Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

free of charge   (gratis)

She treated all school age children free of charge.

Over 500,000 copies are distributed free of charge.

In March 2019, Đurić was declared free of charge.

took charge   (se hizo cargo)

Their maternal aunt took charge of the two children.

On his death Lord Halifax took charge, 1940-46.

Lyttle took charge of junior club Malachians in 2009.

put in charge   (puesto a cargo)

He is the teacher put in charge of the concours.

Vladimir is put in charge of all the local partisans.

Stuart Davis was put in charge of forming its committee.

take charge   (hacerse cargo)

It wasn't like I said, OK, I'm going to take charge."

The first step is to request the police to take charge.

He sent General Juan Roquillo to take charge.

depth charge   (carga de profundidad)

At 11:30, the last depth charge attack took place.

She was also fitted with two depth charge throwers.

The four depth charge throwers were removed in 1932.

without charge

Three months later he was released without charge.

All of the men were later released without charge.

Zilwa was released without charge 48 hours later.

placed in charge

John was placed in charge of the Order Department.

He was placed in charge of the company's legal and trust work.

Koizumi was again placed in charge of the game's player characters.

officer in charge

The officer in charge exclaimed, “Sir, I warrant we will hit you”.

He was the medical officer in charge of the British Olympic teams from 1912 until 1948.

As such, he was the naval officer in charge of the blockade of the North Carolina coast.

charge against   (acusar contra)

He drew his first match in charge against Quilmes.

Secondly, a charge against the moral character.

The charge against him was dropped due to lack of evidence.

no charge

Wudl invited her to study under him at no charge.

There was no charge for Lend Lease supplies delivered during the war.

Like all Hawaii state parks, there is no charge for parking and entry.

season in charge

Dornan's next season in charge was not as successful.

They finished in 10th place in Clem Stephenson's first season in charge.

In his first season in charge, Still led the club to a 15th-placed finish.

electric charge

Is electricity the same as electric charge?

At the time, atoms were known to have no net electric charge.

The neutrons have no electric charge.

taking charge

Graeme Jones was appointed as manager two days later, officially taking charge on 7 May 2019.

Carver left Leeds on 23 October 2006, with David Geddis briefly taking charge of caretaker duties.

He ran away from home several times to avoid taking charge of the family farm as his mother wished.

charge of all

Vladimir is put in charge of all the local partisans.

The General was in charge of all the Company's affairs in India.

Geoffrey de Charny was again put in charge of all French forces in the north east.

positive charge   (Carga positiva)

An anode is also the wire or plate having excess positive charge.

leaving it with a positive charge.

Since charge is preserved, some vertices still have positive charge.

game in charge

O'Neill's first game in charge ended in defeat with a 3–0 loss to Norway.

In Dupraz's first game in charge, Toulouse drew Marseille 1–1 away from home.

His first game in charge on 3 March, resulted in a 2–1 home defeat against Chelsea.

negative charge

This creates a base negative charge on the anode.

The positive charge is neutralized by the negative charge on the chloride ion.

For example, a proton has positive charge while an antiproton has negative charge.

not charge

Seattle police did not charge the motorist.

It does not charge its clients any fees.

Lloyd's does not charge higher rates for passing through this area.

cavalry charge

The cavalry charge was one last deadly blow.

Another brigade was cut off, and destroyed by a cavalry charge.

The regiment was a part of the great cavalry charge in the Battle of Eylau.

remained in charge

He remained in charge until March 1968.

Greisert remained in charge of II Gruppe of JG 2 until 8 May 1942.

He remained in charge until 1930.

murder charge

Brando returns home in bail after a murder charge.

In November 2009, Villalona was released on bond but still faced a murder charge.

The book follows a history professor who has to prove his innocence against a murder charge.

left in charge

Miller (1830-1914) was left in charge of "Gwendoline".

While he was away, Manila was left in charge of the Audiencia.

Nott joined the military in 1942 and Merill was left in charge of the studio.

match in charge

He drew his first match in charge against Quilmes.

In his first match in charge, Scotland drew 1–1 with Croatia.

Jones's first match in charge was away at Thomas Frank's Brentford.

takes charge

Colonel Philip Locke (Robson Green), who takes charge.

The eldest child, Elsa, takes charge.

Who takes charge is Patricio, her best friend and Manuel's right hand.

explosive charge

VC had a half-sized explosive charge.

The TRS will operate just prior to detonation of the explosive charge.

The thickest, strongest, and closed part of the cone is located near the explosive charge.

additional charge

Valeska stated he would pursue an additional charge of kidnapping by deception.

Kesrinath Tripathi had been given additional charge as Governor of Bihar on 20 June 2017.

In addition to the daytime exhibits and demonstrations, PCC features an evening show for an additional charge.

charge density

These are commonly called charge density waves, and they are an example of collective charge transport.

Field effects can therefore tune the acidity or basicity of bonds within their fields by donating or withdrawing charge density.

