Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

chose not   (eligió no)

On Day 53, Andy chose not to use the Power of Veto.

He chose not to make an attempt to regain the seat.

The jury chose not to believe him and convicted.

chose the name   (eligió el nombre)

James Joaquin chose the name Dylan for "DYnamic LANguage."

He later chose the name Godson at baptism.

Others chose the name Danube Hills ("Donaugebirge") instead.

chose to remain   (eligió permanecer)

Urmanov chose to remain in the competitive ranks.

By 1946, he chose to remain with UNAM full-time.

A fearful Jeyaraj chose to remain in Canada.

chose to leave   (eligió irse)

On 24 October, Soul also chose to leave the consortium.

Evans chose to leave "Emmerdale" in 2000.

Shook chose to leave the Artistic Director position in 2010.

chose to stay   (eligió quedarse)

When visiting Paris, Hitler chose to stay on the ground.

A core group of about 60 men chose to stay with the unit.

Of these, 93 men chose to stay abroad.

voters chose

49% of voters chose a closer relationship with the United States via Commonwealth.

Idaho voters chose three electors to the Electoral College, who selected the president and vice president.

Maryland voters chose 8 electors to the Electoral College, which selected the president and vice president.

instead chose

Clear Channel instead chose the call sign KTCN for 1130.

They instead chose to resume the match after a twenty-minute delay.

Tiatia instead chose to pursue a career in modeling in her teens and early twenties.

chose to use

He chose to use the name Clive however in later life.

Hergesheimer chose to use Sophonisba as her first name.

They found 50 people involved in the original film and chose to use 18.

chose to play   (eligió jugar)

He subsequently chose to play professionally in Europe.

He chose to play badminton when he was 14.

He eventually chose to play for PSV.

chose instead

1, chose instead to keep the No.

The daughter of a painter father, MacNeil chose instead to work in sculpture.

He was offered a new contract but chose instead to go back to England in 1965.

then chose

He then chose to take the Coalition whip in Parliament.

He then chose to move back safety in 2017.

Easterbrook then chose to defend himself.

chose to attend

Mullen chose to attend Clemson on national signing day.

He chose to attend Oregon over Oregon State.

He chose to attend TCU over offers from Arkansas and Nebraska.

chose to go

He chose to go for Christmas holiday in Switzerland.

Nick chose to go with the group instead.

Belasco and de Mille chose to go their separate ways by 1891.

ultimately chose

Nixon ultimately chose Maryland governor Spiro Agnew.

He ultimately chose not to take on the project.

Fleming ultimately chose not to run, however.

chose to continue

He chose to continue his senior year at college.

LNR chose to continue with this system for subsequent seasons.

chose to make   (eligió hacer)

The U.S. government did not chose to make these reports public at the time.

He chose to make another attempt at writing on the theme of divorce reform.

Many chose to make their way to the United States via Europe as a stop-over point.

eventually chose

Greg applied to many schools and eventually chose BYU.

The band eventually chose Scott Weiland as their lead singer.

He eventually chose to play for PSV.

chose to take

He then chose to take the Coalition whip in Parliament.

The show ended in 1973 when CBS chose to take the show off the air.

Martin chose to take the job because his daughter was an Ultravox fan.

chose to return   (eligió volver)

Most of Iosepa's residents chose to return to Hawaii.

Only a handful chose to return to Edineț.

The project never materialised and Anne chose to return to Thorp Green.

chose to join   (eligió unirse)

He chose to join Tamanoi stable when he graduated high school.

She chose to join Michał Szpak team.

Andruff chose to join the Stanley Cup Champion, Montreal Canadiens.

chose to not

The organizers chose to not include any rest days.

Therefore, when his health improved in 1813, Cauchy chose to not return to Cherbourg.

2012 BRD Brașov Challenger – Singles Benoît Paire chose to not defend his last year's title.

chose to run

Only a single challenger chose to run against him.

The Kuomintang chose to run polls that would decide the nomination.

He considered running for re-election in 1948, but instead chose to run for the U.S. Senate.

chose to retire

Dellucci did not return to playing, and chose to retire.

However, in February 2014, Glanfield again chose to retire.

On receiving the news of his suspension, Ferrell chose to retire.

chose to live

Wills then chose to live a bohemian lifestyle, lodging at the Arundel Club.

Iotapa and Aristobulus chose to live as private citizens in the Middle East.

They chose to live in isolation and practiced their culture as they had for generations.

chose to focus

Mac chose to focus his efforts in a more mainstream direction.

Dance chose to focus his enthusiasm on the music of black bands.

Sanders chose to focus on full-time competition at the end of 2011.

band chose

The band chose "Red" as their first single.

The band chose producer Will Yip to work on their debut EP.

The band chose a shocking pink vinyl release (and later blue vinyl).

chose to move   (eligió moverse)

He then chose to move back safety in 2017.

