relatively cheap   (比較的安い)

Olbrich's own house was relatively cheap at 75,000 Mark.

Stranded gas provides relatively cheap gas.

In Syndal, housing was often on subdivided farmland and relatively cheap.

cheap labor   (安い労働力)

Many undocumented immigrants from Peru are recruited by employers in Chile to serve as a source of cheap labor.

The low cost of natural gas and cheap labor supply during the Great Depression helped to fuel the company's early beginnings.

Exploited as cheap labor or imprisoned for unruly behavior, Bosco saw the need of creating a space where they would feel at home.

very cheap   (とても安い)

They do give good grip and are often very cheap.

He bought state land for very cheap prices and yielded extraordinary profits.

Fanning insisted that it had been "a very cheap programme and we were always under budget".

cheap labour   (安価な労働力)

The main stimulus for the economy should not be cheap labour, but high income levels.

Some German companies established factories in the area to make use of the cheap labour.

These companies also benefit from a cheap labour force, with a monthly salary of around 35 euros.