Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

clock tower   (Torre del Reloj)

It is unknown when Bitola's clock tower was built.

The romanesque clock tower is from the 12th Century.

The clock tower was unveiled on 31 October 1888.

around the clock   (alrededor del reloj)

Men worked around the clock for the anticipated battle.

Czolgosz was arrested, and interrogated around the clock.

In January 1980, KDWN began broadcasting talk around the clock.

clock   (Reloj)

A quick clean-up brings the evening to a close about eleven o’clock.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, Suna and Ipek went there to pick them up.

He gave the inmates till five o’clock to get out their personal effects.

clock face   (la cara del reloj)

On the west side of the tower is a blue clock face.

On the south side is a small window and a clock face.

There is another painted panel, formerly a clock face, dated 1719.

o clock   (en punto)

A quick clean-up brings the evening to a close about eleven o’clock.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, Suna and Ipek went there to pick them up.

He gave the inmates till five o’clock to get out their personal effects.

clock speed

It has and operates at up to for clock speed.

The LDOS 5.3 update supports SYSTEM (FAST) to enable the Model 4's 4 MHz clock speed.

It had a basic clock speed of 150 kHz and consumed about 4000 watts of electric power.

alarm clock   (despertador)

Other features found may be a telephone, an alarm clock, and a TV.

At 08:00 that night, Porky sets the alarm clock as Gabby complains about having to go to bed early.

The next morning, Porky and Gabby are shown sleeping in the drawers when the alarm clock goes off at 06:00.

game clock

A ten-second runoff was administered, and the game clock expired.

Baseball has no game clock, although most games end in the ninth inning.

The "game timekeeper" is responsible for stopping and starting the game clock.

shot clock

For the Masters series events the ATP introduced a shot clock.

A shot clock of 45 seconds is used with one extension for each player per rack.

The 13 points included a shot clock buzzer beater in the closing seconds of the third quarter.

against the clock   (contrareloj)

Cars compete against the clock, and start at the same time.

The player has to race against the clock to post the most goals in the fastest time.

The simulation allows the player to drive a Ferrari against the clock at a race track.

round the clock   (alrededor del reloj)

It is guarded by military round the clock.

Between them, the Allies could mount "round the clock" bombing.

The institute has high bandwidth (8 Mbit/s) Internet connectivity round the clock.

circadian clock   (reloj circadiano)

The circadian clock modulates many physiological rhythms.

The failure of entrainment is explained by the loss of photic input to the circadian clock.

Constant routine protocols have been criticized due to evidence that the conditions necessary for the protocol themselves influence the circadian clock.

clock rate   (velocidad de reloj)

The usual method reduces the CPU's clock rate.

The constant is chosen to make the clock rate at infinity equal to 1.

It runs with a 6.144 MHz clock rate and adds 256KB of memory that could be used as a RAM disk.

clock faces

The original city hall clock had four clock faces, each in diameter and made of crushed glass.

Around the base of the dome are four clock faces, each of which is supported by a lion and unicorn.

The bell stage has Doric flat pilasters and an entablature, 2-light louvred bell openings, and clock faces.

off the clock

Tech was forced to punt, but only after they bled 5 minutes off the clock.

Oklahoma scooped up the ensuing onside kick and ran the final six seconds off the clock.

In the third quarter, Vanderbilt, chewed up the clock, combining on short passes and running the ball, cutting nine minutes off the clock in a 25-play drive.

clock cycle   (ciclo de reloj)

All instructions (including 8*8 bit multiplication) are executed in 1 clock cycle.

MEMORY STEP, a misnomer, caused the CPU to run through a single clock cycle and halt.

The zEC12 chip can decode three instructions and execute seven operations in a single clock cycle.

clock signal

The register was clocked by the clock signal of the system it was running on.

For example, a clock signal is subject to the delays of any other electrical signal.

The process of extracting the clock signal from the data stream is where jitter is introduced.

clock frequency

For example, the internal clock frequency of the original IBM PC was 4.77 MHz, that is .

It uses differential pairs at 625 MHz clock frequency DDR for TX and RX data and TX and RX clocks.

The bit clock frequency is the product of the sample rate, the number of bits per channel and the number of channels.