west coast   (西海岸)

It is found on Bioko off the west coast of Africa.

and toured the US west coast following its release.

They anchored off the west coast of Maloe Island.

off the coast   (海岸沖で)

The island is located off the coast of Jävrebodarna.

The island sits off the coast of Mozambique in Africa.

It lives in shallow waters off the coast of New Guinea.

east coast   (東海岸)

Gaios is situated on the east coast of the island.

This wrecked on the east coast of Tierra del Fuego.

It is native to the east coast states of Australia.

along the coast   (海岸沿いに)

Most of the population lives along the coast.

Many villages were built near rivers or along the coast.

Lug can be dug all the way along the coast to Woodstown.

south coast   (南海岸)

Only in the south coast is summer as long as winter.

He was born in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England.

The capital, Santo Domingo, is located on the south coast.

north coast

Its highest point is halfway along the north coast.

The town sits on the north coast of the island Beveland.

In 259 BC they advanced toward Thermae on the north coast.

southern coast

Chinese cratons collided with Siberia's southern coast.

Aladin was from Jacmel, a city on the southern coast of Haiti.

The modern major road runs along the eastern and southern coast.

western coast   (西海岸)

Baku is situated on the western coast of Caspian Sea.

Pentos is a major trading port on a bay of the western coast.

It is close to the western coast of the district of Knapdale.

eastern coast   (東海岸)

It is found on the eastern coast of North America.

Many live in Sambutsu especially, on the eastern coast.

Belfast is situated on Northern Ireland's eastern coast at .

northern coast

A corsair's road runs along the continent's northern coast.

It centred on the town of Burnie on Tasmania's northern coast.

Along with the Greeks, Thracians lived among the northern coast.

near the coast   (海岸近く)

Salta lies near the coast of northwestern Cumbria.

Stadium is built near the coast of Adriatic Sea.

Ceawlin's campaigns are not given as near the coast.

coast between

One of the brothers lived on an island off the coast between Mahone Bay & Lunenburg.

"Fly", then employed in resurveying the coast between Port Jackson and Hobson's Bay.

The coast between the towns of Trouville and Honfleur, although part of the Côte Fleurie, is named Côte de Grace.

northwest coast   (北西海岸)

Gili Meno is the middle of Lombok's three northwest coast Gilis.

"M. membranacea" has also invaded the northwest coast of the US.

The Power House is located on the northwest coast of Alcatraz Island.

coast guard

She was used as a coast guard ship for the duration of the conflict.

The rank insignia of enlisted for the national guard and coast guard.

Nonetheless, both nations maintain coast guard vessels in the Great Lakes.

coast near   (近くの海岸)

Ashford currently lives on the Welsh coast near Aberystwyth.

It was based at Latrobe on Tasmania's north coast near the town of Devonport.

Dolphins are commonly encountered on the north coast near Singaraja and Lovina.

coast to coast

She maintains an active touring schedule from coast to coast.

Tridont opened 107 dental offices under from coast to coast in Canada.

In 1982, its ads proclaimed that it had "140 locations, coast to coast".

northeast coast

It leads from the northeast coast to Castle Road.

Columbus also explored the northeast coast of Cuba, where he landed on 28 October.

Polydactylous cats occur along North America's northeast coast and in Great Britain.

southwest coast

This attack took place off the southwest coast of neutral Ireland.

This new colony was centred at Godthåb ("Good Hope") on the southwest coast.

down the coast   (海岸沿い)

She made her maiden voyage down the coast to Quincy, Massachusetts in November.

These buses travel the tourist section of Acapulco, driving up and down the coast.

Others may have migrated down the coast of British Columbia and then moved inland.

southeast coast

A tremendous gale hit the southeast coast of England on 5 March, damaging or even wrecking many vessels.

By January 2005, of magma covered an area of more than and added of land to the southeast coast of Hawaii.

The cave lies on the southeast coast of the island, and is named by the inhabitants "phokialí" (Greek for "seal's refuge").

up the coast

Varat Taun warns Twilight of what Icarium can do, so she flees up the coast.

Shooting began in April 1969 in the Atransa Studios at Sydney and up the coast nearby.

She moved up the coast to San Pedro, California, to load and, on 27 July, got underway for Australia.

southeastern coast   (南東海岸)

Other affected areas include the southeastern coast of China and Taiwan.

