Фразы и примеры предложений

football clubs   (футбольные клубы)

Anderlecht and Feyenoord Rotterdam football clubs.

There are seven local football clubs in Parbatipur.

Not all scouts are actually employed by football clubs.

other clubs   (другие клубы)

All three went on to sign with other clubs.

Many other clubs are created each year.

Fikrt also made a few games for other clubs, usually as the cover.

both clubs   (оба клуба)

He was the regular first baseman for both clubs.

However he could not play many matches in both clubs.

However both clubs were relegated to J2 League.

sports clubs

There are a number of local sports clubs like JSC.

The following sports clubs are located in Lindome:

The following sports clubs are located in Skarpnäck:

local clubs

By 1995, the group were doing shows in local clubs.

Generation Joshua has over 65 local clubs (as of 2008).

He started playing football at the age of 4 with local clubs.

several clubs

He has also coached several clubs in Belgium.

He played for several clubs in Costa Rica.

After playing youth football for several clubs including E.S.

clubs such

The Tournament featured clubs such as the Brumbies, Saracens and Toulon.

Today the street is a centre for popular night clubs such as Club Voodoo.

Demina has performed at clubs such as Movida in Dubai and Cirque Le Soir in London.

number of clubs   (количество клубов)

He previously played for a number of clubs in Belgium.

Roy C. Start has a large number of clubs.

He played for a number of clubs in the National Soccer League.

new clubs

All three new clubs began with a win.

Two new clubs joined the league:

The league was increased from 21 clubs to 23 after two new clubs joined:

clubs including

He previously played for clubs including Benevento.

He previously managed clubs including DSV Leoben.

He previously played for clubs including FCV Dender EH.

various clubs

After his playing days were over, Stamatiadis coached various clubs.

At the end of season he was linked to various clubs, including Chievo.

He headlines various clubs throughout America and lives in Los Angeles.

different clubs

He was promoted four times with four different clubs.

There are currently 66 different clubs students can join.

There are also different clubs and organizations on campus.

many clubs

After leaving Greece, Détári played for many clubs.

It also has many clubs and organizations.

The season was costly both to the Rugby Football League and to many clubs.

night clubs

At the same time, he played in night clubs at night.

The program simulated visits to New York night clubs.

The majority of Orlando's night clubs are also in this area.

social clubs   (социальные клубы)

They were also active in local social clubs.

Parsi women also face discrimination in community spaces, such as social clubs.

It was also a meeting place for social clubs and political organizations in Harlem.

league clubs

Many football league clubs were interested in King.

Previously, he played for several Indonesian first-tier league clubs.

They were formed to represent the rugby league clubs of East Auckland.

clubs include

The village has four pubs: Social clubs include:

Sports clubs include Robertsbridge Cricket Club.

Local association football clubs include Wilton United.

variety of clubs

The district offers a variety of clubs, activities and sports.

member clubs

The union currently has nine member clubs, listed below.

The federation has 40 member clubs.

This association is fully responsible for awarding the contest to member clubs.

clubs and organizations

The college has over 50 clubs and organizations.

There are also different clubs and organizations on campus.

Several co-curricular clubs and organizations exist in SFC.

professional clubs

There are no professional clubs in the country.

Twenty professional clubs entered the tournament here.

Only professional clubs did this at that time.

golf clubs

The USGA legalizes steel shafted golf clubs.

Hull has publicly spoken out against single-sex golf clubs.

Burke is the first golfer to win a major championship using steel-shafted golf clubs.

clubs around   (клубы вокруг)

More than 8,000 volunteers work to support their clubs around the state.

For this reason, clubs around the world advertise on the World Wide Web.

The song played on radio stations and in clubs around the world, trending No.

all clubs

Geographically almost all clubs but Água Izé were from the north.

The next six rounds are the "proper" rounds where all clubs are in one draw.

He’s scored several hat-ricks and super hat-ricks in all clubs he played with.

amateur clubs

Only amateur clubs participated.

Another 3 amateur clubs and 12 Second League clubs were given a bye to the Second Round.

56 amateur clubs competed in this stage of the competition for a place in the Second Round.

strip clubs   (стриптиз-клубы)

Eastern European strip clubs have a similar model.

Games are also a common feature of strip clubs.

As a global industry, strip clubs are booming.

following clubs

The following clubs competed in the tournament.

The following clubs are all entered into the competition.

No First Round ties were drawn in this group with all the following clubs receiving byes to the Second round.

jazz clubs

Scott began playing in small jazz clubs at the age of 16.

He continued to play in Paris jazz clubs and began playing electric guitar.

In the 1950s, many jazz clubs sprang up around the city, fuelled by the young population.

clubs and societies

The school has a number of functional clubs and societies.

By 1948, "well over a hundred local clubs and societies" had been formed.

Model engineers often join together to form model engineering clubs and societies.

association football clubs

Local association football clubs include Wilton United.

The association football clubs Berekum Arsenal and Berekum Chelsea.

Its regular tenants/users include two association football clubs – St. Patrick's C.Y.F.C.

top clubs

The top clubs from Ankara, Istanbul, and İzmir competed in the 1959 Millî Lig.

