Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

city council   (Ayuntamiento)

The president also presides over the city council.

The city council reflects this mix in its makeup.

The arena was proposed in 2005 by the city council.

city centre   (centro de la ciudad)

In the city centre, driving a car is discouraged.

Erfurt-Weimar Airport lies west of the city centre.

Both are based in Park Street in the city centre.

capital city   (ciudad capital)

It provides water to the capital city of Gaborone.

It is about north of the capital city of Gaborone.

Gaya is south of Patna, the capital city of Bihar.

largest city   (ciudad más grande)

The capital and largest city in Comoros is Moroni.

Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta.

Flagstaff is the largest city in Northern Arizona.

city limits   (límites de la ciudad)

The 56.2 km road straddles the Minsk city limits.

The Lake Cadillac is entirely within the city limits.

It serves a section of the Mount Pleasant city limits.

within the city   (Dentro de la ciudad)

Iwaki-Taira Velodrome is located within the city.

It is entirely within the city of Marathon, Florida.

city center   (centro de la ciudad)

It is located at around 7 km from the city center.

This is about , by road, east of the city center.

In the city center is Wakayama Castle, built on Mt.

around the city   (alrededor de la ciudad)

The area around the city is uninhabited and lean.

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

It is one of the fastest ways to get around the city.

through the city

This highway passes through the city of Tiruppur.

The Pan-American Highway passes through the city.

Also, the B69 runs through the city of Vechta.

city hall   (Municipalidad)

Originally built to be placed in the dome of city hall.

A puppet representing January is burnt at the city hall.

His murder occurred 300 meters from the city hall office.

city government   (Gobierno de la Ciudad)

Niigata's city government was established in 1889.

They were given a splendid reception by the city government.

near the city   (cerca de la cuidad)

The site is near the city of Marion, Indiana.

Pekan Rabu is located near the city's government offices.

It is located under the Gorica hill, near the city center.

outside the city   (Afuera de la ciudad)

Up to 1300, the island was outside the city walls.

Just outside the city walls stood a small castle.

Jousts are often held in a meadow outside the city.

city walls   (murallas de la ciudad)

Up to 1300, the island was outside the city walls.

The game comes with 12 city walls, 3 of each color.

Only the last was actually inside the city walls.

inner city   (ciudad interior)

Initially, Dr. Beck approached an inner city church.

Yarraville was chosen for its unique village and inner city location.

The inner city of Cologne was completely destroyed during World War II.

new city

The new city was essentially a colony of Genoa.

He named the new city "Nakhon Ratchasima".

The new city coat of arms was different from the historical one.

throughout the city

Many shops throughout the city produce these goods.

Similar purges continued throughout the city.

Fuses were left throughout the city to ignite the fires.

ancient city   (ciudad antigua)

Hit is identified with the ancient city of Eitha.

Kalavryta is built near the ancient city of Cynaetha.

Pula is located near the ancient city of Nora.

port city   (ciudad portuaria)

Joseph was born in the port city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Badr is originally from the port city of Tartus.

Other families are found in the port city of La Ceiba.

old city

The total population of the old city is about 5,000.

Almost all study and work in the old city cease.

The story is set in Hyderabad and its old city.


The city’s name derives from its Celtic toponym, "Beda".

During this crisis, Agrippa served as the city’s ambassador to Rome.

The Lamplighters Team lights the city’s streets, and maintains the lamps.

city s

The city’s name derives from its Celtic toponym, "Beda".

During this crisis, Agrippa served as the city’s ambassador to Rome.

The Lamplighters Team lights the city’s streets, and maintains the lamps.

when the city   (cuando la ciudad)

He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.

The Chongzhen Emperor committed suicide when the city fell.

It was destroyed when the city was bombed on 19 March 1945.

across the city   (a través de la ciudad)

Spies, led by Dr. Rice, chase Davey across the city.

The department has 8 stations spread across the city.

Overall turnout across the city was 37.8%.

city officials   (oficiales de la ciudad)

It also prodded city officials to spur redevelopment in the area.

In recent years city officials have explored ways to revitalize the city.

Speakers at the anniversary included Betty French and city officials at the time.

major city   (ciudad principal)

from the closest major city, Thiruvananthapuram.

