Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

later claimed   (luego reclamó)

He later claimed that he and Montez had an affair.

The French later claimed the area for New France.

He later claimed his intention was to kill the boy.

claimed responsibility   (responsabilidad reclamada)

No group claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Nobody claimed responsibility for these actions.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

claimed off   (reclamado)

Urbik was claimed off waivers on September 5, 2010.

On August 28, 2012, Brodine was claimed off waivers.

He was claimed off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays on July 6.

claimed off waivers

Urbik was claimed off waivers on September 5, 2010.

On August 28, 2012, Brodine was claimed off waivers.

He was claimed off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays on July 6.

claimed descent

They also claimed descent from the Turkic Khazars.

The dynasty claimed descent from Woden via Seaxnēat.

Several ancient towns claimed descent from the deity.

claimed the title   (reclamó el título)

His side claimed the title following a 1-15 to 1-14 victory.

Simpson claimed the title after stopping Morris in the 5th round.

Danielle claimed the title of Miss Bikini World Australia in Manly.

government claimed   (el gobierno reclamó)

In mid-March 2010, the government claimed to have thwarted a coup plot.

At one point the Confederate government claimed authority over the Neutral Lands.

The Mali government claimed to have regained control of all three towns the next day.

then claimed

The Spanish Empire then claimed and conquered it.

He then claimed: "I've never experiences torrential rain in my life."

The media then claimed the Victorian crew should be nominated instead.

claimed his first

In Spain, he claimed his first aerial victory on 20 January 1937.

Larinto claimed his first World Cup victory on 1 December 2010 at Kuopio.

Adrian Lewis claimed his first European Tour title with a 6–3 win over Ian White.

claimed the lives

It claimed the lives of hundreds of people, mostly civilians.

The Uprising claimed the lives of 17 police officers, 21 rebels and 61 innocent bystanders.

Ultimately, the rebellion had claimed the lives of over 1 million people, a majority of whom were Jewish.

claimed victory

In the end, Missouri Valley claimed victory 27–13.

Cumberland claimed victory by a score of 31–10.

falsely claimed

Some newspapers falsely claimed that he had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The NFL's statement falsely claimed that the ball wasn't kicked immediately after the bounce.

Anthroposophists were offended when Besant falsely claimed that Steiner had been educated by Jesuits.

further claimed

They further claimed that the passage of the Treaty would "jeopardise" farm succession rights.

He further claimed to have met his cousin face to face in a San Diego park shortly after the escape.

Lawyers acting on the hospital's behalf further claimed that further treatment for Alfie would be "unkind and inhumane".

often claimed   (a menudo reclamado)

Stead had often claimed that he would die from either lynching or drowning.

For example, it is often claimed that badminton is the fastest racquet sport.

Frank Zappa often claimed that "Ionisation" inspired him to pursue a career in music.

group claimed

No group claimed the responsibility of the attack.

No group claimed responsibility for the shooting.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

company claimed   (empresa reclamada)

The latter company claimed that their trademark and brand image had been damaged.

In 2017, the company claimed to obtain compliance with international safety standards.

The company claimed over 70,000 customers worldwide and was based in Rockville, Maryland.

never claimed

Ginsberg never claimed to be the leader of a movement.

In any case, Fissore never claimed the design as their own.

Osman later clarified that it was a mistake and that he had never claimed to have graduated.

initially claimed

Byers initially claimed the knife had never been used.

No militant group initially claimed responsibility and no demands were made.

Curran initially claimed the meeting had been coincidental but later admitted that it had been prearranged.

claimed their first

The Packers claimed their first win over the Bears in 1925, 14–10.

On 20 October 2018, Shelmaliers claimed their first ever Wexford S.F.C.

On 16 October 2016, Maghery Sean MacDermott's claimed their first ever S.F.C.

when he claimed   (cuando reclamó)

He was in fact to exceed this aggregate only once, in 1971 when he claimed 79 successes.

On 16 July, Wolfrum again became a double "ace-in-a-day" when he claimed ten aircraft shot down in combat near Kamionka, northeast of Lviv.

MacLaren scored 124 in the third game, but was mocked in the press after the fourth when he claimed that a fly in his eye caused him to be dismissed.

sometimes claimed

(Critics have sometimes claimed that the organisation is full of positivists.

It is sometimes claimed as a cross between a coupe and a crossover SUV, because of this styling and design.

Thus, the universalist ideals of Erasmus are sometimes claimed to be important for fixing global governance.

claimed ownership

By piling the manure into heaps, the plaintiff claimed ownership in trover.

For decades, Chile claimed ownership of land on the eastern side of the Andes.

