Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

main characters   (personajes principales)

Tom and Mark were the main characters of the show.

The story features seven main characters in total.

The following actors portray the main characters.

other characters   (otros personajes)

The other characters were Lester and Ramona Whales.

The other characters must be unlocked via Nexus mode.

(a line spoken by several other characters).

new characters   (nuevos personajes)

Some new characters were introduced in this spinoff.

Each series has new characters and concepts.

The number of new characters increased from this year on.

female characters   (personajes femeninos)

There are neither female characters nor romance in "The Road to Samarcand".

In addition, the female characters themselves acknowledge their inhumanity.

In Kabuki, the portrayal of female characters by men is known as "onnagata".

characters such

Other characters such as punctuation and spaces are ignored.

New characters such as Batwoman, Ace the Bat-Hound, and Bat-Mite were introduced.

He played the brother-in-law and other oddball characters such as Sidney Mincing.

playable characters

The last two playable characters are Frog and Magus.

"Hopeless Masquerade" features 10 playable characters:

This brings the total roster to 28 playable characters.

fictional characters   (personajes de ficción)

Several fictional characters have reversed organs.

People and fictional characters named Cyrus include:

Antipopes have appeared as fictional characters.

different characters

She played four different characters in the said series.

Michael McKean has also appeared twice, voicing different characters.

It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters.

supporting characters

Suresh Oberoi and Tom Alter play supporting characters.

Godzilla has been featured alongside many supporting characters.

He was known for mainly supporting characters in Bengali cinemas.

several characters

The voice of several characters in many different movies.

It features several characters that are equally important.

Visions have helped several characters achieve certain tasks.

recurring characters

New recurring characters were also introduced in season five.

Borgnine and Conway have since been featured as recurring characters on the show.

The following is a list of minor recurring characters who appear in the franchise.

various characters

The action then shifts to how Cupid has affected the various characters.

During Rhys's search for Maia, he recruits various characters to his cause.

Back in the city, citizens notice Vetvix firing the ray at various characters.

player characters   (personajes jugadores)

There are two player characters from Portugal and Spain.

Koizumi was again placed in charge of the game's player characters.

Players of "Bunnies & Burrows" take the role of rabbits as their player characters.

characters include

Other characters include Pallas Athene, Cupid, Juno, and Jupiter.

Other characters include her cousin Gloriane, the lady of Castle Darnant.

Other characters include friends and family members of Megan and the twins.

cast of characters   (elenco de personajes)

The cast of characters grew over the course of the series.

The diverse cast of characters includes:

The SNES version of the game, which features a new cast of characters.

many characters

The film features many characters from the show.

He was known to voice many characters in anime series for 62 years.

The most basic is their Faction but many characters have more traits.

list of characters

Here is the list of characters with a puppet:

The following is a list of characters that have appeared on the television series.

List of Angelito cast and characters This is a list of characters from the "Angelito".

lead characters   (personajes principales)

Both series are sometimes named for their lead characters.

Dafoe and Pattinson were cast as the lead characters in February 2018.

The performances of the lead characters were highlighted very positively.

major characters   (personajes principales)

The following are major characters from the novel.

He performed major characters in several plays.

All of the major characters have been retained.

all the characters

In the final episode all the characters were present.

The final act begins with all the characters asleep on stage.

He eventually decided to make this the design of all the characters.

minor characters

Atlus staff members also made cameos as minor characters.

Aeolus was also the name of the following minor characters:

However, they are minor characters, and their chief role is to serve as policemen.

central characters

Some of the central characters of the novel appear in the episode.

She was one of the show's central characters throughout that time.

Gary Larson's "The Far Side" was unusual, as there were no central characters.

number of characters   (número de caracteres)

A number of characters are shown below.

No other actresses must have performed the number of characters as she has.

A number of characters have appeared in Judge Dredd stories (or vice versa).

male characters

Parker and Stone perform most of the voice acting for the show's male characters.

