Фразы и примеры предложений

rock climbing   (скалолазание)

She loves hiking, rock climbing, and other sports.

Moturiki Island offers rock climbing opportunities.

There are several rock climbing schools at Railay Beach.

climbing up   (забираясь наверх)

It turns out to be Keetongu climbing up the Coliseum trying to reach them.

Zibhebhu, however, escaped, by climbing up the mountain with a white trader.

He is told there is no way of either breaking through or climbing up the cylinder.

mountain climbing   (скалолазание)

He also enjoyed mountain climbing.

Both she and her husband enjoy scuba diving, skiing, and mountain climbing.

Some of these include mountain climbing, skydiving, or other extreme sports.

climbing wall   (стена для скалолазания)

The camp also contains a COPE Course and climbing wall.

It also has an indoor gym which features a climbing wall.

), fitness center with exercise equipment, and climbing wall.

climbing routes

Ravnedalen has about 70 established climbing routes.

The south face had 54 climbing routes in 1992.

He is famous for his hard sport climbing routes in England.

before climbing

It re-entered the UK Top 100 Albums at Number 96, before climbing as high as 87.

After two weeks, the single re-entered at number 81, before climbing to number 24.

The track goes downhill, rises uphill, and then passes over a set of trim brakes before climbing the second lift hill.