İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

until its closure   (kapanana kadar)

It kept its star until its closure in October 2016.

It remained in use until its closure and removal in 1961.

7, a former Nazi concentration camp, until its closure in 1950.

following the closure   (kapanıştan sonra)

The band parted ways in 1999, following the closure of Re-Constriction.

The Rustler Springs branch was unused after 1998, following the closure of the sulfur mine.

It moved to a new building in October 2010 following the closure of the Colchester Avenue campus.

announced the closure   (kapatıldığını duyurdu)

Future announced the closure of the website in December 2014.

Exxon announced the closure of the venture at the end of 1984.

In February 2004 Scottish & Newcastle announced the closure of the Fountain Brewery.

until closure   (kapanana kadar)

The site was used for military purposes almost continuously until closure in 1952.

From this time until closure of the line in 1980, passenger services were run using diesel-electric rail motors.

The Abbey also lies next to the Furness Line and was served by Furness Abbey railway station until closure in 1950.

temporary closure   (geçici kapatma)

HUSS ordered the temporary closure of 40 Rainbows.

The final step of this phase is applying a temporary closure device.

Following a temporary closure in 1913 it resumed operations in 1919.

forced the closure   (kapanmaya zorladı)

The incident also forced the closure of Charing Cross railway station.

Standing water also forced the closure of a few on-ramps to the Sawgrass Expressway.

The storm forced the closure of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River.

final closure   (son kapanış)

It was closed again in 1961 with the final closure of Grahm AB and again abandoned.

It was reopened for lead mining during the 19th century, before final closure in 1920.

until the closure   (kapanana kadar)

The funicular is electric and automatic, but until the closure in 2011 it still used the original cabins.

It was unstaffed from 14 September 1959 but was retained until the closure of the line on 31 December 1962.

From 2006 until the closure of the program in early 2014 starred in the sketch show "" on STS (TV channel).

closure of all   (hepsinin kapatılması)

It is the algebraic closure of all the fields in the system, and is denoted by: formula_37.

The closure of all schools and Universities in South East Louisiana, including Louisiana State University followed Gov.

As of April 2016, it announced the closure of all programmes to new applicants, effectively ending the schools activities.

threatened with closure   (kapanma tehdidi altında)

The paper mill had previously been threatened with closure.

After that, it increasingly lost its importance and was even threatened with closure at times.

Today, the church is threatened with closure as a result of diminishing congregation and the cost of upkeep.

before its closure   (kapanmadan önce)

The 276-seat theatre endured several years of substantial losses before its closure.

It was originally part of the former narrow-gauge Suin Line, before its closure in 1994.

The fort continued to expand over the years, until there were over 30 buildings before its closure in 1871.