After independence, Ouakam was becoming one of the top clubs in Senegal in the 1960s.

During his career he has played for the both top clubs from Prekmurje, Mura and Nafta Lendava.

played for clubs

He played for clubs in Singapore, Qatar and China.

He previously played for clubs including Benevento.

He has played for clubs in Italy and Australia.

dance clubs

This up-beat track was played heavily in dance clubs internationally.

Soon it was regularly played at most of NYC's underground dance clubs.

It quickly became a hit in New York underground dance clubs and night clubs.

successful clubs

The two teams are among the most successful clubs in Slovakia.

Some of the most successful clubs include Wigan Warriors, Hull F.C.

Ajax has historically been one of the most successful clubs in the world.

clubs throughout

By 1904, there were more than 26 clubs throughout Alabama.

He headlines various clubs throughout America and lives in Los Angeles.

Mann played for 5 professional clubs throughout his Professional career.

clubs played

In the first stage twenty-two clubs played in four groups.

In the second part, called "Taça Fábio Koff", clubs played inside their group.

The bottom four clubs played for one direct relegation spot and one relegation play-off spot.

clubs during

The curling club competed with Lebret and the Sanitorium clubs during the 1940s.

He guested for numerous clubs during World War II, and briefly managed Watford in the 1947–48 season.

At the age of 13, he followed older artists to sing at American clubs during its sparse period in Saigon.

clubs across   (клубы по всей)

Valentine performs comedy tours in clubs across the country.

Freestyle has begun to regain airtime in clubs across the nation .

There are nearly 100 recognized alumni clubs across the U.S. and Canada.

clubs based

Almost all sports clubs in the two towns are based in Elbohallen with a few clubs based on schools.

Rudika Vida Rudika Vida is a former Croatian footballer who played mostly for clubs based in Slavonia.

Ontario Cup The Ontario Cup is a soccer tournament for clubs based in the province of Ontario in Canada.

clubs joined

Four clubs joined the division: <onlyinclude></onlyinclude>

Two new clubs joined the league:

The league was increased from 21 clubs to 23 after two new clubs joined:

student clubs   (студенческие клубы)

The School also houses over 27 student clubs.

NYIT School of Management has over 50 active student clubs.

The campus is populated with many student clubs and organizations.

between the clubs

Three matches were played between the clubs.

Oldham and Warrington rescheduled the two games between the clubs.

Jackett subsequently suggested it had been a mutual decision between the clubs.

comedy clubs

Eaton tours comedy clubs nationally in the U.S.

The city is home to a number of leading comedy clubs including Caroline's.

He has been headlining comedy clubs and theaters for the past fifteen years.

most successful clubs   (самые успешные клубы)

The two teams are among the most successful clubs in Slovakia.

Some of the most successful clubs include Wigan Warriors, Hull F.C.

Ajax has historically been one of the most successful clubs in the world.

sporting clubs

It was used by a variety of sporting clubs.

Other sporting clubs include soccer, netball, tennis, table tennis and bowls.

The town is also home to sporting clubs which play sports including: Shifnal Town F.C.

basketball clubs   (баскетбольные клубы)

The city is also home to Uniceub BRB, one of Brazil's best basketball clubs.

He started coaching career in local basketball clubs in Šibenik, like and KK Šibenka 4.

With an average attendance of more than 10,000 fans per game in a season, it is also one of the most popular basketball clubs in Europe.

bars and clubs

Today the area is known for its thriving bars and clubs.

There are no gay organisations, venues, bars and clubs, or pride events.

Zipaquira is also famous for its night life and different kinds of bars and clubs.

former clubs

His former clubs include Lyngby Boldklub, HIK, Fremad Amager and Frem.

A prolific striker, he holds goalscoring records at two of his former clubs.

The graph below shows the participation of all current and most former clubs.

youth clubs

There were youth clubs at Westwood from at least 1943.

Wormgoor has played for various youth clubs.

He left school aged 15 and began to perform at youth clubs.

rugby clubs

It is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Portugal.

Victoria has twenty-five senior rugby clubs .

Due to the ratio of secondary schools to rugby clubs, there is a strong relationship between the two.

clubs playing

Crete has many football clubs playing in the local leagues.

Of clubs playing in the "highest" leagues, there are Ajax, Ydun, and HIK (Hellerup).

It is also home to the Northern District Softball Association with multiple clubs playing at its site in Mill Park.

cricket clubs   (крикет клубы)

The 18 first-class county cricket clubs are taking part in the competition.

It is thought that Hambledon Club, one of the oldest cricket clubs known, was formed about 1750.

Valley is one of Brisbane's most successful cricket clubs in both senior and junior competitions.

soccer clubs

Professional soccer clubs Ajax Cape Town and Vasco da Gama are based in Parow.

Other smaller soccer clubs he lined out for included Park and Dungiven Celtic.

They have got 12 soccer clubs from Stockholm of the 2-4th division to participate.

clubs entered

The Eredivisie clubs entered the tournament here.

clubs competing

There were four rowing clubs competing for the honour to represent the port city.

