major cities   (主要都市)

The other major cities are Ferdows, Tabas and Qaen.

17203)and other major cities of India by rail road.

Various major cities and many villages were renamed.

other cities   (他の街)

They may contain other cities, towns, and villages.

Additional chapters were started in other cities.

Fans in other cities soon picked up the chant.

cities such   (そのような都市)

Furthermore, ages of the cities such Sybaris are well known.

The highway is primarily rural, avoiding larger cities such as Raleigh.

The Soviets bombed targets in cities such as Tabriz, Ardabil and Rasht.

cities and towns

The percentage is greater in northern cities and towns.

The following cities and towns share a border with Lahr.

It passes through most major cities and towns in Kalimantan.

towns and cities

The company expanded to major towns and cities.

List of towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants

A number of towns and cities have rapid transit networks.

cities across   (の都市)

In 2006, IWW ran shows in cities across Ireland.

The audio was released in many cities across Tamil Nadu.

tour, which played in 44 cities across the United States.

large cities   (大都市)

Food shortages were most acute in the large cities.

The film was particularly successful in large cities.

In large cities the poor had high rates of tuberculosis.

many cities

They then visited many cities on the North Island.

The audio was released in many cities across Tamil Nadu.

Griboyedov in many cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

several cities

They took this concert to several cities in Brazil.

Since the 1980s, several cities have re-introduced it.

He has hosted radio shows in several cities since 1998.

largest cities

Douala, Yaoundé, and Garoua are the largest cities.

Its largest cities are Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan.

The largest cities in the Bavarian area are Vienna and Munich.

various cities

NANM hosts a national convention annually in various cities.

The convention is held in various cities across North America.

The street in the Middle Ages connected various cities in the region.

different cities

He studied primary school in different cities of Turkey.

The calendar consisted of 10 races in 9 different cities.

Meanwhile, he worked as teacher in different cities in Bulgaria.

cities around   (周辺の都市)

Chicago has 28 sister cities around the world.

Okayama has 6 sister cities around the world.

and continued in a number of cities around the United Kingdom.

between the cities

John also tries to build roads between the cities.

Jerome is located between the cities of Phoenix and Sedona.

Ayarkunnam Ayarkunnam is a town located between the cities Pala and Kottayam.

larger cities

There are mixed communities in the larger cities.

Freestyle was more appreciated in larger cities.

Whites resided primarily in larger cities.

capital cities   (首都)

All areas take their names from their respective capital cities.

Adelaide is ageing more rapidly than other Australian capital cities.

Soon Hayes was singing in capital cities across Europe and was quite famous.

cities including

The debates have been expanded to other cities including Phoenix.

In 2015, the duo toured India and went to various cities including Bangalore.

It was theatrically distributed in 2015 in cities including New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

nearby cities

Heavy manufacturing took hold in nearby cities.

Jeeps are available for the nearby cities of Bageshwar and Chaukori.

Guruvayoor, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur and Kodungallur are nearby cities.

big cities

The support, however, was lower in big cities.

Other big cities are : Bambooflat, Prothrapur, and Garacharma.

Trolleybuses from this model were used in the big cities to 1973.

cities throughout

In 1963 the program toured major cities throughout India.

Groups began to appear in cities throughout Japan in April 1970.

Annual trade fairs and congresses are held in cities throughout Germany.

important cities

It is well-connected by road to all the important cities in Tamil Nadu.

Frankfurt was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire.

Other important cities are Santiago de los Caballeros ( 745,293), La Romana (pop.

coastal cities   (沿岸都市)

The Pacific Squadron secured San Francisco Bay and the coastal cities of California.

In 846 Trpimir successfully attacked the Byzantine coastal cities and their "patricius".

Many coastal cities include some of the wealthiest per-capita areas in the United States.

main cities   (主な都市)

Its main cities are Sidon, Tyre and Jezzine.

The main cities of Quhistan were Toon (now Ferdows) and Qaen.

Algiers, Oran, Constantine, and Annaba are Algeria's main cities.

both cities

The route runs on Texas Avenue in both cities.

This could mean more jobs in both cities.

Raúl spent his childhood in both cities.

other major cities   (他の主要都市)

The other major cities are Ferdows, Tabas and Qaen.

17203)and other major cities of India by rail road.

The rest of the highways start from other major cities.

following cities

Kumamoto City is twinned with the following cities.

Fontainebleau is twinned with the following cities:

Cassandreia is twinned with the following cities:

sister cities

San Casciano in Val di Pesa has five sister cities:

Other sister cities include Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Its sister cities also take part in these events.

industrial cities

Việt Trì is one of the first industrial cities of northern Vietnam.

Finally, he also launched a non-profit ASAS to maintain and manage industrial cities.

By 1920, Cambridge was one of New England's main industrial cities, with nearly 120,000 residents.

port cities   (港湾都市)

Both are older Saudi port cities on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Most Jews settled in port cities, where they worked as traders and medrchants.

Ceuta and Melilla are port cities, Spanish enclaves on the coast of North Africa.

cities along

Several stations in intermediate cities along the lines are also served.

Maues vastly expanded his domain by conquering key cities along the Indus.

