İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

changing its name   (ismini değiştirmek)

The HLG has had a long history of changing its name.

It sailed for many months, changing its name several times.

The highway then headed to the northwest, changing its name to Laffayette Avenue.

changing rooms   (soyunma odaları)

There are showers and changing rooms inside the building.

The changing rooms were closed in 2013 for safety reasons.

There were 500 changing rooms, containing 8,100 individual lockers.

before changing   (değişmeden önce)

The face mask on the helmet was blue from 1974 through 1986 before changing to white.

She first trained in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics before changing to the high jump.

This song has also been used on radio stations as a last song before changing formats.

without changing

without changing their order.

As with u, u is a unit vector and can only rotate without changing size.

In 1934 the LKL IV's undercarriage was shortened, though without changing the geometry.

constantly changing   (sürekli değişiyor)

Its volume is some 3,000 cubic meters, but is constantly changing.

During much of this time, KQXI was constantly changing its format.

Celebrity culture is a constantly changing topic that grows as technology does.

changing the name

Users can try different methods by simply changing the name of the function called.

He got fame after launching a protest campaign against changing the name of Sarhad Province.

She also favored the changing the name of the city's signature festival, the "Seminole Pow Wow."

rapidly changing   (hızla değişen)

Attila grew up in a rapidly changing world.

(The effect of rapidly changing pitch is properly called "vibrato".

The Accra Forum took place against a rapidly changing international aid landscape.

changing their name

They began performing under the name The Follow in 2002, changing their name to The ART in 2004.

Wiccan Rede released one demo, 1995's "From Transilvanian Forests", before changing their name to Negură Bunget.

The quartet, organized in 1918, performed under the name The Shannon Four before changing their name to The Revelers in 1925.

changing world   (değişen dünya)

Attila grew up in a rapidly changing world.

This was the changing world in which Monteverdi was active.

She becomes a school teacher and struggles to find her place in a changing world.

changing hands

In 2012 with new champions crowned and a world title even changing hands.

The battle lasted four hours with the treasure changing hands three times.

The settlement was changing hands and often was transferring between owners.

changing his name

I can see why Liam decided he was better off changing his name and becoming estranged."

"(on changing his name from Domanick Davis) “And it will be number 31, Domanick Williams.

He wrestled singles matches under the name Original Foolish Foreigner before changing his name back to Mad Man Pondo.

changing room   (soyunma odası)

Storm waves virtually obliterated the parking lot and changing room complex at Coast Guard Beach.

The amphitheater includes a stage, with an area for storage as well as a changing room and bathroom.

After using various establishments for changing room facilities, a pavilion at the playing fields was built in 1964.

changing nature

is a movie about a friendship and about the changing nature of families.

The changing nature of tank warfare in the 1930s made all but 50 of them obsolete when the invasion began.

In 2001 the Trust changed its name to Southern Housing Group to reflect the changing nature and scope of the organization.

changing times   (değişen zamanlar)

Some of those who had worked for it proved themselves more adaptable to the changing times, however.

Through changing times, successive generations have interpreted Lincoln's views on African Americans differently.

The band's hippie attire and long hair were noted as symbolic of changing times and American influences in early-1970s Cambodia.

changing needs

Some appear mostly as they did in the 1940s, others have been altered to serve changing needs in the post-war period.

With changing needs and ever evolving technology, the development of new synthetic adhesives continues to the present.

The organization also aims to transform American high schools into places that inspire students and adequately prepare them for the changing needs of the future.

changing social   (sosyal değişimi)

This novel is a saga of changing social order and decadent set of values.

The book shows how these adjust dynamically to changing social conditions.

Black also commented that the shift in character in the first three films reflected changing social opinions, with Bond not smoking.

changing conditions   (değişen koşullar)

When running macros, user doesn’t need to worry about changing conditions on desktop.

Shifting locations and types of fish due to changing conditions provide challenges for fishing industries.

Periodically, great leaders or changing conditions would organize several tribes into one force and create an almost unstoppable power.

due to changing

This is due to changing of peoples mentality towards business.

The decade saw her career ebb due to changing musical tastes and personal concerns.

Renovation of Fish Farm – Rs 6,000/- land lost due to changing course of rivers Rs.

changing the way   (yolu değiştirmek)

Many countries are now drastically changing the way they educate their citizens.

Gramble's stated mission is "to improve over one billion lives by changing the way people donate to charity."

Now internationally-regarded, IBO is changing the way that we listen to music of the 17th and 18th centuries in Ireland.

changing political   (değişen siyasi)

Repairs were never carried out, due to lack of funds and the changing political situation in the Soviet Union.

Colombian artists have captured the country's changing political and cultural backdrop using a range of styles and mediums.

He was notorious as a person who held changing political ideas, being very fond of public opinion and easily suggestionable by his friends.

changing climate   (değişen iklim)

The changing climate causes people to question how things will be in the future as the warming trend continues.

Food scarcity is a major key for many populations and is one of the prominent concerns with the changing climate.

Some may have sought refuge from persecution or from changing climate, while others may have migrated in search of food.

later changing

The director Karan Gour used HDV and shot the film in color, later changing it to black and white in post-production.

On October 30, 2007, the station re-branded as "Power 106.3", later changing its calls to KVPW to match the new branding.

IMA was founded in 1919 in Buffalo, New York as the National association of cost accountants later changing its name to IMA in 1957.

ever changing   (sürekli değişen)

The maximum current an overhead power line can carry is an ever changing value affected by the weather.

As with the VHF intercept teams, ever changing camouflage was used to disguise them in different environments.

The Chinese elements were seen as ever changing and movingone translation of "wu xing" is simply “the five changes”.

changing facilities

As the only female in the team she had separate changing facilities at the club's Fairview base.

The bathhouse in particular was in a state of disrepair, with its showering and changing facilities closed.

The building incorporates changing facilities, restrooms and showers, a snack concession, and a meeting room.