master classes   (マスタークラス)

In December 2008 he gave his first master classes there.

He has given international master classes.

Furthermore, he regularly holds international master classes.

all classes

Men and women in all classes are racing at that time.

Slavery was practiced among all classes.

type of presentation) can identify in the limit all classes below it.

social classes   (社会階級)

They used similar social classes as HR for comparison.

People were born into specific social classes.

Fatwas were solicited by men and women from all social classes.

upper classes

He did very well here and moved into the upper classes.

The rest of the property was used as a sports venue for the upper classes.

They were in charge to help people from upper classes and they worked the land.

lower classes

He feared the lower classes would embrace radicalism and anarchy.

In the 16th century, the rights of the lower classes were abolished.

In the 1650–1800 period the Chilean lower classes grew considerably in size.

different classes

The order was awarded in five different classes:

Names can, of course, be reused in different classes.

There are a number of different classes in this sport.

middle classes

His movement was based squarely on the middle classes.

Generally, the upper and middle classes shun Antiguan Creole.

Only the middle classes could make Germany into a huge empire.

weight classes   (体重クラス)

At Hunter, he wrestled in three weight classes (from 157 to 174 lbs.).

He was a serious contender, and a world ranked boxer in both weight classes.

It would be the last World Championship without a division into weight classes.

working classes

Its mission was to make art accessible to the working classes.

William Garden Blaikie, minister for Pilrig, to build housing for the working classes.

The Puritan idea of virtue through suffering justified the toil of the working classes as noble.

art classes

While there, Reed began taking art classes.

She moved into her own apartment and began taking art classes.

He often gave private art classes for free to struggling artists.

attended classes

She attended classes every Saturday, with dancing.

Later, he attended classes in engraving by the master Giannis Kefallinos.

He studied piano at a music school and attended classes at an art school.

other classes   (他のクラス)

The schools has buildings for Kindergarten and other classes.

Students who cannot participate in other classes such as P.E.

Support races from other classes e.g.

taught classes

From 1939 to 1948 he taught classes in Berlin.

de Pouilly, who taught classes at the school.

He taught classes at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

evening classes

There are evening classes for the sports academy.

In his spare time, he took evening classes to further his education.

She and Régny attended evening classes together from Eugène Claudius-Petit.

school classes   (学校の授業)

He was later able to take some law school classes.

As of 2012 many elementary school classes have waiting lists.

High school classes built Tesla coils.

education classes

The Zoo offers education classes, tours, and rental facilities.

Until 1944 Ohel Shem included both primary and secondary education classes.

Instead, it hosts career and technical education classes for Trinity and L.D.

took classes

He took classes to learn the 'Philadelphia accent.'

Afterwards, he took classes at Triton College.

She also took classes at the Abbey Theater Drama School.

attending classes

The secondary students were no longer attending classes on split sessions.

Students report to their site on Wednesdays in place of attending classes.

In 2001, 1802 out of 2212 of the people eligible for school were attending classes.

first classes

The first classes were held in Albion in 1843.

The first classes at the new campus were held in 1897.

Conard's first classes were held on September 4, 1957.

attend classes

Cristo Rey students attend classes four days a week and work five days a month.

Altogether, approximately 15,000 students attend classes at the Waterloo campus.

Carter learns that one particular student does not attend classes: Junior Battle.

acting classes

Her first earnings allowed her to take acting classes.

At this time her mother enrolled her in night acting classes at Idecaf.

He audited acting classes at USC under the tutelage of Dr. Frank X. Ford.

classes were held

The first classes were held in Albion in 1843.

Conard's first classes were held on September 4, 1957.

At first, classes were held in the basement of the church.

language classes

She taught Tolowa language classes.

Korean community schools in major cities offer Korean language classes.

Khmer language classes are offered at the Mark Twain Neighborhood Library.

taking classes

Students must pay for college before taking classes.

He began taking classes at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

She learnt the accordion in a music school before taking classes in singing.

take classes

On September 5, Manziel returned to his alma mater to take classes.

After several months, Morisot began to take classes taught by Guichard.

The medium of teaching is Assamese, but students can take classes in English also.

night classes

He would later attend night classes at Columbia University.

Wednesday night classes offered lectures on general psychology.

Friday night classes were designed for parents with lectures on child psychology.

equivalence classes   (等価クラス)

Every two equivalence classes and are either equal or disjoint.

This action splits the whole function space up into equivalence classes, i.e.

One such family of equivalence classes is denoted by "A", where "k" is a non-negative integer.

offers classes

The CHS offers classes in American Sign Language.

