İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

certain circumstances   (belirli şartlar)

Control of the bank can change under certain circumstances.

The limit is four years, but could be less under certain circumstances.

Iroquois tribal members, in certain circumstances, may use the full name.

circumstances surrounding   (çevreleyen koşullar)

The circumstances surrounding Jidjidjav's death remain unclear.

The circumstances surrounding the creation of the duchy are disputed.

The circumstances surrounding Dao's death and Urairat's escape are disputed.

mysterious circumstances   (gizemli koşullar)

On 4 June 1876, Abdülaziz died under mysterious circumstances.

Both of their spouses had died under mysterious circumstances.

Giovanni was assassinated in 1497 under mysterious circumstances.

special circumstances   (özel durumlar)

As its officers have full police power it will assist police districts is special circumstances.

There are also exclusive cards given out in special circumstances for the original tournament games.

Strategic approval voting can guarantee electing the Condorcet winner in some special circumstances.

such circumstances   (bu tür koşullar)

Personal example is the only paying proposition in such circumstances".

In such circumstances, the old decision-seeking strategy was impossible.

In such circumstances Eden's adherence to the Homburg seemed fresh and dashing.

exceptional circumstances   (istisnai durumlar)

Presumably, this was to take place in exceptional circumstances.

Longer term liquidity may also be provided in exceptional circumstances.

Likewise, formal proofs occur only when warranted by exceptional circumstances.

similar circumstances   (benzer koşullar)

A 62-year-old woman died in similar circumstances on August 30.

The previous month an Eritrean man was killed under similar circumstances.

On April 16, 1991, he killed a 10-year-old boy under similar circumstances.

normal circumstances   (normal koşullar)

Under normal circumstances the bank will bring in €1.7 billion a year.

Under normal circumstances, bicalutamide has no capacity to activate the .

They are usually reverse-biased (non-conducting) under normal circumstances.

difficult circumstances

The marriage took place under extremely difficult circumstances.

Mr Blair has said Lord Levy carried out "a perfectly excellent job as my envoy under very difficult circumstances".

In exceptionally difficult circumstances, without a roof over his head, Chrisostomos began to rebuild the monastery.

other circumstances   (diğer koşullar)

In other circumstances, a particular scientific opinion may be at odds with consensus.

In other circumstances, harbingers of inconsiderable demands were killed as a declaration of war.

Additionally, members may need to adjust team roles due to stress, fatigue, injury, or other circumstances.

suspicious circumstances   (şüpheli durumlar)

Under regression, Day claims he died under suspicious circumstances.

A lifelong reformist, he was murdered under suspicious circumstances.

Five members of The Jazz Section died in prison under suspicious circumstances.

all circumstances   (her koşul)

The ban applied “in all circumstances [and to] any passage”.

The Caroline Plate was, under all circumstances, a separate plate in the past.

Rees-Mogg is against abortion in all circumstances, stating: "life begins at the point of conception.

controversial circumstances   (tartışmalı durumlar)

Thames then lost its franchise in controversial circumstances in 1992.

They were denied by Western Suburbs in controversial circumstances in season 1952.

In the fight, Froch stopped Groves in the ninth round amidst controversial circumstances.

different circumstances   (farklı koşullar)

These techniques vary in effectiveness under different circumstances.

Rahul and Ria meet again but in different circumstances, not on Earth.

His return to England less than two years later would be in very different circumstances.

specific circumstances

Rather "it is triggered by specific circumstances."

In specific circumstances, they may exhibit low-dimensional behaviour.

Use of this software is reserved for specific circumstances and these submissions must adhere to several additional rules.

unusual circumstances   (olağandışı durumlar)

These are only possible under unusual circumstances which are discussed as they arise below.

The observers assert that despite the unusual circumstances the election was adequately monitored.

It was after this, while Kirk was minister of Aberfoyle parish, that he died in unusual circumstances.

economic circumstances

The fineness of the silver content varied with political and economic circumstances.

Still, economic circumstances were not too severe when compared to the rest of Europe.

They saw individual liberty as something achievable only under favourable social and economic circumstances.

no circumstances

It was said that Chiang replied: "Under no circumstances!"

Under no circumstances can an entry or exit visa be required.

Under no circumstances was it just to force a man to kill another man.

most circumstances   (çoğu koşul)

In most circumstances Carthage recruited foreigners to make up its army.

Under most circumstances it differs very little from normal surface breathing.

In most circumstances, the transient cavity is not stable and collapses under gravity.

financial circumstances   (finansal koşullar)

The union brought a substantial improvement in Chardin's financial circumstances.

These applicants are admitted to the college without regard to their financial circumstances.

In October 2014, the club sold its license to Tarbiat Novin, and was dissolved due financial circumstances.

political circumstances

In the event, Canterbury was chosen instead of London, owing to political circumstances.

Even though neither side wishes to resume fighting, political circumstances in both nations threaten to plunge them into war.

Some barriers to cannabis reform are the result of the international drug control structure, while others are related to political circumstances.

extraordinary circumstances   (olağanüstü durumlar)

Ordeals were only used in extraordinary circumstances.

Robertson said this was due to extraordinary circumstances.

According to the party's constitution, a congress may not be postponed except "under extraordinary circumstances."

exact circumstances   (kesin koşullar)

The exact circumstances of Jumonville's death are disputed.

The exact circumstances of 13 and 14 October remain controversial to this day.

Its leader was killed, although the exact circumstances of his death were disputed.

limited circumstances   (sınırlı koşullar)

There are exceptions to these rules in very limited circumstances, including where a warrant applies.

Among Orthodox Judaism, use of birth control has been considered only acceptable for use in limited circumstances.

While condoning divorce only under limited circumstances, most Protestant churches allow for divorce and remarriage.

particular circumstances   (Belirli durumlar)

They are held in Munich, the Hague or Berlin, and are public unless very particular circumstances apply.

The oral proceedings in appeal are held in Munich, and are public unless very particular circumstances apply.

The banker's duty only arises where, abnormally, the banker is put on inquiry by the particular circumstances.