chapel was built   (礼拝堂が建てられました)

The chapel was built in 1833 and opened in 1834.

The chapel was built by prisoners of the prison.

A Primitive Methodist chapel was built in 1861.

small chapel   (小さな礼拝堂)

In 1912, a small chapel was established in Vienna.

Uhry has a small chapel, the Evangelische Freikirche.

West of the transept there is a small chapel long and wide.

chapel dedicated   (専用チャペル)

Above the latter stands a chapel dedicated to Sts.

It is the only such chapel dedicated to Pope St Leo I in Malta.

Near the lake there is a Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to Saint Anne.

chapel of ease   (安らぎのチャペル)

It is a chapel of ease belonging to the Parish of Kamnik.

It was built as a chapel of ease to St. Laurence, Northfield.

The church, originally a chapel of ease, was completed in 1874.

new chapel   (新しいチャペル)

In 1902 a new chapel opened next to the former one.

In 2001 the new chapel, called United Methodist Church, opened.

A new chapel was added in 1889 and a new nurses' block in 1900.

private chapel   (プライベートチャペル)

In 1870, the chancel was added, as well as a private chapel.

Originally, it was the private chapel of villa De Mari (now villa Grüber).

At Tregaminion was a private chapel belonging to the Rashleighs of Menabilly.

first chapel

The first chapel and the first school were built in 1788.

The first chapel in Sri Lanka was dedicated in December 2001.

The first chapel was rebuilt in 1328 by John of Cicon in honor of St. Peter.

chapel built

He had a chapel built in Bratislava Castle.

The castle also houses a chapel built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The first LDS chapel built in Argentina was in Liniers in Buenos Aires.

old chapel

These he carried to the old chapel, set in place himself, and so at length rebuilt it.

When a new and larger St Mary's was built, the old chapel became the assembly rooms of the parish.

Sacred mask dances which is known as Cham dance are carried out in the courtyard of the old chapel.

south chapel

An arcade of two bays divides the chancel from the south chapel.

The south wall of the south chapel contains a 13th-century piscina.

The south chapel is 14th century as was partly rebuilt after a fire in 1554.

main chapel   (メインチャペル)

The main chapel has numerous icons and a wooden iconostasis in front of the altar.

The main chapel is a restoration of the 18th century, with a Baroque relief by Pietro Bracci.

The church interior has a nave with three aisles and an apse with a main chapel and four side chapels.

north chapel

The north arcade is contemporary with the north chapel.

The north chapel has an ashlar stone plinth and a battlemented parapet.

Between the chancel and north chapel is a screen that is partly Perpendicular Gothic.

built a chapel

Rhwydrys is believed to have built a chapel here around 570AD.

He also built a chapel on it for his friend, Abbé Jean Le Sueur.

They initially built a chapel and cemetery at Tejgaon, five miles from Dhaka.

side chapel

A side chapel is dedicated to the Battenberg/Mountbatten family.

The church has a large oblong nave and north aisle with chancel and side chapel.

His relics are still venerated in Igny, and are preserved in the church's side chapel.

original chapel

Following the building of the 1869 church, the original chapel on Main Road was used as a Sunday School.

Nothing remains of the original chapel, although Thomas West noted that these ruins were still extant in 1774.

During the invasion of the Saracens in the 8th and 9th centuries, the original chapel of Saint-Sauveur was destroyed.

family chapel   (ファミリーチャペル)

He was buried in the Strickland family chapel, at Kendal Parish Church.

He is buried in the family chapel in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran.

In the right presbytery, is the Spada family chapel completed in 1593 by Rainaldi.

royal chapel   (王室礼拝堂)

It is likely to have once adorned a royal chapel.

King Mentuhotep II was the first to build a royal chapel.

In 1729, Dimanche was a singer of the royal chapel in Dresden.

former chapel

There is a former chapel now converted to a private house.

Material from a former chapel of St. Gall in the old town was reused.

This church was built in the 12th century on or near his former chapel.