İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

civilian clothes   (sivil kıyafetler)

Daryl notes one wore civilian clothes, suspecting there may have been a breach.

According to the judge, the two Spanish policemen were dressed in civilian clothes.

A Polish civilian worker at the farm had helped them by hiding civilian clothes for them.

new clothes   (yeni giysiler)

Primavera orders new clothes for herself and Ignatz made from living dermoplastic.

However, Andy decides that Gordon needs to change his image: new clothes, new style, new name.

He had asked for new clothes on Eid, but his father could not provide them, which made him angry.

plain clothes   (sivil kıyafet)

The robot is puppeteered by a single operator in plain clothes.

But the third one knows Jimmi is actually a CBI officer in plain clothes.

Instead, random inspections by plain clothes ticket inspectors are conducted.

own clothes

Because of her height, she had to sew her own clothes.

They embroider many of their own clothes but do not sell them.

Quickly, they change back into their own clothes and make their way out of the building.