civilians were killed   (民間人が殺された)

Thousands of the evacuating civilians were killed.

At least 200 civilians were killed during the bombings.

Three civilians were killed and 15 wounded.

against civilians   (民間人に対して)

Heavy resistance led to immense German reprisals against civilians.

Cassese along with other police was against civilians within the CCRB.

Throughout 2017, there were no reports of ADF using violence against civilians.

soldiers and civilians   (兵士と民間人)

Chinese soldiers and civilians fled the city in panic.

The participants consisted of both soldiers and civilians.

Over a thousand people, soldiers and civilians, were saved.

innocent civilians   (無実の民間人)

It also killed a great many innocent civilians.

The victims buried in these mass graves included government officials, innocent civilians, women and children.

Former President Musharraf expressed solidarity with Algeria, condemned this attack and condoled the deaths of innocent civilians.

civilians killed

The exact number of Filipino civilians killed by US troops will never be known.

Total recorded casualties amount to 24 civilians killed outside Athens Polytechnic campus.

In total out of around 200 civilians killed by the IRA as informers, 82 were ex-servicemen.

civilians during

Government forces killed more than 75,000 civilians during the war 1980–1992.

The fleet transported a total of 250,000 soldiers and civilians during the evacuation.

number of civilians   (民間人の数)

There is no estimate on the number of civilians that died.

A number of civilians were also being held, most for robbery.

The bombardment killed and injured an unknown number of civilians.

many civilians

These attacks aimed at spreading terror, and killed many civilians.

He said that airstrike had occurred on the Madrassa and had killed many civilians and children.

If Godzilla is on land, he will go on a rampage and it will show how many civilians were killed.

thousands of civilians

Consequently thousands of civilians in the region become refugees.

The march and demonstration resulted in the arrests of thousands of civilians, who remained in prison for months.

On the morning of July 16, 2003, the Clan detonates atom bombs in Washington, DC, killing the President and thousands of civilians.

unarmed civilians   (非武装の民間人)

Ismail Khan reportedly used cluster bombs, killing 220–250 unarmed civilians.

The Shining Path targeted unarmed civilians as part of their strategy to devastate communities as a whole.

US and Somali commandoes reportedly killed 10 unarmed civilians including three children and a woman during a raid.