Фразы и примеры предложений

cherry trees   (вишневые деревья)

By April 2007, seventy cherry trees had been planted in Columbia Park.

In August 2001, ten of those cherry trees were planted at Columbia Park.

She had been growing cherry trees which bore abundant fruit that dated to 1923.

cherry blossom   (вишня в цвету)

She saw a cherry blossom fall down, a scarecrow on the gate, and a shattered mirror.

Their color of printed circuit board is "SAKURA" in Japanese, which means cherry blossom.

The moat surrounding the centre of the park is a common spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring.

cherry blossoms   (Цветение вишни)

Flowers bloom later than other cherry blossoms in May.

Also, in early spring, the sight of cherry blossoms along the Nishiki river is unforgettable.

The mountainous region of Yoshino has been long popular for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring.