Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

sources claim   (reclamo de fuentes)

Other sources claim a higher figure, of at least 40.

Many sources claim Wigman was personally anti-semitic.

However other sources claim Krishna II conquered Andhra.

not claim   (no reclamar)

It does not claim any connection with the First World War regiment.

Surprisingly, the book does not claim the Mašíns were American spies.

Jacolliot does not claim that Jesus was in India as some have claimed.

claim against   (demanda contra)

On April 10, 1981, Newton filed a libel claim against NBC.

Shogun Finance brought a claim against Mr Hudson for the return of its vehicle.

In December 2006, it abandoned the claim against Greens MPs Bob Brown and Peg Putt.

laid claim   (reclamo presentado)

The government laid claim to a part of this estate.

He laid claim to Khmelnytsky's estate, claiming it as his.

In 1858, France formally laid claim.

claim to fame   (reclamar fama)

He considers that as his claim to fame.

For now, he has miles to travel before he gets a claim to fame.

Dalkowski's claim to fame was the high velocity of his fastball.

lay claim   (reivindican)

Argonauts lay claim to the legendary Mud Bowl.

By 1910, Lexington lay claim to being the "largest tobacco market in the world.

Brunei is one of many nations to lay claim to some of the disputed Spratly Islands.

land claim   (reclamo de tierras)

After the case, Canada developed a land claim policy to guide negotiations.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Vallejo's land claim for Rancho Suscol in 1862.

Sometime after 1848, Barlow purchased a land claim from his father Sam Barlow for $6,000.

claim the title   (reclamar el título)

Ajax was the first team to claim the title that season.

The game ended in an 11–11 tie causing many teams to claim the title.

Đinh Bộ Lĩnh wasn't the first to claim the title of "Đế" (帝, "Emperor").

able to claim   (capaz de reclamar)

Players must convert their pirate fortresses and have 10 victory points before being able to claim victory.

Since he is Jewish, Rozhansky was able to claim Israeli citizenship and was classified as a domestic player.

Shock Till You Drop wrote, "It was too coherent at the start to be able to claim the moniker of '70s drug movie."

claim descent   (reclamar descendencia)

Many castes today claim descent from Malayaman.

His clan, the Ljubibratići, claim descent from the medieval Ljubibratić noble family.

All of the earliest traditional Clan Mackenzie histories claim descent from a Fitzgerald progenitor.

did not claim   (no reclamó)

He did not claim they doubled.

He stated that his estimates were tentative and did not claim any finality.

During that time the inter-county team did not claim any honours at senior level.

later claim   (reclamo posterior)

Despite Charlotte's later claim, it was not her last poem.

That later claim would be senior despite its temporal disconnect.

He would later claim that the delegation did so without his authorization.

no claim   (sin reclamación)

There was no claim of responsibility for the attack.

These have no claim on promotion to the highest positions.

Mcunu had no claim to the child but he named her nevertheless: Khanyisile, one who brings light.

claim their first   (reclamar su primer)

Dublin beat Galway by 12 points to claim their first Leinster title in 52 years.

Fresno State defeated Georgia two games to one to claim their first championship.

In that final, they defeated Munster 31–13 to claim their first ever Pro 12 title.

others claim   (otros reclaman)

The first and only set had 349 cards, although others claim 348 for a missing "Extrapolate" card.

Still others claim that Sheriff Webb accidentally discharged his own revolver, instigating the fusillade.

Harnessing this effect could generate a reactionless thrust, which Woodward and others claim to measure in various experiments.

does not claim   (no reclama)

It does not claim any connection with the First World War regiment.

Surprisingly, the book does not claim the Mašíns were American spies.

Jacolliot does not claim that Jesus was in India as some have claimed.

continued to claim   (continuó reclamando)

Over the 17th century, this rump state continued to claim "Cumania" as a constituent Land of the Hungarian Crown.

Negotiations to join the United States were thwarted by perennial objection from New York, which continued to claim Vermont.

Nonetheless, during a debate with his opponent, Anchorage, Alaska Mayor Mark Begich, days after his conviction, Stevens continued to claim innocence.

claim made   (reclamo hecho)

No claim made by Hislop has been confirmed by historians.

Witnesses disputed the claim made by the sheriff's office that the detectives identified themselves.

The defendant answers to a previous claim made by Simon that he and Theodotos had an agreement between them.

baggage claim   (recogida de equipaje)

Rental car counters are located across from the baggage claim area.

Since November 2016, the check-in and baggage claim areas of Terminal 1 are not in use.

The new terminal has more space for ticketing, baggage claim, car rental, and security screening.

authors claim   (los autores afirman)

The authors claim performance of up to 25.66 cycles per byte on an Intel Core 2 Duo.

According to some sources he was first nominated a coadjutor; other authors claim he initially acted as a vicar.

Some authors claim that kneeling before the Emperor followed the 17th-century precedent in the case of the 5th Dalai Lama.

filed a claim   (presentó un reclamo)

Semtek International had also filed a claim in Maryland's state court.

Schapira filed a claim against the university over the injuries he suffered during the halftime ceremony.

The class action lawsuit was against L.A. Tan Enterprises, Inc. and settled for $1.5 million, which included between $125 and $150 for each class member who filed a claim.

claim the throne   (reclamar el trono)

It is from this harbour that William the Conqueror left for England to claim the throne.

After fighting through demons, Johnny manages to claim the throne and becomes the new King of Hell.

William chose the port of Dives as the starting point of his campaign to claim the throne of England.

order to claim   (orden de reclamar)

Meanwhile, Warbringer led the Chitauri fleet to the planet Xitaung in order to claim the Power Stone.

So in order to claim the land, he cut off his own arm, and threw it to the land, and claimed it as his.

The magus' plan is to use the long lost tradition embedded within the stone in order to claim the country of Eddis for his king.

legal claim   (reclamación legal)

It cannot provide assistance to any person in connection with a legal claim.

After the birth of the child, the authorities will be asked whether a legal claim exists without a request.

Therefore, any legal claim advanced to justify regime change by a foreign power carries a particularly heavy burden.

support the claim   (apoyar el reclamo)

He reached the Mollucas and obtained the evidence requested to support the claim before the UN.

InSight Crime suggested that the evidence presented to support the claim of infighting is "hardly definitive".

The district court and court of appeals opinions do not support the claim that a health or safety problem existed.

historians claim   (los historiadores afirman)

Ahom local historians claim 18th century buranjis to be 13th century.

Local historians claim it is the oldest free black church building to survive in the Americas.

Other historians claim that Seonangdangs developed as altars to Sanwang, the deities of mountains.

critics claim   (reclamo de los críticos)

", and several critics claim that "What Is to Be Done?"

Some critics claim that he is an Islamist supporter and terrorist sympathizer.

Her critics claim that her focus was on new roads—not maintenance of existing ones.