This deformation of the lattice causes another electron, with opposite spin, to move into the region of higher positive charge density.

charge carriers

These conduction electrons are the charge carriers in metal conductors.

These conduction electrons can serve as charge carriers, carrying a current.

The moving charged particles in an electric current are called charge carriers.

released without charge

Three months later he was released without charge.

All of the men were later released without charge.

Zilwa was released without charge 48 hours later.

given charge

He was given charge of the "H.M.S.

After his ordination he was given charge of the colored French speaking Catholics of St. Mary's chapel.

In February 1944, following the Armistice of Cassibile, Jung was again given charge of the finance ministry.

years in charge

In July 2016 O'Dowd stepped down as manager after 4 years in charge.

Godja left the team in 1997 after eight years in charge of the club.

After nearly three years in charge, Weir moved to Forfar Athletic in October 2017.

bayonet charge

A bayonet charge by the Foot Guards then broke them.

There, McCook was severely wounded while leading a daring bayonet charge on the Confederate lines.

He received high commendation, leading the regiment's bayonet charge at the Battle of Stone River.

person in charge   (persona a cargo)

Charles Watson, the person in charge of the old age home.

Bethune was to be the NWC person in charge of learning the "China" trade.

Lookout A lookout or look-out is a person in charge of the observation of hazards.

electrical charge

as a result of undesired electrical charge.

A silicon matrix is used to determine the particles' electrical charge.

The most familiar carriers of electrical charge are the electron and proton.

shaped charge   (carga en forma)

Inside is an armor-piercing shaped charge.

The Condor's linear shaped charge warhead detonated on impact.

The PG-28 round is a 125 mm tandem shaped charge with a weight of 12 kg and a range of 300 meters.

games in charge

McWilliams-Franklin posted a 1–2 record in her three games in charge.

He was sacked after two games in charge due to an alleged rift with the club's sporting director.

Having won three and lost six of his nine games in charge, Fulham were relegated to the Championship.

official in charge

The chief French official in charge of the French Concession was the Consul-General of France in Shanghai.

He was accompanied by "Yeou-kang", a constellation depicting an official in charge of pasture distribution.

The official in charge of the operation demands that H bring Yusuf's children back in for further interrogation.

full charge

The phalanx, unable to put up a full charge, engaged the Roman legions.

Speeds up to 60 km/h were reached with a range of 40 km in full charge.

Lew Dickey took full charge.

led the charge   (lideró la carga)

Abd al-Rahman led the charge toward al-Fihri's army.

Robinson led the charge, holding the floor for two days.

Alexander personally led the charge in the center, routing the opposing army.

charge throwers   (lanzadores de carga)

She was also fitted with two depth charge throwers.

The four depth charge throwers were removed in 1932.

Two more 20mm and two depth charge throwers were added.

depth charge throwers   (lanzadores de carga de profundidad)

She was also fitted with two depth charge throwers.

The four depth charge throwers were removed in 1932.

Two more 20mm and two depth charge throwers were added.

temporary charge   (cargo temporal)

Buckle left the club 10 months later, with Neilson placed in temporary charge of the team.

Ian Durrant and Jamie Ewings were put in temporary charge for the trip to Arbroath which Sons lost 3–1.

He then joined the coaching set-up at Cliftonville, taking temporary charge following Tommy Breslin's resignation in September 2015.

taken charge

He has also taken charge of one of the semi-finals of the 2007 Setanta Sports Cup.

Up to that point, he had taken charge of two games in the qualifying competition, including Wales' home game against Spain the previous April.

Inspector Forrester has taken charge of the investigation, and there is one physical clue: a torn piece of paper found in William's hand with a few words written on it.

charge transfer

There are also soluble and mobile charge transfer complexes in cells and tissues (e.g.

Decoloration of maxixe by light or heat thus may be due to the charge transfer between Fe and Fe.

Most transitions that are related to colored metal complexes are either d–d transitions or charge transfer bands.

lesser charge

He stated that he would demand a reduction to a lesser charge, since "the act was an insult, not an aggression".

Easterbrook was instead convicted of the lesser charge of grievous bodily harm and intent to resist his lawful apprehension.

Three other defendants, all PRA soldiers, were convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter and sentenced to 30 or more years.

congestion charge   (carga de congestión)

Much of the funding would come from the new Manhattan congestion charge.

This enabled various road pricing schemes, such as the London congestion charge and extension of the Dartford Crossing tolls.

In cities that impose a congestion charge, the decision of some diplomatic missions not to furnish payment has proved controversial.

priest in charge

In that year he became priest in charge at Gulargambone.

He was priest in charge at St Martin, Bradford then vicar of Menston.

He was also the priest in charge of Trinity Anglican Church in Evansville, Indiana.

does not charge

It does not charge its clients any fees.

Lloyd's does not charge higher rates for passing through this area.

The WSTF does not charge dues and has no central governing authority (i.e.