often cited   (よく引用される)

They are often cited as progenitors of Chicano rap.

They are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music.

The compound is often cited as a Lewis acid.

frequently cited   (頻繁に引用される)

Bowie, Bill Walton and Greg Oden are frequently cited together.

Barlow is one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the world.

It is frequently cited as an example case of moral panic in New Zealand.

most cited   (最も引用された)

he is the seventh most cited ecologist in the world.

One of the most cited works in this area, Chi et al.

Today he is one of the most cited chemists in Russia.

widely cited   (広く引用された)

His works are widely cited by other authors.

"Myth & Legends of the Celts" (Penguin) is widely cited.

Her research in long term memory is widely cited in psychology.

highly cited

Most highly cited medical researcher in the world.

Harten is listed as an ISI highly cited researcher.

Thompson as a highly cited author.

commonly cited

The most commonly cited one is harmonic innovation.

The most commonly cited human threat to birds is habitat loss.

Another commonly cited accurizing treatment for barrels is cryogenic treatment.

later cited

Alec Reed later cited the move as the company's "breakthrough" online.

Lennon and McCartney later cited Holly as one of their main influences.

They later cited the content of Hunter's statements about Israel as a reason.

cited above

It was included in The "Complete Works..." as cited above.

Schopenhauer (1813) was cited above.

Two approaches have been attempted to solve the problems cited above.

not cited

The term transubstantiation was used by the Council, but the specific Aristotelian explanation given by Scholasticism was not cited as dogmatic.

The Acts of the Apostles and nearly all the Epistles are freely employed, including the Epistle to the Hebrews, but the Apocalypse is not cited.

For reasons not cited in the sources, the Burgundians were granted "foederati" status a second time, and in 443 were resettled by Aëtius in the region of "Sapaudia".

sometimes cited

He is sometimes cited as "Rabbi Abbahu of Kisrin" (Caesarea).

Rainforests are being destroyed at a rate sometimes cited as the highest in the world.

Avīci is sometimes cited as lasting 3.39738624×10 or 339,738,624×10 years, about 3.4 quintillion years.

participate was cited

The failure of districts to agree to participate was cited as one reason that Pennsylvania was not approved.

cited papers

Since 2001, he has contributed to approximately 50 cited papers.

His most cited papers are:

In 2004 it was selected as one of the ten most frequently cited papers in the 50-year history of "Management Science".

most frequently cited   (最も頻繁に引用される)

Barlow is one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the world.

According to CiteSeer, it became one of the most frequently cited computer science articles in 2002.

Of these art groups, the Baghdad Modern Art Group and the One Dimension Group are the most frequently cited.

cited more

Patents that are cited more than one hundred times:

His work has been cited more than 8000 times.

He has been cited more than 18000 times and his current H index is 64.

cited as evidence   (証拠として引用)

These reforms have been cited as evidence of a continuity of the French administration before and after the war.

The presence of the warrah, "Dusicyon australis", has often been cited as evidence of pre-European occupation of the islands.

After the final report was published, the study became widely cited as evidence that sexual harassment contributes to women leaving science careers.

most highly cited   (最も引用されている)

He belongs to the most highly cited economists in France and Europe's leading labour economists.

According to IDEAS/RePEc, Bettinger belongs to the 5% of most highly cited economists worldwide.

In 2006, his 1998 paper on electroluminescent polymers was the most highly cited paper in Angewandte Chemie's 120-year history.