In animations it is not unusual for female actors to voice young male characters.

She writes through male characters as often as she does through female characters.

original characters

The following are the Kinnikuman anime original characters.

The original characters for "Kamen Rider G" are all wine-themed.

The others are original characters with only Fianna being based on another Brat.

between the characters

The story runs on the relations between the characters.

It is an absolutely vital dynamic between the characters."

Mason revealed that this leads to some new tension between the characters.

cartoon characters   (Personajes de caricatura)

She is one of the two creators of the cartoon characters McMug and McDull.

The story focuses on six cartoon characters from a fictional cartoon show called ""Cel Damage"".

Squeaky toys may be modeled after popular cartoon characters, or used as promotional advertising.

both characters

"Banacek" borrowed elements of both characters and plot points.

Through both characters Barks would often exhibit his rather sarcastic sense of humor.

Kaplan had difficulty handling of both characters: his Obito persona and the real Madara.

popular characters

He is one of the author's most popular characters.

Santer also reintroduced past and popular characters to the programme.

Critics have deemed Carmella as one of the series' most popular characters.

characters created

They used the same characters created in SuperPoke!

Almost all characters created since have been made using this format.

The album features Hazel McHatton and a cast of original characters created by McHatton.

all characters

Additionally, all characters have a number of traits.

The act ends as all characters set off to Madam Armfeldt's estate.

The dance is a dance art performance where all characters use masks.

same characters

They used the same characters created in SuperPoke!

The songs carry on the story begun in "The Metal Opera", with the same characters.

This row contains the same characters as row 5 of KS X 1001, but in a different layout.

principal characters

The principal characters are Lawrence, Ellie, Alan and Sara.

A musical theme was created for each of the principal characters.

Asvin, prince of Avranti is one of the principal characters in Samit Basu's Gameworld trilogy.

game characters

Famitsu readers ranked her as one of the best video game characters.

She has also voiced several video game characters, including the Hero of Brightwall in the game Fable III in 2010.

A limited edition version was released which contained a second disc with 5 bonus songs sung by in game characters.

characters including

There are many characters including Arthur, Bors, Tristan, Lancelot, etc.

This field typically has a limit of twenty-five (25) characters including the phone number (ex.

The late veteran voice actor Junpei Takiguchi voiced all the characters including the female characters.

distinguishable characters

Wrestlers portrayed heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Wrestlers portrayed villains, heroes, or less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

between characters

Some dialogue between characters is shortened in the non-Polish-language versions.

Games also explore relationships between characters, ranging from love to rivalry.

The unusual degree of friction between characters provoked some concern with the producers.

less distinguishable characters   (personajes menos distinguibles)

Wrestlers portrayed heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Wrestlers portrayed villains, heroes, or less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

human characters

As with the other human characters in the series, she attends Acme Looniversity.

There are three human characters in the account, Mr. Bell, his daughter Betsey Bell, and Joshua Gardner.

The time period allows for appearances by human characters such as Mark Twain, Jules Verne and John Henry.

characters appear

Most student characters appear only in a few episodes.

"Titan" characters appear in the following novels and short stories:

The following characters appear in "The Goddamn George Liquor Program".

secondary characters

The following secondary characters also appear in the novel.

Calvin also interacts with a handful of secondary characters.

The series afforded a great deal of character development to secondary characters.

characters appearing

The main characters appearing throughout most of the series are all introduced by the fourth episode.

Gargoyle is a name shared by two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

List of Onegai My Melody characters This is the list of characters appearing in the "Onegai My Melody" anime series.

more characters

2 more characters for a total number of 985 characters.

A. Milne's stories, and two more characters – Rabbit and Owl – were created by Milne's imagination.

also appears several times, either sung by one or more characters or played on the Hotel Providence's piano.

featuring characters

"Party Central" is a six-minute short animated film, featuring characters from "Monsters University".

