İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

background check   (arkaplan kontrolü)

This involves passing a police background check and a health check.

Initiative 594, which expanded state background check laws to all gun purchases.

However, most programs do not require a criminal background check in order to participate.

check whether   (kontrol et)

In the RT system test it is not sufficient to check whether the SUT produces the correct outputs.

The "Boolean satisfiability problem" (SAT) is, given a formula, to check whether it is satisfiable.

They also conduct inspections to check whether the already existing child restraints are safe or not.

check up   (kontrol etmek)

Bradley goes for a medical check up and is again reluctant to talk about his past.

When Sam comes to check up on Edward's work, he is killed by Ed, who hallucinates that he a white demon.

When Mellie, the wife of the satyr Hedge, asks Apollo and Grover to go and check up on Hedge, who is in an army surplus store nearby.

check digit   (rakamları kontrol etmek)

The check digit (CD) is not considered part of the MEID.

The last part is a check digit, and can take values from 0–9 and X (10).

Digit 9 is a verification check digit, computed using a complex algorithm of the previous eight digits.

used to check   (kontrol ederdi)

Usually the color of a tile is used to check the proper direction.

A Brune test can be used to check the permissibility of the combination.

The corpora can also be used to check for the acceptability or syntactic "grammaticality" of their written work.