It currently offers classes from preschool to high school, following the current K to 12 curriculum.

The Center offers classes for the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, among other graduate programs at ASU.

dance classes

Royston started dance classes at age 5.

Six weeks after starting belly dance classes she gained work as a dancer.

She started dance classes at the age of three, focusing on jazz, ballet, and tap.

primary classes   (主なクラス)

Marist College Canberra opened in 1968 with primary classes whilst construction of the secondary school building was still being completed.

The 1,000 foot distance is now also popular with bracket racing, especially in meets where there are 1/8 mile cars and 1/4 mile cars racing together, and is used by the revived American Drag Racing League for its primary classes (not Jr Dragster).

Usually applied for work above 1 kV AC 1.5 kV DC The primary classes are: Gloves protect the worker from exposure to the live part being worked upon sometimes referred to as the 1st point of contact; the point where current would enter the body should an inadvertent contact be made.

character classes

Cultural restrictions forbid the use of certain character classes.

To balance these restrictions, two new character classes are introduced.

Two additional character classes, the Druid and Assassin, were added in the .

various classes

He won the world champion title twelve times in various classes.

In Zahali she teaches various classes on faith, education, relationships and femininity.

Consequently, various classes of royalty, nobility, various commoners and slaves emerged.

several classes

He routinely raced in several classes at eight races per week.

Currently the organization allows several classes of membership.

Tribal class Tribal class can refer to several classes of warship:

science classes

He attended science classes in Newport-on-Tay and learned calculus from his father by post.

From the third year, French is taught and it is also the language of instruction for science classes.

They sometimes seek to ensure that their belief is taught in science classes, mainly in American schools.

kindergarten classes

She also hosted a radio show on KSIG-AM in Crowley, Louisiana and taught kindergarten classes.

The Gladstone Center for Children & Families: This houses the district's kindergarten classes, which include weekly instruction in art, P.E., music, technology, and science.

Separation of Nursery And KG section In the year 1995, the nursery and kindergarten classes were removed and started the journey as separate kindergarten named Poroshmoni Kindergarten (Presently known as Jessore International School) Separation of College Section In the year 1983, the college section was moved to new institute called Cantonment College.

following classes

Loei Pittayakom School offers the following classes.

The Order consists of the following classes of merit:

Suttles (2004) identifies the following classes of suffixes and prefixes; a sampling of these affixes follow.

classes such

Students who cannot participate in other classes such as P.E.

Thus there are pairs of complexity classes such that one is properly included in the other.

Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School offers multiple music classes such as the band, choir, orchestra, and AP Music Theory programs.

certain classes   (特定のクラス)

These quantities are conserved in certain classes of physics processes, but not in all.

SOLAS Convention mandated certain classes of vessels must carry NAVTEX, beginning August 1, 1993.

They are also designed to have advantages against certain classes while being vulnerable to others.

teaching classes

Rosenthal began teaching classes in performance in 1979.

Until 1990 he continued teaching classes, before he has been given emeritus status.

She began teaching classes at the El Paso Museum of Art and opened her own art studio.

classes began

Founded in 1892, classes began that year on Labor Day at four schools.

London's classes began in his living room, and spread by word of mouth.

Degree classes began in 1956.

secondary classes

Finishing his secondary classes in Lycée Albert-Sarraut, his family sent him to study pharmacy at the University of Toulouse, France and at that time, painting was only his hobby.

Pinnaduwa Jayanthi Maha Vidyalaya Pinnaduwa Jayanthi Maha Vidyalaya (Sinhala: පින්නදුව ජයන්ති මහා විද්‍යාලය), Puhulhena, is a mixed school, with a student population exceeding 190 across 11 grades from primary to secondary classes, on a campus of in the suburb of Pinnaduwa.

ruling classes

By 1878, the association in France grew to a total of 375 clubs, 37,500 workers and 7,600 members of the ruling classes.

Most of England's traditional ruling classes regarded the Rump as an illegal government made up of regicides and upstarts.

The 18th century saw the rise of the Enlightenment, a movement devoted to science and rationalism, predominantly amongst the ruling classes.

new classes

From 1935 to 1968, 12 new classes were launched.

Two out of the four or five new classes every year are bilingual.

These were highly ambitious and offered huge new landmasses, new playable races and new classes.

music classes

His father took non-profitable music classes at home.

He took music classes for two years before releasing his first single.

For example, she only enjoyed music classes, because she thought singing was so natural to her.

classes during

The Club was also the site of painting classes during the 1920s.

The Adam Mickiewicz Polish Saturday School holds classes during the school year at Holy Cross Church.

