television channel   (テレビのチャンネル)

is a European pay television channel, operated by E!

It is also a Web television channel in India.

Additionally, the television channel TV 538.

digital channel   (デジタルチャンネル)

It flash-cut to digital channel 36 on June 20, 2016.

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:

virtual channel   (仮想チャンネル)

It was assigned virtual channel 12 in August 2018.

All digital translators use PSIP virtual channel 13.

The station broadcasts on virtual channel 7 (digital channel 36).

cable channel   (ケーブルチャンネル)

The series moved to the Canadian cable channel Space in 2009.

However, it still continues to air as a cable channel 24 hours a day.

It airs on the MBC cable channel MBC Every 1 on Tuesdays at 20:30 (KST).

news channel   (ニュースチャンネル)

News18 Odia News18 Odia is an Odia news channel.

It is one of the oldest 24 hour news channel in Tamil.

NDTV Profit is a business news channel.

main channel   (メインチャンネル)

The main channel of Boston Harbor empties into the sound.

Programmes of Channel 1 and 2 were combined in one main channel.

The main channel of the river is between this island and the south shore.

analog channel

The station used to transmit on analog channel 62 from Pahrump, Nevada.

All digital channels broadcast at the same time as on the analog channel.

KETK-TV was previously relayed on repeater station KETK-LP (UHF analog channel 53) in Nacogdoches.

new channel

The new channel was launched as S4C in 1982.

They will move to a new channel called SportsNet LA in 2014.

Showtime stated that the new channel would be similar in content to UK Style.

music channel

She is also a VJ for the music channel MTV Pinoy.

Channel three, Music Radio, is an FM stereo music channel.

Big '80s was SIRIUS's highest rated music channel during its early days.

sister channel

Quest shares coverage with sister channel Eurosport.

It also broadcasts its sister channel, Sky News.

Sama TV is a sister channel of Addounia TV.

channel owned

Teve2 teve2 is a Turkish entertainment channel owned by Doğan Media Group.

RTL Telekids RTL Telekids is a Dutch pay television kids channel owned by RTL Nederland.

Star Jalsha Star Jalsha is an Indian pay television channel owned by Star India(Disney India).

channel launched

The channel launched on 4 October 2006, replacing Avago.

The channel launched as a Pan-European feed on 1 July 1997.

The channel launched as Motors TV in France in September 2000.

channel called

They will move to a new channel called SportsNet LA in 2014.

It originated from a channel called tm3.

She hosts her own YouTube channel called "Mallika's cookery".

channel between

There is a narrow channel between the island and Arrow Rock.

There is a narrow channel between the rock and Haulashore Island.

There is also an annual swim across the channel between St. Kitts and Nevis.

radio channel

CNR-1, is the flagship radio channel of China National Radio (CNR).

The Voice of China (radio channel) The Voice of China ( or ), a.k.a.

Episodes continue to be broadcast on NPR Now on Sirius satellite radio channel #122.

ion channel   (イオンチャンネル)

One of the best studied ion channels is the potassium ion channel.

The prototypic ligand-gated ion channel is the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

ZAC forms a cation-permeable ligand-gated ion channel of the "Cys-loop" superfamily.

channel was launched

The channel was launched way back on 1st May 1985.

The channel was launched as TVHordaland in 1996.

In 2002, the channel was launched as Astro News.

same channel

It premiered on the same channel on 21 March.

Sanya (Namitha) also works as an anchor in the same channel.

Both of them aired on the same channel.

river channel

The glacial river channel is not abandoned.

The river channel existed until at least 1690, when it is shown on a map of Cork.

As the slope of the river channel decreases, it becomes unstable for two reasons.

calcium channel

Sesamodil Sesamodil is a calcium channel blocker.

Oxodipine Oxodipine is a calcium channel blocker.

Manoalide Manoalide is a calcium channel blocker.

satellite channel

As of 2012, "Cheers" has been repeated on UK satellite channel CBS Drama.

By 2016 it had reappeared on another satellite channel, Talking Pictures TV.

The suite room also featured a TV with satellite channel and video facilities.

narrow channel

There is a narrow channel between the island and Arrow Rock.

There is a narrow channel between the rock and Haulashore Island.

In the middle of the two main islands, there is a deeper narrow channel.

channel through

The branch offices are the main channel through which their core loan products are disbursed.

In the 1870s work began to dredge a channel through the strait to allow larger boats to pass.

One possible solution was to dig a new channel through the bar, near the position of the original outlet.

pay television channel

is a European pay television channel, operated by E!

Disney Channel is a Polish pay television channel aimed at kids.

Star Jalsha Star Jalsha is an Indian pay television channel owned by Star India(Disney India).

sports channel

NTV Plus Sport NTV Plus Sport is Russia's first dedicated sports channel.

He worked as analyst and color commentator at Sport1, a German sports channel.

The Rajah Cup Finals were aired on ABS-CBN's sports channel, ABS-CBN Sports and Action.

television channel owned

Star Jalsha Star Jalsha is an Indian pay television channel owned by Star India(Disney India).

Nitro (German TV channel) Nitro is a German free-to-air television channel owned by the RTL Group.

Canal 8 Sport CANAL8 Sport was a Danish television channel owned by TV4 Group and C More Entertainment.

potassium channel   (カリウムチャンネル)

Bimakalim Bimakalim is a potassium channel opener.

The pore is mainly formed by the half helix 2 in a way which resembles an inverted potassium channel.

The transient A-type voltage-gated potassium channel is a specific channel that plays a key role in dendritic spike initiation.

entertainment channel

Radio Television of Djibouti is a general news and entertainment channel.