Most colonial cities along the northern coast were subject to these attacks.

smaller cities

The rest are smaller cities and towns.

However, by 1960 Braniff had ceased serving many of the smaller cities listed above.

In large cities baiting appears to be more common than in smaller cities or villages.

number of cities   (都市の数)

Randomly distributed on the land are a number of cities.

A number of cities with Flyovers also have "City Tours".

The 17th century also saw the founding of a number of cities.

all cities

Common to all cities with this climate, Limón has no discernible dry season.

Chinese restaurants were established in many country towns and all cities by the 1970s.

This list includes all cities and towns in the region with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

host cities

The host cities for the championships have been:

The host cities are Yacuíba and Bermejo.

The host cities are Tarija and Warnes.

cities within

Various other types food are sold in other cities within Northeast China.

Routes or state highways, or in strategic cities within regions of a state, e.g.

Modern Koryukivka is one of the most promising cities within the Chernihiv region.

cities and villages

It can be practiced in cities and villages or farms.

Nearby cities and villages : Hrnčiarske Zalužany, Husiná and Kružno.

As this eighty years war developed, raids against cities and villages occurred.

neighboring cities

Men work in refineries and mills in neighboring cities (Beaumont, Port Arthur).

Kattanam is well connected to neighboring cities and states via several highways.

It also aired in neighboring cities such as Iloilo and the whole of Western Visayas.

most cities   (ほとんどの都市)

Today most cities in Sweden appoint a Lucy every year.

The low crime rate makes most cities and towns very safe to walk around.

Joseph Kobzon has performed in solo concerts in most cities of the former USSR.

many other cities   (他の多くの都市)

Similar structures were soon introduced in many other cities.

Similar massacres took place in many other cities, such as Polona and Bar.

He was born in Pavia and worked in Milan, Mantua, Ferrara and many other cities.

list of cities

The name is given in a list of cities of Nimrod in Sumer (Shinar).

In 2010 Kiev joined the list of cities that hold their own annual marathon.

List of cities in Somalia by population This is a list of cities in Somalia by population.

twin cities

Shedbal is very close to Sangli Miraj twin cities.

Düren has 7 twin cities: Düren has its own radio station (Radio Rur).

It was merged with Hubballi in 1961 to form the twin cities of Hubballi-Dharwad.

surrounding cities

There is a train station, as well as several bus links to the surrounding cities.

Most surrounding cities, like Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent were ruled by Calvinists.

Buses travel to and near Vizzini regularly from surrounding cities Catania and Ragusa.

cities during

In September 2012, she performed in six cities during her California Tour.

The production of wealth also became concentrated in cities during this period.

MEC launched its third National Festival, MEC Snowfest, in all MEC cities during the winter of 2011.

all major cities   (すべての主要都市)

Spurious drug rackets were spread to all major cities in the country.

GSRTC, provides bus service connecting all major cities and towns of Gujarat.

Intercity bus services run by multiple private companies connect all major cities.

between cities

Unlike Inter-city, it stops at most or all stations between cities.

Since it was also the annual competition between cities / union held .

CRH trainsets are intended to provide fast and convenient travel between cities.

through the cities

Running through the cities is U.S. 1.

The game has subtle strategies to make others navigate through the cities.

The line passes through the cities of Higashimurayama, Kodaira, and Kokubunji.

small cities

It has many block huts built forming small cities.

Many people are nomadic though some small cities also exist (such as Idlès).

The city has seen a fast pace of rural exodus from other small cities and villages.

new cities

Many of his sons founded new cities and became kings.

Gyeryong city is one of the newest cities except for new cities near Seoul.

Many new cities were established in this period and Chinese culture was slowly shaped.

independent cities

Like other independent cities in the United States, it is treated as a county-equivalent for census purposes.

Many city districts are incorporated suburbs ("Vororte"), or were previously independent cities, such as Höchst.

Taylor only won three of the district's nine county-level jurisdictions, and only carried one of its independent cities, Poquoson.

most important cities   (最も重要な都市)

Frankfurt was one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire.

The most important cities are: San Fernando de Apure, Achagua, Elorza and Guasdualito.

Monterrey was one of the most important cities that exported this product to the country.

including the cities

He represented District 3, which encompasses most of Josephine County, including the cities of Grants Pass and Cave Junction.

The cucumbers used in Vlasic pickles are grown in Michigan, including the cities of Mount Pleasant and Kalamazoo, and processed at its plant in Imlay City.

The Marathas defeated the Nizam's forces with the latter surrendering territory worth 60 lakhs including the cities of Ahmadnagar, Daultabad, Burhanpur and Bijapur.

cities include

Other sister cities include Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Other cities include Prescott, Sedona, Page, and Williams.

Other cities include Ashland and Washburn.

cities and counties

Sales tax rates for cities and counties are also added to purchases.

About 1,102 school districts, independent of cities and counties, handle California's public education.

Late that night numerous cities and counties across the island shut down schools and offices for up to two days.

few cities

Several roads were blocked by downed trees and flooding, temporarily isolating a few cities.

In 2012, Austin became just one of a few cities in Texas to ban the sale and use of plastic bags.

