational changes are partly regulated by other protomer domains described below.

several name changes

The club went through several name changes.

Throughout its long history, the university has undergone several name changes.

The software has undergone several name changes and was relaunched in mid-2008.

cultural changes

The Sican culture is divided into three major periods based on cultural changes as evidenced in archeological artifacts.

These changes occur in the form of policy changes, cultural changes, and improved relationships between the employees and employers.

Recent genetic studies conclude that these cultural changes were introduced to Britain by farmers migrating from the European mainland.

changes including

Pets announced significant changes including removal of gold buying and quests.

It brought many changes including the introduction of writing and recording events.

The Charter calls for 19 changes including an independent legal system, freedom of association and the elimination of one-party rule.

then changes

It then changes into a hybrid of Star-Lord and Groot called Peet.

Libby then changes her mind and falls for a young grocer (Joby Baker).

The piece begins in the key of D minor then changes to A major during the middle section.

series of changes

Subsequently, the cathedral underwent a series of changes.

In November 2012, another series of changes were announced.

This began series of changes to the structures on the island.

chord changes

Sometimes the chord changes but the bass note itself is held.

So they would already have the chord changes and background vocals laid out.

I'm experimenting with different chord changes and different areas of music.

scene changes

The scene changes to Yamada's childhood.

The scene changes to his childhood.

The scene changes to Venus' palace.

more changes

Following independence, Brussels underwent many more changes.

The end of World War I also meant more changes for Fort Hamilton.

As the film was re-edited, more changes to the score were required.

sweeping changes   (摧枯拉朽的变化)

Several coaches emerged who took advantage of these sweeping changes.

The period of nationalisation saw sweeping changes in the national railway network.

At Radio Scotland he oversaw sweeping changes to the station's programming line-up.

cosmetic changes   (外观变化)

May 1997 saw minor cosmetic changes.

The Electro 35 G was introduced in 1968 with largely cosmetic changes.

It was fully imported from China and featured only minor cosmetic changes inside and out.

fundamental changes

Hovde served as dean when the core curriculum underwent fundamental changes.

There were no fundamental changes regarding commas in the third edition which appeared in 2001.

Freenet 0.7, released on 8 May 2008, is a major re-write incorporating a number of fundamental changes.

frequent changes

Their frequent changes meant the home team had used a total of 21 players for the five Tests.

Nevertheless, Carolands suffered from frequent changes in ownership after Countess Dandini's death.

On the retirement of Tracey in 1892, and with frequent changes of headmasters, the school floundered somewhat.

physical changes

Huxley proposed that psychical changes are collateral products of physical changes.

Besides the physical changes, chemical differences compared to the bulk medium may be involved.

No major physical changes were made in the golf course layout until 1954 when the 15th hole was lengthened from .

led to changes

This led to changes in the map and a few other tweaks.

This led to changes in the ethnic structure of the province.

Teaching in RRR schools also led to changes in the teachers.

changes occur

In some cases, however, more dramatic changes occur.

The largest changes occur within from the dam.

However, unusual sound changes occur.

changes came

The changes came into effect on 16 November 2018.

The changes came into effect before the 2017/18 season.

These changes came into effect with the .

life changes

Ben's life changes when he donates a pint of blood.

Sugiyama's life changes once his classes begin.

Mark then chronicles how his life changes for the worst.

elevation changes

with a maximum of around in elevation changes.

The course offers dramatic elevation changes.

The trail is wide and does not involve major elevation changes.

ownership changes

Constant ownership changes did not help the Indians.

Two more ownership changes occurred since 2000.

It retained that name after its ownership changes in 1961 and 1970.

territorial changes

No territorial changes were made to either country, but Bulgarian unification was recognized by the Great Powers.

In addition to the territorial changes from the war, this conflict sparked major changes in the Russian military.

Russia initially agreed to avoid territorial changes, but later in 1912 supported Serbia's demand for an Albanian port.

seasonal changes   (季节变化)

The cooling also brought seasonal changes.

However, these seasonal changes will be greatly reduced by dams and diversions.

The temporal aspect of this continuity can be seen by its daily and seasonal changes.

population changes

This effect varies nonlinearly with population changes (independently of the city's physical size).

In biology, population dynamics starts with reproduction and death rates to model population changes.

The reasons for these transitions were boundary shifts and population changes that came after World War II.

key changes

In 2017, ShortList's Dave Fawbert listed the song as containing "one of the greatest key changes in music history".

The key changes frequently, however, as the section is mostly composed of scales and arpeggios with many accidentals.

Music in a dance can consist of a single tune or a medley of tunes, and key changes during the course of a dance are common.

large changes

The lack of Mighty Man causes large changes in the history of that Earth.

Under his leadership Hawke initiated large changes to the industrial relations system in Australia.

Manatees can withstand large changes in salinity and have been found in highly brackish and saline waters.

changes in temperature

This species may vertically migrate in the water column because of changes in temperature.

There are other people who are hyposensitive and may not feel extreme changes in temperature or pain.

The ENSO cycle, including both El Niño and La Niña, causes global changes in temperature and rainfall.

lifestyle changes

They are attractive because they have no lifestyle changes.

The characters make progress through modest lifestyle changes.

Treatment may include lifestyle changes, counselling, and medications.

positive changes

During his leadership, Selangor won 15 Malaysia Cups as well as doing a lot of positive changes to the association.

Despite all the generally positive changes, Maryville was soon facing significant operating deficits and was threatened with closure.

The patients of this experiment, who were mainly diagnosed with depression or schizophrenia expected positive changes from Cameron's treatment.

behavioral changes

pseudobulbar affect) and cognitive and behavioral changes (e.g.

Early symptoms include memory problems, behavioral changes, poor coordination, and visual disturbances.

1976c) which noted decreased weight, noted that the rats used in the test were suffering from overt physical and behavioral changes including the control.

format changes

It was initially published monthly, but underwent a number of format changes.

Future on-disk format changes are enabled / disabled independently via these feature flags.

It went through many format changes over the years but REV 89 remained a student operated station.

legislative changes

In 2013 that were legislative changes.

These legislative changes were not well received by the legal community.

This case, along with others of this type paved the way for major legislative changes.

changes through

Sometimes language changes through the course of time.

It undergoes a number of name changes through its length.

through changes

Even Sheriff Brackett goes through changes.

"Everyone goes through changes," he stated.

Technical diving extends these depth limits through changes to training, equipment, and the gas mix used.

subtle changes   (细微的变化)

Players noticed various subtle changes in the game over time.

There were some subtle changes in presentation in the early years.

Mastering tuning is achieved by fingering and subtle changes in air pressure and in the embouchure.

only minor changes

Since then, only minor changes have been made to the exterior.

This condition has remained ever since, with only minor changes.

Sometimes only minor changes can affect the apparent valuation of a stamp.