All of the clubs competing in the First Grade competition entered a team in Second Grade.

In its maiden season in 2017, the PFL saw eight clubs competing for the first ever championship.

clubs competed

The following clubs competed in the tournament.

The same clubs competed in the Third Grade competition.

These clubs competed in the Rugby Football League from 1895.

numerous clubs

Salem has numerous clubs, including the Fanfarenzug Salem.

It also has numerous clubs, including Model United Nations, DECA, and Interact Club.

RCS has numerous clubs, including art, Drama club, French, FBLA, Key club, and S.A.D.D.

small clubs

The years spent playing gigs in small clubs and coffee houses in the 1960s transformed into well-paced performances.

The rest of the summer was spent with the band playing small clubs and pubs all across the UK, building their fanbase.

Some small clubs gain a reputation for being "cup specialists" after two or more giant killing feats within a few years.

ten clubs

The club was the first that featured ten clubs.

The remaining ten clubs qualified through CBF's club ranking.

Both schools have at least ten clubs that meet while school is not in session.

sport clubs   (спортивные клубы)

Other professional team sport clubs include:

VTB is the principal sponsor of all Dinamo Moscow sport clubs.

Attractions in Höxter include: There are many sport clubs in Höxter.

clubs participated

Five clubs participated in the second division that year.

A total of seven clubs participated.

Sixteen clubs participated in this season of Japan Football League.

country clubs   (загородные клубы)

Relatively few country clubs, golf clubs, etc., are available in Singapore, making membership another indication of affluence.

The Country Club The Country Club, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, is one of the oldest country clubs in the United States.

Farmland may, for example, be converted to equestrian facilities, amenity parkland, country clubs, hotels, golf courses, camping and caravan sites.

senior clubs

It also includes the second teams of the senior clubs.

10 of the 13 senior clubs play in this round.

8 of the 12 senior clubs play in this round.

private clubs   (частные клубы)

Liquor and wine could be purchased only in state liquor stores and private clubs.

It is located in northwest Baghdad, which for decades held bakeries, shops, and private clubs.

Nonetheless, titles are often still used unofficially in villages, private clubs and some social sets.

fan clubs

The two fan clubs supporting Flamurtari are "" and "".

Pandian and Kathir patch up a quarrel, and the fan clubs are dissolved.

Kathir's fan clubs members and Pandian's fan clubs members decide to protest on their respective sides.

yacht clubs   (яхт-клубы)

The lake has both diving and yacht clubs.

It was one of the first yacht clubs founded outside of Britain.

Today, some Canadian yacht clubs use the Canadian Blue Ensign to commemorate this usage.

folk clubs

He started busking and visiting folk clubs, travelling around the UK and Europe.

He was also a popular folk singer and appeared at a number of prominent folk clubs and folk festivals.

This and performing in folk clubs led to appearances on local BBC radio programmes, which brought him to the attention of producer Norman Newell.

clubs before

The teams began playing various colleges and local football clubs before finally playing each other.

He was linked to several clubs before inking a four-year deal with Lyon, with Sylvain Monsoreau heading the other way as compensation to Monaco.

clubs play   (клубы играют)

All four clubs play matches at Gungahlin Enclosed Oval.

10 of the 13 senior clubs play in this round.

8 of the 12 senior clubs play in this round.

clubs compete

Currently, three Canadian clubs compete in Major League Soccer.

The clubs compete in four divisions; the premier, first, second and third.

Overall 33 active clubs compete in 30 different team and individual sports.


It was founded in 1959 when three local clubs – Aris, Iraklis, Ethnikos – merged.

Its regular tenants/users include two association football clubs – St. Patrick's C.Y.F.C.

At this time several Hungarian towns outside of Budapest had formed football clubs – Debrecen, Miskolc, Győr.

between clubs

Graham commuted the short distance between clubs to participate in both shows.

There are no games between clubs from opposite divisions, interconference games having been abolished after the 2011 season.

Among clubs, there is a variety of different ways to deliver entertainment, and fee structures commonly differ between clubs.

rowing clubs   (гребные клубы)

KNRB) is the federation of all Dutch rowing clubs.

It is open to male crews from all eligible rowing clubs.

There were four rowing clubs competing for the honour to represent the port city.

more clubs

Two or more clubs may combine to make an entry.

For the following season, more clubs joined and the league was once again divided into two divisions.

Should more clubs be required to make up the number of 64 set for the first round, they will be selected from the "Verbandsliga".

clubs and activities

Luella High School hosts 50 clubs and activities.

Most clubs and activities are run as one unit for grades 6-12.

Several after school clubs and activities are offered, in addition to an extended day child care program.

previous clubs

Jung-Hwa's previous clubs are FC Seoul, Gwangju Sangmu.

His previous clubs include St Johnstone, Montrose, Arbroath, Dundee and Stirling Albion.

His previous clubs include Palmeiras, AEK Athens, Atlético Mineiro, AC Ajaccio and RC Strasbourg.

private social clubs   (частные социальные клубы)

Certain types of property are exempt from property taxes, including: places of worship, places of burial, private social clubs, charitable and educational institutions and government property.