"Charades" is a two-minute promotional short animated film, featuring characters from "Monsters, Inc.".

Five years later, he began to create his own simple logic games, featuring characters that he invented himself.

animated characters

However, this was changed due to aesthetic similarities to the M&M's animated characters.

Patrick lent her voice to various animated characters of "The Alvin Show" in the early 1960s.

They first appeared as animated characters in the 1960s, targeted toward such children's shows as "The Howdy Doody Show".

title characters   (personajes del título)

The ElectraComs were bulky wrist devices worn by the title characters.

One of the title characters in the comic strip "Arlo and Janis" is named after Guthrie.

The title characters were played in New York by Maggie May, Madge Crichton, and Delia Mason.

few characters

He, along with Jin, are one of the few characters to survive.

As in Old Norse, however, there are few characters identified as elves.

Silver is one of the few characters to have discovered Batman's secret identity.

certain characters   (ciertos personajes)

Some armor can be worn by certain characters.

Experience is awarded based on how often the player uses certain characters or Personas.

Some historians have seen in him an inspiration for certain characters in the novels of the Marquis de Sade.

regular characters

"Pip" features no other regular characters from the show.

With the exception of the Dog, the others are female versions of the regular characters.

In the end, the finished episode did not include the boys or any other regular characters.

multiple characters

McKinnon often plays multiple characters in a single episode.

He axed multiple characters from the show and introduced the extended Carter family.

Other chapters allow the player to use multiple characters in battle with a tag team system.

characters used

Numeric characters used for counting (e.g.

The printable characters used (e.g.

Quotation can also refer to: Meanings related to characters used for quotation are:

characters played

Quint, one of the main characters played by Jeremy London.

The film stars Radha Saluja opposite Mehmood.This film is based on brother hood relationship between characters played by Pran and Mehmood.

It was a pioneering wheel series of 90 minute episodes rotating around three main characters played by Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry, and Robert Stack.

based on characters

The comic mostly contained stories based on characters who already appeared regularly in "2000 AD".

Rumpus is best known for its line of award-winning toys all based on characters and ideas created by Schwarz.

The story depiction of this play is based on characters of Mahabharata which is why it is called Bharata lila.

specific characters

There are a number of "Dark Reign" limited series looking at the impact of the story-line on specific characters and groups.

In his original compositions for the film, Breil wrote numerous leitmotifs to accompany the appearance of specific characters.

These adopt a style of storytelling rather than specific characters from their sources, usually with a knowing or ironic twist.

additional characters

When opened, additional characters can be seen on the ground below him and in the sky above him.

The differences between the two consisted of 95 additional characters, and the simplification of as .

Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, although they support many additional characters.

characters included

Other Gruenwald characters included Diamondback, Super Patriot, and Demolition Man.

Other characters included Bob Brilliant's teenage son, Button, as well as his housekeeper, Lotus.

Licensed characters included Joe Palooka, Blondie, Dick Tracy, and other newspaper strip characters.

following characters

The following characters appear in "The Goddamn George Liquor Program".

Jabber usernames are limited to 1023 characters and the following characters are not allowed:

Chromius In Greek mythology, Chromius (Ancient Greek: Χρόμιος) was the name of the following characters.

individual characters

Dancers are usually female and perform as a group rather than representing individual characters.

If not, a button at the bottom of the list allows the user to edit individual characters in that word.

This method of writing alternates direction, and usually reverses the individual characters, on each successive line.

such characters

Unicode includes 128 such characters.

When such characters experience emotional trauma, they lose the ability to perceive synesthetically.

The Lee-Romita era saw the introduction of such characters as "Daily Bugle" managing editor Robbie Robertson in No.

characters introduced

Thus Hausdorff utilized the gap characters and element characters introduced by him.

The first female characters introduced are four generations of women in Nel’s family.

She was one of 5 new main characters introduced to the fifth and final series of the show.

historical characters

Nevertheless, Ackroyd uses historical characters, sites and occurrences in his book.