However, it recovered and was one of the few cities (outside London) where population grew during the 1990s.

principal cities

Its principal cities are San Juan, Caguas and Guaynabo.

The world's principal cities are mirrored by seas, rivers, or lakes.

The principal cities are: The economy of Crete is predominantly based on services and tourism.

cities as well   (都市も)

Smaller protests occurred in other Lithuanian cities as well.

KTDC conducts one-day and two-day sight-seeing tours in major cities as well as in tourist centers.

Presently, PRÓ-VIDA has tens of nuclei of participants in various Brazilian cities as well as abroad.

ancient cities

The school has six houses, named after ancient cities.

These ancient cities started producing coins from 550BCE to 510BCE.

Many ancient cities have names such as "Mudraya"/"Musraya"/"Thinis".

metropolitan cities

Rajshahi is one of seven metropolitan cities in Bangladesh.

Within the metropolitan cities, these rates have increased by 100%.

Red Maps Red Maps are a series of foldout guides to metropolitan cities in the United States and Europe.

includes the cities

It includes the cities of Jerusalem and Hebron.

The new 16th includes the cities of Erie, Sharon, Hermitage, Butler and Meadville.

Okayama is the core of the Okayama metropolitan area, which includes the cities of Kurashiki and Sōja.

northern cities

The percentage is greater in northern cities and towns.

Photographers documented families across the South and in northern cities.

In 1919, Rube Foster organized a number of baseball teams featuring black players in northern cities.

major cities such   (主要都市など)

Creole and Chinese restaurants are common in major cities such as Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni.

It is currently installed on bus fleets in major cities such as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and Baltimore.

Tactile ground surface indicators are installed broadly in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Guangzhou.

inner cities

established links between the Galician, Cantabrian, South Atlantic or Levante ports, and the inner cities.

Inwood, like many other neighborhoods in inner cities during the late 1980s was plagued by the crack epidemic.

Even in the U.S., places like the inner cities of New York, and Chicago have given rise to promising young talent.

cities worldwide

The video revealed an initial schedule of 22 concerts across 11 cities worldwide.

Within the first year, Bunz accumulated over 75,000 users in over 200 cities worldwide.

As of October 2013, Lufthansa Cargo serves 57 cities worldwide with its cargo aircraft.

numerous cities

Obstfelder's memory is celebrated in numerous cities in Europe.

Casting for the series began in April 2011 with talent searches in numerous cities across Texas.

Late that night numerous cities and counties across the island shut down schools and offices for up to two days.

incorporated cities

The state has 482 incorporated cities and towns, of which 460 are cities and 22 are towns.

As reflected in the 2010 United States Census, Alaska has a total of 355 incorporated cities and census-designated places (CDPs).

Initially, the Sno-Isle Regional Library signed contracts with incorporated cities to operate their libraries and join the system for a fixed amount.

cities all

Qualification games took place in 14 cities all over the country.

Qualification games take place in 14 cities all over the country.

They now put on a One Day Sunday event in cities all around Australia.

connecting the cities

It is also the main north-south route connecting the cities of Fayetteville, Sanford, Burlington and Reidsville.

Hakodate Main Line The is a railway line connecting the cities of Hakodate and Asahikawa via Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan.

BoA's inaugural flight was made on 29 March 2009 connecting the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

key cities

Maues vastly expanded his domain by conquering key cities along the Indus.

Other key cities of the region in pre-modern times include Suzhou and Shaoxing.

The plan entailed takeover by the Syrian military of key cities and border crossings.

connects the cities

It also connects the cities of Smithfield, Selma, Zebulon, Youngsville and Oxford.

The route connects the cities of East Grand Forks, Bemidji, Grand Rapids, and Duluth.

The highway connects the cities of Cuitzeo, Moroleón, Uriangato and Valle de Santiago.

all the cities

Not all the cities were dangerous.

Railway committees were established in all the cities on the planned route.

Ultimately they have to use these forces to take all the cities on the map, including those of the other players, who are often run by the computer's game engine.

such cities

The number of such cities (MOZ) varies from one region to another.

All such cities are threatened with orbital bombardment unless they surrender.

Csok had many international exhibitions in such cities as Rome, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and London.

more cities

The competition was hosted in one or more cities.

More and more cities today draw on this globally available labor force.

At its peak, "Beatlemania" had limited-engagements in many more cities in the U.S. and abroad.

first cities

The first cities started showing up as San Francisco and Sacramento exploded in population.

It was the Romans who founded the first cities and towns such as London, Bath, York, Chester and St Albans.

Leeds and Bradford became the first cities to put trolleybuses into service in Great Britain on 20 June 1911.

biggest cities

The biggest cities in the voivodeship were Kaunas, Grodno and Trakai.

There were also a very few larger cinemas in some of the biggest cities.

As one of the two biggest cities in Spain, Barcelona is subject to a special law articulated through the "Carta Municipal" (Municipal Law).

oldest cities

Elbląg is one of the oldest cities in the province.

Mazyr is one of the oldest cities of historical Ruthenia.

Iziaslav, Ukraine Iziaslav (, ) or Zaslav (, ; ) is one of the oldest cities in Volhynia.