It lies north-east of the major city of Dresden.

Detroit is the only major city along the Canada–U.S.

entire city   (Toda la ciudad)

This is just over 15 percent of the entire city.

Presently the entire city council is Democratic.

The entire city is administrated by Sreepur municipality.

same city

He was buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in that same city.

All games in a pool take place over a weekend in the same city.

city itself   (ciudad misma)

The city itself is known for its railway station.

The city itself is described as stunningly beautiful.

located within the city itself (close to the harbour).

first city

Rajbiraj is the first city of Nepal to be urban planned.

It was also the first city on the island to issue coinage.

León was the first city in Mexico to implement a BRT system.

city during

He was in the city during its siege by Henry of Navarre.

Jordan captured the city during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Bhadrapur was a very prosperous city during the early 1900s.

small city

This small city can be reached by train from Bogotá.

Beinamar Beinamar () is a small city in Chad.

Smalininkai Smalininkai () is a small city in Lithuania.

city status

It was elevated to city status on January 1, 1921.

It was elevated to city status on April 23, 1949.

Nagano was elevated to city status on April 1, 1897.

city became

In 2019, the city became a UNESCO City of Literature.

In 1991, the city became part of independent Belarus.

Meanwhile, the famine within the city became unbearable.

city streets   (calles de la ciudad)

Montag runs through the city streets towards Faber's house.

These places can measure four by four meters on city streets.

Many were sold by travelling chapmen in city streets or at fairs.

home city   (ciudad de origen)

The film is set in his home city, Glasgow, Scotland.

The film is set in the director's home city of Chongqing.

Before starting his career Hýll lived in his home city Žilina.

city is located

The city is located next to located along the .

The city is located near the Costa Rica-Panama border.

The city is located in USDA hardiness zones 5b and 6a.

native city   (ciudad natal)

Haran died in his native city, Ur of the Chaldees.

He died on 30 May 1876, in his native city of Vienna.

He died in his native city on 26 February 1814.

modern city

The modern city was founded on February 11, 1942.

"See Tokyo for photographs of the modern city."

The modern city was officially founded on May 20, 1921.

city wall   (Muralla)

They kiss on the city wall which is witnessed by Maxine.

(The Marais was just outside the city wall at the time.)

The city wall was 33.676 kilometres long.

host city

However, the host city for 2020 was deferred.

The host city of this edition is Santa Cruz.

The host city would be Qingdao.

between the city

This division was in part a split between the city and the countryside.

There are several bridges in Kitakyushu and between the city and other places.

This led to a considerable tension between the city and the Republic of Poland.

populous city   (ciudad populosa)

Ōita is the most populous city in Ōita Prefecture.

Des Moines has remained Iowa's most populous city.

Berlin is the most populous city proper in the EU.

city located

Alicante Alicante (, , ; ) is a city located in Spain.

Tatuí Tatuí is a city located in São Paulo state, Brazil.

Rourkela Rourkela is a planned city located in the northern part of Odisha, India.

left the city

He left the city around 1618 and returned in 1635.

Many people left the city in fear of future attacks.

Around 1917 he left the city, returning in 1922.

second largest city

Luganville Luganville is the second largest city in Vanuatu.

Chittagong, the largest sea port, is the second largest city.

It was the second largest city of independent Finland as of 1917.

nearby city

She was found three days later in the nearby city of Kant.

For higher study, people can go to the nearby city of Dehri.

Thrikkariyoor is the nearby city.

main city   (ciudad principal)

It is 44.3 km from its district main city Kakinada.

The main city of the Azores is Ponta Delgada.

The museum is located in Antakya, the main city of Hatay.

city park

Franke Park is the most extensive city park, covering .

Colonial Heights has a city park located at its center.

The area became a Phoenix city park in 1968.

city manager

He later served as city manager from 1967 to 1968.

In 1974, Sheehy was named city manager of Lowell.

William Rawlins was chosen city manager in 2011.

city and county   (ciudad y condado)

She was a steadfast advocate for the city and county.

Gillette is a city and county seat of Campbell County.

The airport is owned by the city and county.

entered the city

Sforza entered the city as Duke on 26 February.

Vasili III entered the city the next day.

