İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

clearly defined   (açıkça tanımlanmış)

The model is clearly defined and easily understood.

The discal spot of the forewing is clearly defined.

This unit is obsolete and no longer clearly defined.

clearly visible   (açıkça görülebilir)

The rollcage is clearly visible against the A-pillar.

The platform itself was still clearly visible.

It is clearly visible from Grytviken and King Edward Point.

not clearly   (Açıkça değil)

The origins of Casorate Primo are not clearly known.

Her mythology and iconography are not clearly defined.

The duration of protection of BCG is not clearly known.

more clearly   (daha açık bir şekilde)

"), or "AYYLU" ("Not clearly coded, repeat more clearly.").

He stepped on it to see it more clearly, and it swam off with him.

In acoustic and archtop guitars, wood choices more clearly affect tone.

clearly not   (açıkça değil)

He was clearly not a striking speaker.

However, this phase was clearly not a sign of backwardness or decline.

He was, nevertheless, clearly not a member of the Egyptian aristocracy.

clearly seen

This can be clearly seen in the examples below.

The pile is clipped very short so that the detailed patterns can be clearly seen.

The museum can be quite clearly seen every year during the Rose Parade broadcast.

most clearly   (en açık şekilde)

This is seen most clearly in the Avignon Papacy when the popes moved from Rome to Avignon.

Merleau-Ponty's most clearly Husserlian work is, perhaps, "the Philosopher and His Shadow."

As it remains, the two words are most clearly understood as "what is" and "what should be."

clearly shows

This clearly shows the settlement was defended by this point.

The drawing clearly shows a number of bouzouki-like instruments.

This particular incidence clearly shows human biases and prejudice.

clearly stated

The Torah and the Prophets clearly stated that this does not imply any innate Jewish superiority.

It is clearly stated that both Anna's husband and brother was executed in the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520.

Following Gregory X's lead, Pope Benedict XIII clearly stated to the Christian people how to treat the Jews.

clearly marked

Rankings are clearly marked on epaulettes.

The Broadstore Line is clearly marked on the 1980 map of Victorian Railways.

Croatian wines are classified by quality, which is clearly marked on the label.

very clearly

I felt violated by it, it has stayed very clearly in my memory."

There was a review of "Boys and Girls Together" that I remember very clearly.

The 1923 issues however do not show the paper texture very clearly and the gum is smooth.

clearly identified

In pre-European times the Woolston was not clearly identified.

The pathophysiology of intervertebral disc injury after spaceflight has not been clearly identified.

Many sand mandala contain a specific outer locality which is clearly identified as a charnel ground.

clearly established

The motive behind the attack has not been clearly established.

There are no clearly established therapeutic uses of the title compound, cerberin.

The "new prosopography" has since become clearly established as an important approach in historical research.

clearly show   (açıkça göster)

"Playboy" was the first to clearly show visible pubic hair in January 1971.

Brendstrup's earlier works clearly show the influence of Eckersberg and Købke.

By 1872, city records clearly show the city cemetery in the present location of Oakwood.

clearly influenced

"Il ritorno", says Carter, is clearly influenced by Monteverdi's earlier works.

In London he became friendly with James McNeill Whistler and was clearly influenced by him.

While Chierchini was clearly influenced by Carpi, he quickly developed his own signature style.

still clearly   (hala açıkça)

The platform itself was still clearly visible.

The sign—and the painted-out letters—were still clearly visible in 2014.

The damage to the effigy's face and sword-hilt is still clearly visible.

so clearly

Usage has not always been so clearly distinguished.

End of Sthanu Ravi's reign in not so clearly bounded as its beginning.

However, unlike Tosches' writing, Christe's descriptions of the music he so clearly loves are often ungainly.

clearly demonstrated   (açıkça gösterildi)

Tolerance to the anxiolytic effect of benzodiazepines has been clearly demonstrated in rats.

The interest of organized crime towards the illicit trafficking of counterfeit medicines is clearly demonstrated by figures.

Inhalation was clearly demonstrated in Missouri in the 1970s, when waste oils were used as dust suppressant in horse arenas.

clearly understood

There is a need for a definite and clearly understood charter for one's operations.

As it remains, the two words are most clearly understood as "what is" and "what should be."

The causes are not clearly understood, but both environmental and genetic factors play a role.

clearly states

Obama's father's immigration file also clearly states Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

One gladiator's tomb dedication clearly states that her decisions are not to be trusted.

A clear title to property is one that clearly states any obligation in the deed to the property.

clearly showed

One of the fragments clearly showed the neural folds of a cerebral lobe.

The results clearly showed the new boat to be a success, and the FD was adopted.

It was controversial as the full painting clearly showed the hybrid's genitalia.

clearly distinguished

Usage has not always been so clearly distinguished.

Strabo, writing in the Roman era, clearly distinguished between the Celts and Britons.

For example, long and short vowels are clearly distinguished, as is the relatively rare English vowel .

not clearly defined

Her mythology and iconography are not clearly defined.

It is uncommonly encountered and its range is not clearly defined.

The work was not clearly defined.

clearly indicate

But the subject matter of the Surah and its style clearly indicate that it is not only Makki but was revealed in the earliest stage of Makkah.

But the subject matter of the Surah and its style clearly indicate that it is not only Makki, but was revealed in the early stage of Makkan period.

It needs to clearly indicate the nature of the subject and describe details of all persons involved and bear the exact date and place of the transaction.

clearly shown

It is clearly shown displaying affection.

Ethical intuitionism was first clearly shown in use by the philosopher Francis Hutcheson.

Watters is listed in the credits, and is clearly shown on the back of his Knights jersey #32.

clearly intended

This is clearly intended to be the equivalent in his mythology to the Brísingamen.

Dava's design is clearly intended to resemble Robin's, emphasizing the similarities between the characters.

Sparta first responded by sending Lysander with a force of mercenaries who clearly intended simply to restore the Thirty to power.