Located on the southeastern coast of the island, the cave measures about .

The island lies near New Orleans off the southeastern coast of Terrebonne Parish.

coast road   (海岸道路)

The village of Ormiscaig is located less than one mile along the coast road.

The B5300, known locally as the "coast road" runs to the west of the village.

The village of Mellon Charles is less than one mile west along the coast road.

central coast

Today, their employers can be found throughout the central coast.

The town of Ouidah on the central coast is the spiritual center of Beninese Vodun.

In 1996 Sunburst returned to California's central coast with the purchase of Sunburst Sanctuary.

coast line

Including these marginal seas the coast line of the Atlantic measures compared to for the Pacific.

The area is hilly and has no road access; a walking or mountain biking track follows the coast line.

The West coast line would run to Manchester, and the East coast line would run to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

around the coast   (海岸周辺)

90% of these are concentrated in the band around the coast.

Diving schools are just as frequent as surfing ones, all around the coast of Fuerteventura.

Despite his reputation as a hunter, he campaigned to end the clubbing of grey seals around the coast.

marine west coast

According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Ghent has a marine west coast climate, abbreviated "Cfb" on climate maps.

Based on the Köppen climate classification, The Spearhead is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America.

northeastern coast   (北東海岸)

The holotype was collected on the northeastern coast of Honsyu Island, Japan.

It is situated in Cumberland East Bay on the northeastern coast of the island.

After repairs, "Trippe" resumed training operations off the northeastern coast.

coast climate   (海岸気候)

According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Ghent has a marine west coast climate, abbreviated "Cfb" on climate maps.

Based on the Köppen climate classification, The Spearhead is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America.

coast of southern

She sank three ships in the vicinity of East London and a fourth off the coast of southern Namibia.

Chemainus Chemainus is a community in the Chemainus Valley on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The Canary Islands form an archipelago in the Atlantic, at closest off the coast of southern Morocco, and flight distance from Madrid.

coast during

She served in the English Channel, the Mediterranean, and off the African coast during the Anglo-Ashanti wars.

The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive at a British naval installation near Maiden's Point on the Northumberland coast during World War II.

He served off the North American coast during the American War of Independence, having some success against privateers and enemy shipping.

west coast climate   (西海岸の気候)

According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Ghent has a marine west coast climate, abbreviated "Cfb" on climate maps.

Based on the Köppen climate classification, The Spearhead is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America.

southwestern coast

It is endemic to the southwestern coast of India in Karnataka.

The town is situated on the southwestern coast of Denmark, and is a port on the North Sea.

The extreme southwestern coast of the island includes a large collapsed submarine caldera.

northwestern coast

It is situated on the northwestern coast of the Argolic Gulf.

Bottlenose dolphins frequent the waters of the northwestern coast, and their group size varies largely from individuals and pairs to hundreds of dolphins.

By the mid-17th century the French sent colonists and privateers to settle the northwestern coast of Hispaniola due to its strategic position in the region.

sea coast

The road was actually a coastal road fronting the sea coast in the early decades of the British colonial city – hence its name.

The ecological footprint is most notably from the increased development of settlements and the sea coast leading to habitat fragmentation.

These trends cast doubt on whether the features truly mark a long-gone sea coast and, have been taken as an argument against the Martian shoreline (and ocean) hypothesis.

towards the coast

He then attacked another, which glided in towards the coast, trailing smoke.

The Coastal Depression is located on the East of the Coastal Range towards the coast.

As the valley descends towards the coast is passes through cloud forest and is more humid.

coast defense

In 1948, the last coast defense gun was removed from Fort Hamilton.

This allowed the weapons to be used in coast defense against moving targets.

Essentially all of the United States' coast defense guns were scrapped by the end of 1948.

coast climate zone   (海岸気候帯)

Based on the Köppen climate classification, The Spearhead is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America.

coast north

Broad Sound (Massachusetts) Broad Sound is a bay on the Massachusetts coast north of Boston.

Until 1864 Sadz lived at the Black Sea coast north to Gagra until the Khosta River (Khamysh River).

Tropical storm watches were posted for the state's Atlantic coast north of Jupiter Inlet to near Flagler Beach.