These entered the city in 52 and met at the Porta Maggiore.

city councillor   (concejal de la ciudad)

She became a city councillor of Marseille in 2001.

Doug Collins was the city councillor from 1994 to 1997.

In 1988 Rehn was elected as a city councillor in Helsinki.

most populous city   (ciudad más poblada)

Ōita is the most populous city in Ōita Prefecture.

Des Moines has remained Iowa's most populous city.

Berlin is the most populous city proper in the EU.

city population

According to Census 2010 city population is 52,000.

By 1300 the city population was 50,000–55,000.

As of the 2010 census, the city population was 39,260.

city proper   (ciudad propiamente)

Berlin is the most populous city proper in the EU.

Situated at six kilometers east of the city proper.

Population of the city proper is about 0.77 million.

leave the city   (dejar la ciudad)

He told her that he needed money to leave the city.

He plans to leave the city to his hometown along with Anandhi.

Cicero demanded that Catiline and his followers leave the city.

big city

Walter Norton a reporter for big city newspaper.

It has a small town atmosphere in the big city.

In a big city like London, this process of advantage-seeking is rife.

former city

It is located near the east gate of the former city.

The island was the first of the new town, and was outside the former city walls.

Several former city halls have been located on the square or in its immediate vicinity.

sister city

Albion is a sister city with Noisy-le-Roi, France.

Sikasso's sister city is Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.

Dartmouth's sister city is Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

city attorney   (abogado de la ciudad)

He was city attorney for Creston from 1887 to 1889.

Four years later he became city attorney in St. Louis.

He was also Nashville's city attorney from 1895 to 1897.

city block   (Manzana de la ciudad)

With this purchase, the parish owned an entire city block.

It is formed as a rectangle, more or less like a city block.

Thornton Park is located one city block east of Lake Eola Park.

other city   (otra ciudad)

No other city on Santiago has a municipal bus service.

The aldermen and most of the other city authorities opted to stay at their posts.

If stolen en route, the note had no value, as it could not be cashed in any other city.

city is home   (la ciudad es hogar)

The city is home to more than 52,000 students.

The city is home to two major universities.

The city is home to sports clubs and teams.

large city

Fairbanks is the only large city in the region.

This may be because a large city leads to more anonymity.

Varna (disambiguation) Varna is a large city in Bulgaria.

walled city

Its perimeter wall encloses , making it one of the largest walled city parks in Europe.

It was across the river from the walled city of Intramuros, where the Spaniards resided.

Algiers was a walled city from the time of the deys until the close of the 19th century.

city is served

The city is served by the deepwater Port of Astoria.

The city is served by Regionshospitalet Randers.

The city is served by the Abakan International Airport.

serving the city

There are five U.S. highways serving the city.

Gaya Junction railway station is a junction station serving the city.

Edinburgh's Catholic Chaplaincy serving the city's universities is named after St Albert.

important city

Gaozhou is a historically important city in Guangdong.

They had inhabited the area and made Rouen their most important city.

In these documents, Hazor is described as an important city in Canaan.

central city

But what about the kids of the central city?...

The airport is located southeast of the central city on Weh Island.

Hellerup is the city's northernmost district with a central city feeling.

city include

Attractions within and surrounding the city include:

universities in city include: Jahrom has 65 health houses.

Non-profit hospitals in the city include the Hindu Mission Hospital.

independent city

enter the independent city of Roanoke as Melrose Avenue.

Each circuit covers at least one of Missouri's 114 counties and one independent city, St. Louis.

Old Point Comfort Old Point Comfort is a point of land located in the independent city of Hampton, Virginia.

coastal city   (ciudad costera)

As a coastal city, Cirebon's main industry is fishery.

West of Casterly Rock is the coastal city of Lannisport.

Kim was born in the coastal city of Mokpo, South Jeolla.

each city

The writers wanted to feature an event in each city.

The company is required to have a permit in each city it services.

It usually requires a number of venues in each city to accommodate it.

industrial city

Louisville was on her way to becoming an industrial city.

Ludhiana is considered a major industrial city of Punjab, India.

MODON is an industrial city initiative run by the Saudi Arabia government.

city was named

From 1977 to 2010 the city was named Teplohirsk.