Teve2 teve2 is a Turkish entertainment channel owned by Doğan Media Group.

First broadcast in 2008, it airs on the Indian general entertainment channel 9X.

channel catfish   (チャンネルナマズ)

The Arizona Game and Fish Department occasionally stocks channel catfish.

Recreation includes fishing (for walleye, crappie, white bass, channel catfish, etc.

Oysters, abalone, mussels, channel catfish, rainbow trout, and salmon are farmed commercially.

channel number   (チャンネル番号)

The station's virtual (PSIP) channel number follows the call letters.

The number in parentheses that follows is the station's actual digital channel number.

clear channel   (クリアチャンネル)

But it remained a daytimer, because AM 730 is a Mexican clear channel frequency.

There are no clear channel stations using 980 kHz, nor are there any close by that broadcast there currently.

AM 720 WGN is a 50,000-watt, clear channel station, making it one of the most powerful radio stations in the country.

each channel

On tremolo harmonicas each channel has two reeds for each note, i.e.

The TPC-5CN cable network is a 25,000 km fiberoptic ring, carrying 5 Gbit/s in each channel.

Balance can mean the amount of signal from each channel reproduced in a stereo audio recording.

sodium channel

Saxitoxin binds reversibly to the sodium channel.

Carbamazepine is a sodium channel blocker.

Saxitoxin is a neurotoxin that acts as a selective sodium channel blocker.

moved to channel

At the same time the channel moved to channel 38.

Shortly, the station was moved to channel 31 as K31FA.

KUVR-LP moved to channel 68 in April 1999.

channel broadcasts

The channel broadcasts a different theme every night.

The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day.

The channel broadcasts on the BBC's new HD multiplex on Freeview.

communication channel

ARQ is appropriate if the communication channel has varying or unknown capacity, such as is the case on the Internet.

Good error control performance requires the scheme to be selected based on the characteristics of the communication channel.

CDMA is an example of multiple access, where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel.

specialty channel   (専門チャンネル)

Tamil One Tamil One is a Canadian exempt Category B Tamil language specialty channel.

Rewind (TV channel) Rewind is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel majority-owned by Channel Zero Inc.

AMI-tv AMI-tv is a Canadian, English-language, digital cable specialty channel owned by the non-profit organization Accessible Media.

second channel

Later, in July, Guangdong TV opened a second channel.

A second channel was launched on 30 July 1990, the MBC 2.

On 31 August 2017, Sam Denby announced the creation of a second channel called Half as Interesting.

channel began

The channel began airing the series in January 2016.

In May 1996 the channel began to show art films and television concerts.

The channel began broadcasting in the 1940s, during the colonial period in French Somaliland.

single channel

In the past, single channel analyzers were used the instruments.

ZBC's television service now consists of a single channel, known as ZBC TV.

The array used to achieve a higher quality that is not achievable by using a single channel.

shipping channel

She was in the shipping channel carrying a load of coal.

Farther northeast, the roadway rises for the North Channel Bridges, a high-level crossing of a shipping channel.

In addition, across the shipping channel, there are two spans which retract to permit the passage of ocean-going vessels.

channel broadcast

Five months later the channel broadcast live coverage of the Dubai Challenge Cup.

On May 20, 1997, the channel broadcast the music video to Iggy Pop's song Pussy Walk.

Additionally, the channel broadcast in MPEG-4 format as opposed to the traditional MPEG-2 format.

channel based

Metro Channel Metro Channel (formerly Lifestyle) is a Philippine pay television channel based in Quezon City.

Al-Baghdadia TV Al-Baghdadia TV is an independent Iraqi-owned Arabic-language satellite channel based in Cairo, Egypt.

Arizona NewsChannel Arizona NewsChannel was a 24-hour regional cable news television channel based in Phoenix, Arizona.

water channel

In this method, a trench is dredged in the bed of the water channel.

An isolated cold water channel developed between the two continents.

Today, the water channel of the aqueduct serves as a public walking trail.

cable television channel

MTV Films MTV Films is the motion picture production arm of the American cable television channel MTV.

Boomerang (Latin American TV channel) Boomerang is a 24-hour cable television channel owned by Warner Bros.

Knowledge TV Knowledge TV was a cable television channel owned by Jones Media Group that broadcast educational programming.

channel blockers

Drugs used are nitrates, beta blockers, or calcium channel blockers.

calcium channel blockers).

Felodipine is a member of the 1,4-dihydropyridine class of calcium channel blockers.

channel is available   (チャンネルが利用可能です)

When raised, a navigable channel is available for marine vessels.

The channel is available through satellite, cable, IPTV and since 15 December 2008 in DVB-T multiplex 2.

The channel is available among many countries across Europe, Middle-East and Africa (mainly South Africa) .

first channel

When the FCC initially allocated broadcast television frequencies, channel 1 was logically the first channel.

In addition, through the network of Facebook page, one can also vote through Facebook accounts 'fans' first channel.

In 1972, she hosted "Télé Midi 72" and "Midi Trente "from January 1972 to December 1974 on the first channel of the ORTF.

channel started

The channel started original production of its shows as well.

In March 2016 the channel started showing Newsnight at 23:15.

The first new "Freeview" channel started on 26 March 2009 with Network Ten's One sports channel.

per channel

DDR memory bus width per channel is 64 bits (72 for ECC memory).

Fast sensing will consist in sensing at speeds of under 1ms per channel.

A more conventional amplifier, the Classic 250, provided 250 Watts per channel.