İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

car chase   (araba kovalamacası)

All three feature a memorable car chase sequence.

Cowboy leads the cops on a car chase, but is caught.

In 2003, Parnell flees from Simon and the Terminators in a car chase.

gave chase   (kovalamaca verdi)

The constable gave chase, but the intruder got away.

"Rainbow" and "Victor" gave chase to "Hancock".

The soldiers gave chase, caught and shot Max.

give chase   (kovalamak)

When he frees himself, the Indian warriors give chase.

Yang Yi ordered Ma Dai to give chase.

Steve and Jaime give chase, bionically running after the truck.

gives chase   (kovalamak)

Philbert, a large, hungry tomcat, sees Woody and gives chase.

Triton regains consciousness and gives chase in the policemen's car.

Gunno puts on a guard's uniform, but Ash notices him and gives chase.

chase down   (peşine düşmek)

Some 20 to 30 fighters attempted to chase down Nettleton’s 6 Lancasters.

New Zealand couldn't chase down Australia, Andrew Symonds named man of the match.

A fight ensues and after a climactic ski chase down the mountain, the gangsters are caught.

chase scene   (kovalamaca sahnesi)

The road was also used as part of the car chase scene from the James Bond film "Skyfall".

The front cover of this issue featured an artist's impression of the 'escape from Rio' car chase scene.

A complex chase scene in "Spider-Man 3" (2007), though set in New York City, was filmed along Cleveland's Euclid Avenue.

chase through

The chase through the log begins anew.

The film ends with a wild chase through a house filled with secret passages.

After a cat-and-mouse chase through the subway tunnels, Mulqueen and Zancona both shoot the assassin dead.