Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

clothing line   (linea de ropa)

Kebede launched Lemlem, a clothing line, in 2008.

She worked on a clothing line inspired by Jackson Pollock.

In July 2012, Ryan started work on a clothing line for 2013.

clothing store   (tienda de ropa)

She is also the CEO of the online clothing store 301호 고양이.

1854), heiress to the Gately furniture and clothing store.

In 2011, he opened up his online clothing store, Bass Boutique.

clothing company   (Compañía de ropa)

He was the founder of the clothing company Hugo Boss AG.

In September 2019, she signed with outdoor clothing company "Regatta".

The building was then home to a clothing company, A. Anckers Manufactur Varelager.

food and clothing   (comida y ropa)

Arrangements for food and clothing altered over the years.

She raised money and went to Warsaw in 1920 to coordinate distribution of food and clothing.

The Czech people in the villages and towns, through which they passed, passed food and clothing to them.

clothing brand   (marca de ropa)

The society launched a partnership with clothing brand Lands' End in 2014.

Whistles (company) Whistles is a clothing brand with 46 stores across the UK.

In March 2009, Spears was announced as the new face of clothing brand "Candie's".

clothing stores

At the time, the company had 46 Shoppers Fair stores and 94 Mangels clothing stores.

Roos/Atkins Roos/Atkins was the name of a chain of upscale men's clothing stores based in San Francisco, California.

The area just north of JR Gifu Station contains a variety of small clothing stores catering to many types of consumers.

traditional clothing

Today many Choctaw wear such traditional clothing mainly for special events.

Some elderly people continue to wear traditional clothing in their daily lives.

There is a wide variety of traditional clothing that players wear during taiko performance.

protective clothing   (ropa protectora)

Cement users need also to wear appropriate gloves and protective clothing.

Other protective clothing, such as full body protection, are useful as well.

Mail is used as protective clothing for butchers against meat-packing equipment.

clothing and accessories   (ropa y accesorios)

Choice of clothing and accessories proclaims social and financial status.

The materials used for both clothing and accessories changed during this era.

The Summer Set later released Half Moon Kids clothing and accessories for purchase.

own clothing

Wright also designed some of his own clothing.

She has her own clothing and lifestyle brand "Strike Oil".

Lorenzo announced the creation of her own clothing line, White Lion.

clothing retailer   (minorista de ropa)

Claudio Del Vecchio now owns and manages the American clothing retailer Brooks Brothers.

She is currently the CEO of Hointer, which is a men's clothing retailer, based in Seattle.

In August of the following year, clothing retailer Christian Dior donated profits from sales in honor of Aaliyah.

clothing worn

Hat (disambiguation) A hat is an item of clothing worn on the head.

The clothing worn during the cueca dance is the traditional Chilean clothes.

An alternate explanation for the name comments on the white clothing worn by the local Slavic population.

clothing and other   (ropa y otros)

Native American workers were generally paid with food, clothing and other goods.

The rebels gained vast stores of arms and ammunition, military clothing and other supplies.

Between the mezzanine and platform, Scuri's 40 ceramic tiles feature geometric patterns found in clothing and other garments.

items of clothing

Every year the world as a whole consumes more than 80 billion items of clothing.

As the player beats the woman in the game, she proceeds to take off items of clothing as a reward.

Aston Martin has collaborated with the luxury clothing company Hackett London to deliver items of clothing.

such as clothing

Until 1874 it was used as storehouses for army materials such as clothing and blankets.

The nuns support themselves through alms and manufacturing items such as clothing and printed texts.

People dumpster dive for items such as clothing, furniture, food, and similar items in good working condition.