classic rock   (クラシックロック)

On March 4, it flipped to classic rock as KUFX.

In August 2009, the format was changed to classic rock.

The classic rock format lasted 23 years.

classic hits   (クラシックヒット)

On June 28, 2012, KOKO-FM flipped to classic hits.

By 2006, WKOT's format had shifted to classic hits.

The classic hits station broadcasts on in Whakatane.

cult classic   (カルトクラシック)

It is now considered a cult classic of Hindi cinema..

She called it "an instant cult classic".

The film is considered a cult classic.

classic example   (古典的な例)

A classic example he provides is that of education.

A classic example of this category is Fox and Geese.

A classic example of this category is checkers.

classic country   (古典的な国)

In 2001, the station flipped to classic country as "US 102."

The song has become a staple of classic country radio station formats.

WAKO (AM) WAKO (910 AM) is a radio station airing a classic country format.

considered a classic

It is thus considered a classic on spiritual warfare.

It is considered a classic play of Gujarati literature.

The album is considered a classic in French hip hop music.

classic hits format

It would later shift to a classic hits format.

WLPK WLPK 1580 AM is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format.

WWWY WWWY 106.1 FM is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format.

classic rock format

The classic rock format lasted 23 years.

Owned by Stingray Group, it broadcasts a classic rock format.

In the next couple of years, WHTQ moved to a classic rock format.

classic film   (古典映画)

A great example is the classic film "Saving Private Ryan" (1998).

The pair have done extensive research to find the hidden history of classic film production.

His most notable credit is recording beatbox overdubs for the now Hip Hop classic film "8 Mile".

classic films

A parody or spoof film satirizes other film genres or classic films.

The program focuses on new work from around the world together with a few classic films.

Another motif is classic films, especially films which have some connection to gay culture.

classic songs

All the classic songs have been re-imagined in a new modern style.

The film has 5 chartbuster classic songs composed by Harris Jayaraj.

These titles are: Reid recorded many cover versions of classic songs.

broadcasting a classic

WLPK WLPK 1580 AM is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format.

WWWY WWWY 106.1 FM is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format.

WAWK WAWK (1140 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format.

classic cars

Endurance rallies are long-distance motor rallies for vintage, historic and classic cars.

It houses a good collection of objects, antiques, paintings, artifacts, temple chariots, vintage and classic cars.

It features homemade floats, classic cars, motorized living room furniture, fire-breathing dragons, and marching bands.

many classic

The leaves also flavour many classic French dishes.

Throughout the 1950s, Stanley starred in many classic cartoons.

He wrote many classic poems and novels about the life of the szlachta.

classic novel   (古典小説)

One of the most iconic modern dragons is Smaug from J. R. R. Tolkien's classic novel "The Hobbit".

He is best known for his translation of Alain-Fournier's classic novel "Le Grand Meaulnes" under the title "The Lost Domain".

She will next write the screenplay, as well as direct the modern day reprisal of Anna Sewell's classic novel Black Beauty for Constantin Film.

classic work   (古典作品)

The school was named Walden after the classic work by Henry David Thoreau.

Also called the Prae-Nagari in Dutch publications after the classic work of F.D.K.

Huebner was a prolific writer, possibly best known for his classic work, "Life Insurance".

classic car

In 1987, Karl-Friedrich discovered the Mille Miglia, a classic car rally that runs from Brescia to Rome.

Stock broker Selwyn Proctor is furious when his classic car blows up outside his prestigious home in Midsomer Market.

In each series Noakes used a particular mode of transport to get about such as a yacht, on foot, narrow boat, or classic car.

classic works

Some of his classic works in Sanskrit are now available on

Dorfman was responsible for the release of international classic works in affordable Spanish editions.

Being a Sanskrit scholar, he had written nearly 148 classic works in Sanskrit in a short span of 39 years he lived.

classic television

It was replaced by classic television network MeTV on January 1, 2013.

She appeared in many popular classic television shows, especially in the 1960s, and occasionally in films and on the stage.

The service aired classic television shows (similar to the Retro Television Network), auto showcase programming and various home improvement programs.

other classic   (他の古典)

The gameplay has been compared to "Gradius" and other classic side-scrolling shooters.

With Hillebrand's Wine-Line, this concept was also extended to other classic European wine exporting countries.

In April however, he took part in a public trial race in which he was beaten by Lord Dupplin's other classic entry Kaleidoscope.

instant classic

"Glasswerk" called "Dangerous" an "instant classic."

It became an instant classic when it opened in 1927 on Broadway.

Ratings were spectacularly high and the game itself was an instant classic.

became a classic

In 1982, Mandelbrot published "The Fractal Geometry of Nature", which became a classic of chaos theory.

His most noted textbook, "Heart Disease", was first published in 1931 and became a classic in the field.

This quip became a classic of American political humor after it was made famous by humorist Bennett Cerf.

become a classic   (クラシックになる)

It has also become a classic of modern Indian cinema for representing the trope of returning to one's roots to make a difference.

Mattelart acknowledges that "How to Read Donald Duck" has become a classic work in the fields of cultural studies and media studies.

Together with "Lazy Sunday", "Tin Soldier" and "All or Nothing", the song is one of the band's biggest hits and has become a classic of its time.

classic country format   (古典的な国の形式)

WAKO (AM) WAKO (910 AM) is a radio station airing a classic country format.

680 KKYX had been owned by Swanson Communications, running a classic country format.

On June 21, 2013, WUMY dropped its classic country format for variety hits as "97.7 Guess FM".

classic style

It had been designed by Hillebrandt in the classic style.

130 m long station building is built in the classic style.

The theme here is very similar to the classic style in "Casino Royale".

classic series

Maynard's English classic series, no.

Maynard's English classic series.

Mel appeared in six stories (20 episodes) and is the penultimate companion of the classic series.

classic song

Coldcut remixed another classic song in 2007: Nina Simone's "Save Me".

While their popularity in Japan is small compared to the one of The Ventures, "Karelia" is considered a classic song.

By late October, the crew had returned to Mumbai to film a second song, "Aankh Marey"—a remake of a 90s classic song.

classic text

Gameplay consists of a classic text adventure game.

The study of this classic text makes one grasp the fundamentals of astrology.

He wrote the classic text on the subject of moko, "Moko; or Maori Tattooing", which was published in 1896.