Although granted land at Exeter, John Leavitt never chose to move north.

Despite being offered a new contract he chose to move on to Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

chose to work   (eligió trabajar)

He chose to work in the Verkhovna Rada.

He chose to work with the Silver Fox, a variant of the Red fox,"Vulpes vulpes".

Evangelical ministers dissatisfied with both Anglicanism and Methodism often chose to work within these churches.

chose the latter

Because of his interest in architecture, Imazu chose the latter.

They chose the latter, a decision Ginnane later said was a mistake.

She chose the latter in 2017.

chose to become   (eligió convertirse)

It chose to become a kingdom with its own Queen and monarchy.

The holder of Porirua, Graham Kelly chose to become a list MP in 2002.

from the University of Calcutta and chose to become a lecturer in Hindi.

chose to keep   (eligió mantener)

The WSTF chose to keep most of their work private for a couple of reasons.

Instead, Foley chose to keep his job due to support from Steve Austin and the WWF fans.

Doctors gave him very little time to live, and the family chose to keep the diagnosis secret from him.

champion but chose

2018 Jalisco Open – Singles Mirza Bašić was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

2018 Tunis Open – Singles Simone Bolelli was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

2018 Sarasota Open – Singles Frances Tiafoe was the defending champion but chose not to defend his title.

chose to compete

After the end of the Soviet Union, he chose to compete for Russia.

2018 İstanbul Cup – Singles Elina Svitolina was the defending champion, but chose to compete in Stuttgart instead.

2018 Space Coast Pro Tennis Classic – Singles Olga Govortsova was the defending champion, but chose to compete in Pelham instead.

chose to pursue

Wise chose to pursue Petr Brezovan instead.

Tiatia instead chose to pursue a career in modeling in her teens and early twenties.

Those scholars who chose to pursue Forestry had the nearby woods and plantations belonging to the Brayton estate.

chose to participate

Jonas Gahr Støre chose to participate in the Council of State meeting.

2012 Save Cup – Singles Mona Barthel was the defending champion, but chose to participate at the 2012 US Open Grand Slam instead.

2012 Tatarstan Open – Doubles Ekaterina Ivanova and Andreja Klepač were the defending champions, but neither chose to participate.

team chose   (equipo elegido)

However, by 1951 the team chose to leave Catalina Island and spring training was shifted to Mesa, Arizona.

The new Fly team chose to re-launch the label as Cube Records, with a new logo caging the ‘Fly’ in a cubic goal.

The team chose him to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the opening of its new ballpark, Safeco Field, on July 15, 1999.

chose to represent

Eder chose to represent Portugal internationally.

He chose to represent Maulvibazar-3 and quit Sylhet-4, triggering a by-election.

He chose to represent Shariatpur-3 and quit Shariatpur-1, triggering a by-election.

later chose

He later chose the name Godson at baptism.

He later chose to leave the Centre Democratic Parliamentary group.

At age 8, Wills started with tempera, watercolor and pastels, and later chose oils.

champions but chose

2018 Jalisco Open – Doubles Santiago González and Artem Sitak were the defending champions but chose not to defend their title.

2018 Keio Challenger – Men's Doubles Marin and Tomislav Draganja were the defending champions but chose not to defend their title.

2018 Pingshan Open – Men's Doubles Sanchai and Sonchat Ratiwatana were the defending champions but chose not to defend their title.

chose to sign

He chose to sign with the 76ers.

On May 21, 2012, Park officially chose to sign with JYP Entertainment.

Eventually, he chose to sign for Partizan in 1972, and remained in the first team until 1983.

chose to give

In 2015, he chose to give up his European Tour membership.

To utilize the power of Gig, Layna chose to give this sword to the protagonist.

Littlejohn suggested Monroe, who prefers the singular they pronoun, chose to give up their job.

chose to study

Instead, he chose to study art history and museum studies.

He chose to study in Russia, in St. Petersburg in particular.

Viktor Petrenko attended a Russian-speaking school where he chose to study English as a foreign language.

government chose   (el gobierno eligió)

The government chose not to appeal this post-trial ruling.

On 9 January 2013 the government chose not to approve the Formula 1 deal that would have held the race in Istanbul in 2013.

The Aberdeen government chose to make this a motion of confidence; Disraeli led the opposition to defeat the government, 305 to 148.

why he chose

he said, explaining why he chose Kickstarter for one of his projects.

The reason why he chose Oslo was a desire to work with figurative sculptures.

Sean explains why he chose this to be the title, stating that "it's because it'll represent who he is".

chose to sit

Sir Richard in the same year won the Surrey poll as well, and chose to sit for the county.

He regained the seat at a by-election on 13 May 1728 when one of the petitioners chose to sit elsewhere.

He was also returned as MP for Cirencester on the interest of his father-in-law, but chose to sit for Norfolk.