charitable organization   (慈善団体)

He was also a founder of the Ezrat Holim charitable organization.

Youth Challenge International was born as a charitable organization in 1989.

The Blue Card is a charitable organization aiding Holocaust survivors since 1934.

charitable organizations   (慈善団体)

Cash supports several charitable organizations.

Some of these charitable organizations are listed below.

He was also active in numerous civic and charitable organizations.

charitable trust   (慈善信託)

The hall is now operated as a charitable trust.

The donated assets may be held by a charitable trust.

The homes are currently managed by a charitable trust.

charitable causes   (慈善活動)

He is involved in numerous social and charitable causes.

Collins is involved in charitable causes.

Lindner donated to charitable causes and political campaigns.

charitable work   (慈善活動)

Trower was also very active in charitable work.

DeNardo was known for his charitable work for the community.

Johan was involved in a range of charitable work at local and national level.

charitable foundation   (慈善財団)

The attraction is owned by a charitable foundation.

In June 1998, a charitable foundation was formed.

All metered parking benefits a charitable foundation.

charitable organisation

As a charitable organisation, no member is paid for their services.

It is registered as a charitable organisation in Scotland, England and Wales.

It provides care for 2- to 5-year-olds and is run as a charitable organisation.

charitable activities

Her other charitable activities include:

The order survives today with many other charitable activities.

To off-set violent acts, the KKK participated in charitable activities.

charitable donations

"Zakat" charitable donations became a 2.5% annual tax.

It is funded through charitable donations.

charitable institutions

Pratt gave much of his time and wealth to Baltimore’s cultural and charitable institutions.

In his last years he made considerable donations to a large number of charitable institutions.

The Committee rules impose to give the net proceeds of each edition to charitable institutions.

charitable works

The club did charitable works, advocated for reform and for women's suffrage.

As the Order and its charitable works grew, so did its prominence within the Church.

It is aware, too, of the measures the government is taking to advance charitable works and public assistance.

charitable organisations

The Princess was generous in her gifts to charitable organisations.

For many years, Kobzon has presided over numerous charitable organisations.

There are also a number of charitable organisations which work in and around the village.

other charitable   (他の慈善団体)

Her other charitable activities include:

The order survives today with many other charitable activities.

Thomas also made regular donations to a range of other charitable causes.

charitable status

None of the changes affected its charitable status.

It received a Royal Charter in 1979 and it held charitable status.

The museum gained charitable status in 1991 (Registered Charity No.

charitable and educational

Mr. Hemann was also very active in the fostering of charitable and educational institutions of Cincinnati.

She established the Anne Ray Charitable Trust which provides grants for charitable and educational programs and scholarships.

The Meenakshi Ammal Trust came into existence in the eventful year of 1983 where a public charitable and educational trust was formed by a pioneer of development, Mrs. Meenakshi Ammal.

charitable contributions

She has made charitable contributions to Teen Line.

Halloween is also a time for charitable contributions.

Vitale has received multiple awards for her charitable contributions.

charitable purposes

The character of Mr. Bingle also made appearances outside of the commercial setting for charitable purposes.

She provided that, after her death, the "Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies" would use her wealth for charitable purposes.

Kaiser is among those who have made The Giving Pledge, a commitment to give away half of his wealth for charitable purposes.

various charitable

Off-screen King is active in various charitable organizations, including The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Over the course of 25 marathons, the team has raised more than $2.6 Million for various charitable causes.

She has worked with various charitable organizations and became a UNICEF ambassador at the age of seventeen.

charitable giving

Her level of charitable giving was, however, considerable.

In 1988, Evans founded the Charles Evans Foundation to carry on his wide range of interests in charitable giving.

With his success in wine making, Longworth participated in charitable giving throughout Cincinnati, including a noteworthy donation to the land which the Cincinnati Observatory is built on.

many charitable

Apart from these, Agam has also performed in many charitable events.

She became a notable philanthropist and founded many charitable organizations.

Since 2011, Hundley has been involved with many charitable epilepsy organizations and fundraisers.

charitable foundations

The family's net worth in 2002 was £165 million and their charitable foundations totalled £200 million in assets.

The foundation works as a fund of funds, fundraising for other non-profit organizations, including charitable foundations.

He was also the founder of the Daniel Foundation of Alabama, which is one of the largest charitable foundations in Alabama.