İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

claims against   (aleyhindeki iddialar)

They brought the remaining state claims against Garvey, Bergin, and Mander.

Most of the claims against Saudi Arabia were dismissed on January 18, 2005.

It was later discovered that only Gevorkian had had real claims against Moshkow.

claims made   (yapılan iddialar)

There have been no claims made by Malaysia over this area.

The claims made by the German government did influence American public opinion.

The text referenced other false claims made by Urechia, questioning his competence.

land claims   (arazi talepleri)

To date no land claims were settled in the area.

The Keizur family land claims were north of the mission.

High wages and Aboriginal land claims have also curbed expansion.

such claims   (bu tür iddialar)

A heretic is a proponent of such claims or beliefs.

Evaluation of such claims is at best difficult.

The ICE agents denied such claims, however.

territorial claims   (bölgesel talepler)

Egypt renounced all territorial claims to territory north of the international border.

Ecuador had no choice but to accept Peru's territorial claims and signed Peace treaty in 1942.

These same maps were then used to cement territorial claims, such as at the Berlin Conference of 1884–1885.

all claims

He was released in 1569, after he had renounced all claims on Riga.

At trial, the County prevailed against the plaintiffs on all claims.

Poland had previously formally relinquished all claims to Kiev in 1686.

false claims   (yanlış iddialar)

Hoover supported using false claims to attack his political enemies.

The text referenced other false claims made by Urechia, questioning his competence.

In March 2007, an additional fine of over $190 million was levied for 18,000 false claims.

company claims   (şirket iddiaları)

The company claims to sell 140 pairs per year.

The company claims between 14% and 34% market share for different products.

The technique allows lower cost and the company claims higher-quality finishes.

made claims

Internet posters have made claims as high as 500,000.

In the 15th century, it became part of the Pieve of Balerna., claims it made claims.

Bluestorm and Portvale Holdings made claims against each other in relation to paying for the building's restoration.

other claims   (diğer iddialar)

Various other claims have been made to the Saville Inquiry about gunmen on the day.

In addition to the Conception claim, other claims in Groom Distract were made and held by the Sheahan family.

Livestock benefits such as antimicrobial preservation of feed, nutrient digestibility, and other claims are found.

claims regarding

There have been numerous claims regarding the identities of the men in the image.

Many of the claims regarding the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine are controversial.

Linda Tripp's grand jury testimony also differed from Willey's claims regarding inappropriate sexual advances.

small claims

In addition, small claims cases are heard by a division of the District Courts.

The John Sopinka Courthouse has 18 courtrooms, accommodating Hamilton's civil, criminal, and small claims courts.

There is provision in certain proceedings for a litigant to elect that an application for compensation be dealt with as a small claims proceeding.

insurance claims   (sigorta talepleri)

The profits are used to pay life insurance claims.

Cargo manifests can support insurance claims for lost goods.

Overall, 2,624 insurance claims were made because of property damage.

mining claims

In 1918 Senter received $40,000 for his mining claims and "settled into a comfortable retirement in Denver."

After a race at Loveland Pass, Max filed mining claims for land around an alpine cirque that he hoped to develop into a ski area.

In 1984, the Sheahan family, who still owned the Groom Mine, also had the legal rights to most of the other 22 patented mining claims nearby.

source claims

Another source claims Humberto Cané joined in 1929.

One source claims he initially practiced as a lawyer.

A Western source claims that the rebels had before Ohat conquered Ineu and Világosvár.

denied the claims

Sharon denied the claims, but Habes was adamant.

The Nigerian government has denied the claims.

Both Liu and the Chinese government denied the claims.

further claims

Nozick further claims this condition addresses a case of the sort described by D.M.

The parties agreed to make no further claims based on the events described in the complaint.

This paper further claims that the dosage and tolerance of the compound have been confirmed in a French multi-center study of 5,361 outpatients.

patent claims

However Tesla did not benefit financially, due to competing patent claims.

Both patent claims were initiated in Austria; and described the manufacture of RDX by nitrating hexamethylenetetramine.

The lawsuit was both for patent claims and alleged unfair business practices that led to Honeywell's monopolization of the RLG market.

health claims   (sağlık iddiaları)

The health claims have no scientific basis, but the fad caused a sizable spike in celery prices.

In the US, the Food & Drug Administration also moved in, shutting down brands for false health claims.

The authors criticized MedMen's use of health claims without health warnings and their appeals to youth.

competing claims   (rakip iddialar)

There are competing claims about how widespread cannibalism was in North Korea.

on the competing claims of two towns to such renown: Stockton, California, and Holliston, Massachusetts.

In 1764, King George issued an order resolving the competing claims of New York and New Hampshire in favor of New York.

government claims   (hükümet iddiaları)

The government claims these projects have generated 2.7 lakh jobs.

Also, the Brazilian government claims there are 4 million Brazilians of Syrian descent.

The government claims that at least 1 billion trees have been planted in China every year since 1982.