"Tower houses": Tower houses were often constructed by the aristocratic classes during the medieval period as defensible residences.

classes through

The school administers vocational classes through Jonesboro High School (Arkansas).

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take community college classes through this dual enrollment program.

Sherwood Baptist Christian School became Sherwood Christian Academy and offered classes through the twelfth grade.

between classes

The "Tales" constantly reflect the conflict between classes.

There is a high degree of variability between classes of modified cars.

While at CMU, he was known to wear a red hat as he walked between classes.

locomotive classes

In France, the wheel arrangement was used on two locomotive classes.

Two other types of thematic naming of locomotive classes have occurred:

As such they were one of the last steam locomotive classes to retain "outside frames".

asset classes   (資産クラス)

The coverage of its financial library is on all major asset classes.

Preqin's regular newsletter delivers data and analysis on all asset classes to subscribers’ inboxes.

The perceived problems were a lack of transparency and the absence of a standardised system across asset classes.

classes based

As a junior associate, she took part in weekly classes based on the Royal Ballet School training system.

The program evaluates the top high school football recruits and their classes based on research, analysis and the inside scoop provided by ESPN's Scout's Inc.

Divisions are further grouped into classes based on experience and achievement: The following are the divisions and classes represented at World Championships.

main classes   (メインクラス)

There were also two main classes of F7s: passenger and freight.

There are two main classes of problems studied in physical acoustics.

There are three main classes of characters: heavy, medium, and light.

high school classes   (高校の授業)

Mulberry's then-only public school began high school classes in 1907.

College Corner high school classes were moved to Union County High School in Liberty.

The junior high school classes are named after saints, to inspire exemplary behaviour.

students attending classes

ASU is one of the largest public universities by enrollment in the U.S. As of fall 2019, the university had nearly 90,000 students attending classes across its metro campuses, more than 38,000 students attending online, including 83,000-plus undergraduates and more nearly 20,000 postgraduates.

all social classes   (すべての社会階級)

Fatwas were solicited by men and women from all social classes.

People of all social classes are subject to Jonson's ruthless, satirical wit.

The schools have always been coeducational and open to children of all social classes.

classes include

Core classes include: Math, Science, History and English.

The classes include Ballet, Academic Ballet, Pointe, Jazz and Tap.

These classes include speakers and potlucks to bring the community together.

classes are taught

99.2% of classes are taught by highly qualified teachers.

All classes are taught in English except for Chinese Language and Chinese Medicine courses.

Four levels of Chickasaw language classes are taught at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

classes are held

Most classes are held three times a week.

classes are held.

Currently classes are held in the new UIIT Building, Silver Wood Estate, Near Police Station, Summerhill.

many classes

Eastern Christian Elementary School has many classes to offer.

These bacteria are innately resistant to many classes of antibiotics.

There are data projectors in many classes, as well as an interactive whiteboard.

classes taught

A school with six classes taught 200 pupils.

After several months, Morisot began to take classes taught by Guichard.

The program offers students between the ages of six and fourteen classes taught by local artists.

both classes

This article provides links to functions of both classes.

From 1938, both classes were re-designated as Class 33 on the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

International Master Italians Open and Misr International Tournament in both classes 1-2.

classes are offered

Computer classes are offered at the Bay County Public Library.

Khmer language classes are offered at the Mark Twain Neighborhood Library.

A wide variety of AP classes and career development classes are offered here.

classes as well   (クラスも)

It requires preparation classes as well as an application process.

The censors enrolled new citizens in tribes and voting classes as well.

Starting in 2017, KTM fields bikes in both MotoGP and Moto2 classes as well.

graduating classes

The average size of graduating classes is about 40-60 students.

Sabor Latino only lasted though graduating classes of 2007–2011.

Of the University of California's first six graduating classes (1873-1878), over a third had attended Boys' High School.

classes offered

Wednesday night classes offered lectures on general psychology.

In the late-1950s the center began hosting all music education classes offered by PP&R.

Other Advanced Placement classes offered are Music, World History, Art, Psychology, Physics and Chemistry.

drawing classes

He also attended drawing classes at the "Bolt Court School".

During this time women were not permitted to take life drawing classes with nude models.

Before the late 19th century, women were generally not admitted to figure drawing classes.

noun classes   (名詞クラス)

The four noun classes of Archi are only evident from verbal inflection.

Other than possession, Keresan nouns show no comprehensive noun classes.

There are four noun classes, which are only evident from verbal agreement.

offering classes

The campus started offering classes in Fall 2015.

The college began offering classes in 2001.

It lost its accreditation in 2005 and stopped offering classes.