Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

clinical trials   (ensayos clínicos)

It is presently undergoing human clinical trials.

Baceca is currently in Phase II clinical trials.

This approach is currently tested in clinical trials.

clinical trial   (ensayo clínico)

The FDA approved the study as a Phase I clinical trial.

Jennerex completed Pexa-Vec Phase 1 clinical trial (HEP001).

Jennerex initiated Pexa-Vec Phase 2a clinical trial (HEP007).

clinical research   (investigación clínica)

Mr. Vioreanu is highly involved in clinical research.

This includes basic, translational, and clinical research.

Those results have changed the course of clinical research in this field.

clinical practice   (Práctica clinica)

There are U.S. and European clinical practice guidelines for SIHD/SCAD.

Solid tumor samples obtained from clinical practice are highly heterogeneous.

He was the first physician to put thermometer measurements to clinical practice.

clinical psychology   (Psicología clínica)

Social cognition and clinical psychology: A synthesis.

experimental psychology, 1962; Ph.D. clinical psychology, 1964).

He also served on numerous clinical psychology licensing boards in Texas.

clinical studies

As of December 2017, it is in phase II clinical studies for this purpose.

Animal studies have been conducted as well as clinical studies in humans.

The center is financed mainly through research projects and clinical studies.

clinical psychologist   (psicologo clínico)

Keren has worked as a librarian, art therapist and clinical psychologist.

Conn was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of a clinical psychologist.

David Shinar is married to Dr. Eva Shinar, a clinical psychologist, and has two children.

clinical use

It has yet to find clinical use outside of Russia.

These assays are not currently available for routine clinical use.

The definition is practical in nature and is designed for clinical use.

clinical depression   (depresión clínica)

Downregulation of BDNF has also been linked to clinical depression.

He described his problems as "normal, nagging, clinical depression."

Lincoln is believed to have suffered something approaching clinical depression.

clinical signs

There should be no clinical signs and symptoms.

The importance of external clinical signs has .

Some busts even seem to show clinical signs.

clinical medicine   (medicina CLINICA)

The first study of it in humans was published in 1946, and it was introduced in clinical medicine shortly after.

In 1913 he was appointed the first Moncrieff Arnott professor of clinical medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

In dentistry and clinical medicine it was ranked 21st and 33rd respectively by the AWRU-Shanghai 2018 world ranking.

clinical training

He completed his clinical training in 1953.

He did his clinical training at The London Hospital and qualified in 1933.

The medical students of Army Medical College are imparted clinical training by the concerned specialists and the professors.

clinical study

TRX2 has been tested by Oxford Biolabs in a clinical study.

Years of clinical study have confirmed the safety advantage of using urokinase.

He was participating in a clinical study of Life Vest, a wearable defibrillator.

clinical development   (desarrollo clínico)

, all clinical development of 2-ME2 has been suspended or discontinued.

As of 2015, the drug had completed phase II clinical development for this indication.

As of 2018, estetrol is in mid- to late-stage clinical development for a variety of indications.

clinical care   (cuidados clínicos)

This medal is awarded primarily on the basis of the individual’s contribution to the clinical care of their patients."

Thus, on the grounds of wanting to do the best for children with CP, it is hard to rationalize a continued place for traditional NDT within clinical care”.

Clinical pharmacologists must have access to enough outpatients for clinical care, teaching and education, and research as well as be supervised by medical specialists.

clinical features

Silent TAM lacks almost all of the clinical features of TMD, i.e.

They present similar clinical features than MS-TN but with a single pontine lesion.

The main clinical features are signs of general hypoxia, two to five hours after anaesthesia.

clinical professor

Faria was also clinical professor of neurosurgery (ret.)

Later he was named clinical professor at Chicago Medical School.

After retirement, he became a clinical professor in the department of psychiatry.

clinical experience

There is very little clinical experience of gestonorone caproate for this indication.

• Introduction to Oral Preventive Medicine, A program for the first clinical experience.

He then gained a wide range of clinical experience by taking up posts in surgery, obstetrics, anaesthetics and pathology.

clinical setting

In a clinical setting, these two ptoses are fairly easy to distinguish.

A medical simulation centre is an educational centre in a clinical setting.

These include: In a clinical setting, three species make up 80 to 95% of all isolates identified.

clinical applications

These involve both basic research in other fields and clinical applications in the field of hair cells.

Nuclear medicine procedures are the major clinical applications of molecular imaging and molecular therapy.

clinical symptoms

Most infected animals exhibit no clinical symptoms.

The life cycle and clinical symptoms of infestation by "E. bohmi" have not been described.

It is present in the sera of patients with viral hepatitis B (with or without clinical symptoms).

research and clinical

His research and clinical work is in the area of forensic psychology.

His long and hard day begun primarily as lecturer and moved to research and clinical practice.

This was one of six European centres where the Dutch company Organon International sponsored research and clinical trials.

clinical services

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust became the owner of the estate and took responsibility for the running of some clinical services.

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust became responsible for running other clinical services at the hospital.

The hospital provides consultation, diagnostic and treatment services for almost all medical and surgical specialties through its hospital based clinical services and community program.

first clinical

In 1955 the first clinical use of warfarin, a vitamin K antagonist, was reported.

In 2017, doctors in the UK began the first clinical study of MDMA in alcohol addiction.

• Introduction to Oral Preventive Medicine, A program for the first clinical experience.

clinical data

There is not enough clinical data to support overdose in humans.

However, there are to date no clinical data confirming or denying this theory.

Zirconia is relatively new in dentistry and the published clinical data is correspondingly limited.

clinical work   (trabajo clínico)

Peraldi introduced Jacques Lacan's clinical work into North America.

His research and clinical work is in the area of forensic psychology.

years that I have made imagery the central focus and treatment modality of my clinical work.

clinical significance

In general, these are of little clinical significance.

The clinical significance of the protein has not been fully characterized as of yet, however.

The activities and clinical significance of the EETs are given on the epoxyeicosatrienoic acid page.

human clinical

It is presently undergoing human clinical trials.

It is a subject of research in animals and human clinical trials.

Babizhayev and colleagues published a further human clinical trial in 2009.

clinical settings

Countertransference is a common problem in clinical settings.

The Trail Making Test is now commonly used as a diagnostic tool in clinical settings.

He regularly consulted and worked in clinical settings within hospitals, universities, and community mental health centers.

clinical presentation   (presentación clínica)

Corticosteroids may be added to anti-IL-6 therapy depending on clinical presentation.

Meningoencephalitis is the predominant clinical presentation of autoimmune GFAP astrocytopathy in published case series.

An exception to this is the neurotropic clinical presentation, which is typically found in young and otherwise healthy individuals.