Throughout Belize's history, Guatemala has claimed ownership of all or part of Belizean territory.

reports claimed

Some reports claimed an attacker had knives fastened to his knees.

Eyewitness reports claimed that the entire market, containing 100 shops, was destroyed in the explosions.

even claimed

He was once even claimed as a mad by one of the British officers.

One writer has even claimed that this council was summoned without the knowledge of the pope.

Navarre is one of the historical Basque territories and even claimed by the Basque nationalists as the core of the Basque nation.

claimed not

When asked about it, Jonze claimed not to have seen the former film.

In so many words, he stated that he "will be back", but claimed not to know when or in what time slot.

However he claimed not to have asked nor known about the non-security upgrades, despite the media reporting on them almost daily.

team claimed   (equipo reclamó)

The men's soccer team claimed back-to-back national championships in 2000 & 2001.

He averaged 1.4 points, 1.6 rebounds, and 0.4 assists as his team claimed the silver medal.

The team claimed the previously unrecorded Six Hour record after having covered at an average speed of .

sources claimed

Some sources claimed that Gamal Lemkah had been killed.

Some sources claimed the set had as many as 217 or 231 cards.

Later IAF sources claimed that the move was a result of intelligence inputs of an air attack on Delhi.

report claimed   (informe reclamado)

The report claimed that 98% throughput on the LAN was observed.

A 2013 US Senate report claimed that Apple hadn't paid corporate taxes for five years due to its deals with the Irish government.

The report claimed the Council needed to tackle crushing poverty and unemployment before it could hail Birmingham as a great city.

claimed the throne

Through this, he claimed the throne of the Bosporan Kingdom in 17 BC.

Isabella of France, sister of Charles IV, claimed the throne for her son, Edward III of England.

Elvira of Sicily Elvira of Sicily (died in 1231) was a member of the House of Hauteville who claimed the throne of the Kingdom of Sicily.

officials claimed

His lawyers and HDP officials claimed that his detention wouldn't affect his candidacy.

The attacks came the same day officials claimed the Egyptian Air Force had killed at least 30 militants in strikes on a gathering.

Kenyan security officials claimed that Rogo was killed by his rivals and that the riots that occurred after his death were pre-planned.

both claimed

On October 6, 2012, the group posted on two Twitter feeds; both claimed to have hacked the ISP Orange.

After the election on November 7, a protracted dispute between Chamberlain and Hampton ensued as both claimed victory.

In Northern European Cup Sainz, Jr. achieved drivers' title and with help of Kvyat they both claimed teams' championship.

claimed credit

Two years later Gary claimed credit for convincing Hampton to run.

Both Lennon and producer George Martin claimed credit for the idea.

Both local rebel groups and the al-Nusra Front claimed credit for the opposition advance.

subsequently claimed

The FLN subsequently claimed that 12,000 Muslims were killed

It was subsequently claimed that he had fathered her children.

Li Siyuan subsequently claimed the Later Tang throne (as Emperor Mingzong).

family claimed   (familia reclamada)

In numerous interviews, the Lutz family claimed they were followed by what was at the house.

In total, the adult members of the Keizur family claimed of farm land along the Willamette River.

Her family claimed to be descended from Irish gentry, the French family of Roscommon and Lord Annaly.

what he claimed

In 1904, he bought what he claimed was "the first Rover car in Australia", which was powered by kerosene.

In the early 1970s, he invested in property in Hollywood, remarried, and set up what he claimed was the first organic food restaurant in Hollywood.

In May 1977, shortly after completing a buffalo catching job in Kununurra, Western Australia, Ansell decided to travel to the Victoria River on what he claimed was a fishing trip.

claimed all

Flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109, he claimed all of his victories against the Western Allies.

Allied ground fire was relatively intense and may have claimed all but two of the Japanese aircraft lost.

The kingdom claimed all of central Albania territory from Dyrrhachium along the Adriatic Sea coast down to Butrint.

not claimed

The prize was not claimed by the January 1, 2000 deadline.

So in short, Onesimus’ honor and obedience is not claimed by Philemon, but by Christ.

His body was not claimed and the Village of Dalton buried him at the edge of the cemetery.

claimed another   (reclamó otro)

He claimed another Spitfire on 27 September.

On the Eastern Front, he claimed another 76 victories, for a total of 81.

The post-World War I recession claimed another victim in the Dixie Car company.

still claimed   (todavía reclamado)

In 1886, when the area was still claimed as Greer County, Texas, W.H.

As late as 1988, recountings of the stories of castaways in English still claimed his name was unknown.

The English were concerned that the Spanish still claimed the area and would eventually attempt to expel them.