The city was named Yangi Buxoro (New Bukhara) until 1935.

The city was named after Nilo Peçanha, a President of Brazil.

city was founded

The modern city was founded on February 11, 1942.

The modern city was founded on 1 April 1889.

Ube, Yamaguchi The city was founded on November 1, 1921.

city of license   (ciudad de licencia)

The call sign stood for the city of license, WATeRbury.

Stations are arranged in alphabetical order by city of license.

Stations are arranged alphabetically by state and city of license.

captured the city   (capturó la ciudad)

The North Vietnamese captured the city on March 24 1975.

The force captured the city of Kandahar on 8 January 1879.

Jordan captured the city during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

inside the city

Only the last was actually inside the city walls.

Snowfall inside the city of Los Angeles is rare.

Deriades drives the Bacchantes inside the city walls.

serves the city

It serves the city of Shepparton, and opened on 13 January 1880.

It serves the city of Potenza in the region of Basilicata, Italy.

It serves the city of Rockhampton.

city began

That night the city began to burn in earnest.

The German occupation of the city began on 8 April 1941.

During his reign the city began to prosper.

city life   (vida en la ciudad)

Crime was a prominent feature of city life.

The crossings have been a part of city life for many years.

Public services improved city life.

city planning

The Amsterdam canal system is the result of conscious city planning.

She also found work in Goselenstroy, the Moscow city planning department.

The term means "cities" in arabic, demonstrating its focus on city planning.

city area

The city area is spread over and comprises 16 wards.

It is situated in the Cooch Behar city area.

It connected the city area of Novi Sad and Petrovaradin.

city blocks

The area, covering about eight city blocks, includes:

The city blocks appear in the map, but the lots aren't marked.

Each election district is made up of a small number of city blocks.

city residents

The average age of city residents is 43.37.

80% of the city residents are employed by the mining industry.

Following its completion, the park became popular with city residents.

city charter   (carta de la ciudad)

In 1842, the city charter was amended for the first time.

9364) to its city charter (Republic Act No.

The city charter was accepted in 1892.

city bus

A typical city bus costs almost US$450,000.

Soneji makes his way out of the hospital and escapes in a city bus.

ESHOT operates city bus service on Mustafa Kemal Coastal Boulevard.

city lies

The city lies NNE of Edinburgh and NNW of London.

In the center of the city lies Imabari Castle.

The commercial center of the city lies along Route 330.

against the city   (contra la ciudad)

A victory against the city wasn't so easily achieved.

Alexander's first expedition was against the city of Ptolemais.

This sparked a lawsuit against the city by the Lincoln Place Tenants Association.

city and state   (ciudad y estado)

This was seriously considered by the city and state highway engineers.

was subject to restrictions and cuts by city and state film censorship boards.

At a height of , it is currently the sixth-tallest building in the city and state.

became a city

She became a city councillor of Marseille in 2001.

Warman officially became a city on October 27, 2012.

In 1972, it became a city of Republican subordination.

historic city

He is also mayor of Lavaur, a historic city near Toulouse, since 1995.

Within the new fortress, many of the historic city wall gates were closed.

It is located in the southern part of the historic city Jeddah, on the Red Sea coast.

city gates

The Romans made a sortie from the two city gates.

The city gates were manned and partly walled-up.

He was buried in the church of St. Alban, outside the city gates.

city administration

A mayor ("walikota") leads the city administration.

This time Komarovsky was already the head of the city administration of Vereya.

whole city   (toda la ciudad)

With his tail on fire he sets the whole city of Lanka ablaze.

"The whole city is my canvas," he told Time Magazine in 1976.

In London the pupils do better than the average of the whole city.

including the city

He represented southern Escambia County, including the city of Pensacola.

Parts of the La Paz conurbation, including the city of El Alto, extend up to .

As a reward Bavaria was promised other estates, including the city of Nuremberg.

only city   (única ciudad)

The only city that he assigns to them is Aufidena.

The San Marco gate is the only city gate that remains today.

The administrative centre of Cornwall is Truro, its only city.

founded the city

Carlos Jose Bernardes Sobrinho founded the city.

Chalcidean settlers founded the city in 735 BC.

Aeneas founded the city of Lavinium, named after his wife.