became chaplain   (牧師になった)

Her father then became chaplain to King Leopold I of Belgium.

He was ordained in 1700, and became chaplain of Christ Church.

Rogers became chaplain to Richard Bancroft, and assisted him in literary work.

military chaplain   (軍の牧師)

The ceremony was officiated by a military chaplain.

Ray Bell, a United Methodist military chaplain.

His nephew, Fr Charles Bruzon, is the military chaplain aboard .

served as chaplain   (牧師を務めた)

He served as chaplain to the priest in Ringsaker from 1661.

He served as chaplain to the local Convent of St. Catherine.

During 1777, he served as chaplain of the Virginia House of Delegates.

appointed chaplain

In 1717 Waterland was appointed chaplain in ordinary to the king.

On November 1914, he was appointed chaplain of the chaplaincy of barrio Calulut, San Fernando, Pampanga.

In 1849 he was appointed chaplain at Zellingen, and for some time devoted himself to the duties of his office.