early childhood   (幼児期)

The onset of myopia is often in early childhood.

Lovelace was often ill, beginning in early childhood.

From early childhood, he was nicknamed "Buddy".

childhood friend   (幼なじみ)

He meets his childhood friend, Eric, at the docks.

Misiano is a childhood friend of Jerry Seinfeld.

"Johan Seong": Zack and Mira's childhood friend.

spent his childhood   (子供時代を過ごした)

He spent his childhood in Kiskérpuszta in Terény.

He spent his childhood and teenage years in Bonn.

He spent his childhood and adolescence in Vienna.

childhood home   (幼年期の家)

There is a historical marker at his childhood home.

They describe their childhood home as "semi-Caribbean".

The couple resides in Galia's childhood home in Tel Aviv.

childhood friends   (幼なじみ)

One of his close childhood friends is Ryan Scales.

Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh were childhood friends.

Cleaves and Picott were childhood friends in South Berwick.

during his childhood

Higgins was a heavy drug user during his childhood and teens.

ʻAbdu'l-Bahá received a haphazard education during his childhood.

He came with his parents to Claiborne, Alabama during his childhood.

spent her childhood

Riva Ganguly Das spent her childhood in New Delhi.

Catherine Howard spent her childhood at Chesworth.

She spent her childhood in the town Oliva, Córdoba.

childhood education

He has been notably active in the promotion of early childhood education.

Facilities for art, early childhood education and home economics were added.

Dwight is married to Carol who has focused her career on early childhood education.

early childhood education

He has been notably active in the promotion of early childhood education.

Facilities for art, early childhood education and home economics were added.

Dwight is married to Carol who has focused her career on early childhood education.

during childhood

Simmons started sculpting and painting during childhood.

Sheikh Mustafa learned Arabic calligraphy during childhood.

He lost his father during childhood, and did not attend high school.

childhood sweetheart

He married his childhood sweetheart, Molly, in 1964.

He recently married his childhood sweetheart Gemma Smith.

Maloča married his childhood sweetheart Ivana in June 2012.

childhood memories

A middle-aged man deals with childhood memories of abandonment.

Some of his earliest childhood memories revolved around photography.

It combines Virzas own childhood memories with tales of his grandparents.

during her childhood

Yin Xiamo becomes an orphan during her childhood.

He took Louise to countless rehearsals during her childhood.

Hence, during her childhood, she lived in Senegal, Angola, and Germany.

childhood years

Vondráčková spent her childhood years in the town of Slatiňany.

Most of her childhood years were spent in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto.

Aside from basketball, Abueva also played volleyball during his childhood years.

childhood experiences

Some of his childhood experiences found their way into his writings.

For example, adult attachment style seems particularly sensitive to early childhood experiences.

He had childhood experiences with the Ringling Brothers Circus and in his family's famous circus.

own childhood

She wrote of her own childhood in "My Roads to Childhood".

Other themes Chigumi suggested drew upon her own childhood fears.

In "Vera Drake", Leigh incorporated elements of his own childhood.

childhood and adolescence   (小児期および青年期)

He spent his childhood and adolescence in Vienna.

His years of childhood and adolescence were in Moldova.

The majority of his childhood and adolescence were spent in Pamplona, Spain.

childhood was spent

His childhood was spent in Edirne's Kaleiçi district.

Okarvi's early childhood was spent in Okara, Pakistan.

His childhood was spent in Virginia and West Virginia.

childhood obesity   (小児肥満)

Reality therapy can also be used to prevent or control childhood obesity.

Additionally, Stroud hosts an annual football camp aimed to combat childhood obesity.

The authors argue that providing high-fat USDA food subsidies contributes to childhood obesity.

died in childhood

Of Eugene's sisters, the youngest had died in childhood.

The couple had three more children of whom two died in childhood.

Prince Bernhard died in childhood.

childhood and youth

Nothing is known about Doubravka's childhood and youth.

She spent her childhood and youth in Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, Russia.

There is little information on Luis González de Ubieta's childhood and youth.

childhood development   (子どもの発達)

Wolbach turned his attention to childhood development and vitamin deficiencies.

He often held controversial and challenging views in regards to childhood development and the structure of group homes.

In July 2006, Carol James reassigned Trevena to be critic of child care, early childhood development, and women's issues.

childhood dream

It looked as if this would be the end of his childhood dream.

At one time, his childhood dream was to play shortstop for the hometown Pittsburgh Pirates.

Together they have fulfilled a childhood dream of Karen's to live in Vermont among the trees.

childhood days

The journey to his childhood days begins there.

His childhood days were spent in Pulicat.

Del and Rodney both seem to remember her back from their childhood days.

throughout his childhood

Shawcross said throughout his childhood, he was a frequent bed-wetter.

His brothers, Ernst and Hermann, bullied him throughout his childhood.

His mother held two jobs throughout his childhood and worked at an automotive factory.