She wrote essays on the language of important historical characters, as Galileo Galilei and Francesco Redi.

In the 23rd to 40th stanzas, the poet evokes the historical characters and the monuments that distinguish the city.

video game characters

Famitsu readers ranked her as one of the best video game characters.

She has also voiced several video game characters, including the Hero of Brightwall in the game Fable III in 2010.

In a 1993 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Appleton discussed what he saw as the future of video game characters.

morphological characters

Modern Molecular phylogenetics largely ignores morphological characters, relying on DNA sequences as data.

In 2005 it was split off again when found to be distinct in molecular, chromosomal and morphological characters.

"Dugesia" species have not enough morphological characters to find out which are the relationships between them.

most popular characters   (personajes más populares)

He is one of the author's most popular characters.

Critics have deemed Carmella as one of the series' most popular characters.

Issue#129 (Feb. 1974) introduced the Punisher, who would become one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters.

characters based

Capone has been portrayed on screen by: Actors playing characters based on Capone include:

Miho Yano and Hiromi Yoshinuma are designing the characters based on the original designs by Lily Hoshino.

EA announced that purchasers who pre-order the game could play with characters based upon B.o.B and Big Boi.

set of characters

Shuffle" focuses on a new set of characters at a different school.

, 23 rows by 73 columns, produces an unintelligible set of characters (as do all other X/Y formats).

The purpose of this decomposition is to establish a universal set of characters that can be encoded in a variety of ways.

characters as well   (personajes también)

Shyam and Sivan are fun filled characters as well as naughty.

The game introduces new characters, and adds new moves for the older characters as well as introducing new game modes.

Comics fanzines often include fan artwork based on existing characters as well as discussion of the history of comics.

characters featured

Other Marvel characters featured in the series included Ant-Man, Prince Namor, Nick Fury and the Hulk.

List of Wonder Showzen characters A list of the prominent characters featured on the dark sketch comedy "Wonder Showzen".

The arcade version of the game features a roster of 20 characters, which is half the number of characters featured in "The King of Fighters XI".

special characters

By scanning Amiibo cards, players can unlock the ability to design special characters' houses.

The special text editors have sets of special characters assigned to existing keys on the keyboard.

Exacerbating the problem, common punched card character sets of the time were uppercase only and lacked other special characters.

important characters

As an example, some important characters go without a name until very late in the novel.

However, lacking knowledge of old Persian, Grotefend misconstrued several important characters.

The female has four pairs of teats, and the gall bladder is absent, both important characters of oryzomyines.

features characters

The series features characters from the Disney Princess franchise.

The short features characters from the "Toy Story" series and takes place after the events of "Toy Story 3".

The plot features characters like Simon Girty, Arthur St. Clair, and Indian tribes such as the Shawnee and Lenape.

characters per

Players are afforded up to 7 characters per account.

It operated at speeds of either 75 or 150 characters per second (cps).

The fastest letter-quality printers printed at 30 characters per second.

characters within

Also, characters within an embedding can affect the ordering of characters outside.

Additionally, Gmail does not recognize dots (periods) as characters within a username.

Furthermore, much like Sokka, Bolin has had relationships with various young female characters within the show.

group of characters

He also thought that "the notion of a group of characters who aren't a team is intriguing".

Overall, FfA is off to an enjoyable start; it'll be interesting to see where this bizarre group of characters go from here.""

"Final Fantasy" introduced a side view perspective with groups of monsters against a group of characters that has been frequently used.

control characters   (personajes de control)

Such Unicode control characters are called "marks".

graphemes and control characters).

Later, control characters were integrated into the stream of data to be printed.

gay characters

Mainstream Korean television shows have begun to feature gay characters and themes.

Many fans of his work asked about Chabon's sexuality, because of the gay characters in his novels.

Clearly, chastity was the price gay characters paid for admission to prime-time television in the 1990s."

characters during

The show lost many of its significant characters during this period.

Motion capture was used to animate characters during the arrest sequences.

However, the five-year gap did not work for all characters during writing.

characters and events

"The Mighty Avengers" was originally intended to run parallel with "New Avengers", with characters and events crossing over and being viewed from both perspectives.

Marvel Masterpieces Marvel Masterpieces is the name of several subsequent sets of trading cards, printed during 1992-2008, depicting characters and events from Marvel Comics.

While some of the characters and events are fictional, the book is based on the real-life attempt by the Allies to use British intelligence to cover up the true plans for D-Day.

stock characters   (personajes comunes)

The maile sisters are a favorite stock characters in Hawaiian romance tales.

The play makes use of many stock characters, with which theatergoers would have been familiar.

The label of formula fiction is assigned because of the reuse of plot, plot devices and stock characters.

featured characters

This series marked the animation debut of nearly all of its featured characters and teams.

The show is a spin-off of "" which featured characters from that series play various characters from fairy tales.

The first six seasons of "House" each included one or more recurring featured characters, who appear in multiple-episode story arcs.

variety of characters

The video shows the band members dress up as a variety of characters.

Some journalists liked how the variety of characters lent more depth to the gameplay and replay value.

Writers and artists over many years have created a variety of characters to challenge the Fantastic Four.

characters whose

Since 1960, "Coronation Street" has featured many characters whose popularity with viewers and critics has differed greatly.

He has also been cited as an "almost post-gay" writer in that he sometimes employs gay characters whose sexuality is not necessarily a driving force of the story.

Despite being produced for a domestic market, anime features characters whose race or nationality is not always defined, and this is often a deliberate decision, such as in the "Pokémon" animated series.


A. Milne's stories, and two more characters – Rabbit and Owl – were created by Milne's imagination.

He also considered two other offstage characters – Dolly, Joe's late wife, and Kay, the woman Andy married instead of Julia – to be strong characters.

Much more than a companion piece to "The Savage Detectives" – it shares some of the same characters – "Amulet" may be Bolaño's most autobiographical book.

characters through

Karlen would stay with the television series for 182 episodes, playing various characters through 1971.

Additionally, many stories from indigenous oral literature exemplified the representation of LGBT characters through deities and the like.

His collection of art called “Friends Along the Way” features Beau the frog who meets many other original characters through his adventures.

book characters

Most of the Fury's victims on Earth-238 were based on British comic book characters from the 1950s-1970s.

On 19 March 2012, the British postal service, the Royal Mail, released a set of stamps depicting British comic book characters and series.

Geomancers (comics) Geomancers are a group of fictional comic book characters that appeared in various titles published by Valiant Comics.

leading characters

However he had to make the leading characters younger to get the film financed.

In 2018 he also starred as one of the leading characters of Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras.

The leading characters, Harriet and Guy Pringle, are based on Manning herself and her husband R. D. Smith.

characters are not

The characters are not real people.

However, these characters are not included in the Unicode standard.

The characters are not convincing, the plot is not fast-paced or interesting."

black characters

They are both a derogatory way of portraying black characters.

However, in the 1940s there was a change in portrayal of black characters.

Regular license plates have format SH-12-34567, yellow with black characters, implemented in 1976.

comic characters

One of his best known comic characters was 'Spekulanta Maks'.

He goes on to say that it "was a classic show with great comic characters.

A striking and extroverted person on stage and off, Scotti was adept at portraying both dramatic and comic characters.

characters often   (personajes a menudo)

As in many of Harris' books, the main characters often have dark secrets to hide.

On several occasions, the series' characters often long to be "as rich as Ibáñez".

As such, the characters often play a minor role in plot development, usually as a device of comic resolution.

characters were introduced

Some new characters were introduced in this spinoff.

A number of new characters were introduced in the annuals.

A form of control characters were introduced in the 1870 Baudot code: NUL and DEL.