İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

source code   (kaynak kodu)

The 6502 assembly language source code for Action!

The source code of YAGO3 is available on GitHub.

The source code was made available in December 2009.

area code   (alan kodu)

The zip code is 17562 and the area code is 717.

The list is presented by area code, number and location.

Area code 941 Area code 941 is an area code in Florida.

code name   (kod adı)

Code 0 (ASCII code name NUL) is a special case.

Bluie was the military code name for Greenland.

As of joining APO her code name was Evergreen.

postal code   (posta kodu)

It lies above sea level and the postal code is 37490.

Dialing code: +7 38441; postal code: 652100.

The first 3 digits of the postal code in the area are B3V.

zip code   (posta kodu)

Brookfield Place also has its own zip code, 10281.

The zip code is 17562 and the area code is 717.

Most of the neighborhood is located in the 19148 zip code.

code of conduct   (Davranış kodu)

The school has a strict code of conduct.

However, he used the word more in the spirit than as a strict code of conduct.

The company agreed and changed their advertising in line with the code of conduct.

dress code   (kıyafet kodu)

Most contra dances do not have an expected dress code.

In 2017, the school adopted a gender-neutral dress code.

Today, there is no official dress code.

penal code   (ceza Kanunu)

In 2014, a new penal code took effect in Angola.

Witchcraft is a criminal offense under the penal code.

He also called to update the penal code.

country code   (ülke kodu)

The country code for Belgian websites is .be.

The Chilean internet country code is ".cl".

The country code top-level domain for the Cook Islands is .ck.

criminal code

The criminal code consists of 756 articles.

Similarly, the council undertook to write a new criminal code in 1938.

Article 88 of Qatar's criminal code declares the punishment for fornication is 100 lashes.

station code   (istasyon kodu)

It was assigned USAAF designation Station 167, station code "RD".

Its railway station code is DGBH.

Its three-letter station code is SLV and it is in Travelcard zone 4.

code page

Byte 9F is replaced ¤ with € in that code page.

The following table shows code page 1098.

In 1995, IBM assigned code page 1277 to this character set.

machine code

Assembly language may also be called "symbolic machine code".

Upon compilation a built-in assembler produced inline machine code.

A Lisp compiler generates bytecode or machine code from Lisp source code.

code points

Some code points (marked blue in the table) were reserved for national-specific usage.

Of these, the British/Pitman forms were accepted for encoding as characters at code points and .

In the following table characters are shown together with their corresponding Unicode code points.

genetic code

Degeneracy is the redundancy of the genetic code.

The genetic code was expressed into proteins.

Of these, 20 are encoded by the universal genetic code.

code of ethics   (etik kurallar)

Almost all certifying bodies maintain a code of ethics which all members must abide by.

This was a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code, a code of ethics set up after World War II.

The exhibitions help promote the work of members and contribute towards a professional code of ethics.

legal code   (yasal kod)

In addition, the basement was dug out to legal code ceiling height.

Hindu legal code is based on the religious texts known as the "dharmasatras."

Muggleton might have put the emphasis differently – with one eye on the legal code.

code named

The second facelift was done in late 2017, code named the FC3.

A variant of the RDS-6s was developed later, code named RDS-27.

The product was code named the VIC-40 as the successor to the popular VIC-20.

code point   (kod noktası)

In Unicode, the code point for "bicycle" is 0x1F6B2.

Unicode provides the Fahrenheit symbol at code point .

73, encoded by Unicode at code point U+1233A).

tax code

Woodmore has attempted reading out aloud the United Kingdom tax code.

In mid-1935, Roosevelt began to prioritize a major reform of the tax code.

The legislation seeks to remove the three-factor method from the state tax code.

civil code

On 4 October 1926, the new Turkish civil code passed.

Let them bring a uniform civil code.

He was also integral in establishing the first Ottoman civil code.

new code

In 1983, the Church issued a new code of canon law.

In 1952 it was given the new code AAM-N-3.

The ISC license is OpenBSD's preferred license for new code.

code names

The Community of Christ edition still uses the code names.

The beaches of Normandy are still known by their invasion code names.

It is also known by its developmental code names "RU-2010" and "A-301".

building code

A new building code promoted energy efficiency.

It has also been adopted in part by some cities as a building code.

Her theatre was shuttered for building code violations in December 1990.

moral code   (ahlaki kod)

Shota is uneasy, feeling this theft breaks their moral code.

The new moral code meant that respectable men dared not be caught.

Of Parker, Statham has commented that he's "a man who lives by a certain moral code.

code base

Version 2 was redesigned with a new source code base.

Earliest snapshots of the code base exist from June 30, 2016.

He’s written an extensive number of articles on programming with the Cocoa code base.

developmental code

It is also known by its developmental code name "SHB-331".

Cymegesolate Cymegesolate (developmental code name Progestin No.

It is also known by its developmental code names "RU-2010" and "A-301".

code word

", Operation Thunderclap being the code word initiating the breakout.

"Blues" became a code word for a record designed to sell to black listeners.

"anti-racist is a code word for anti-white") or promoting white pride websites.

code used

A variant of the CQ call, "CQD", was the first code used as a distress signal.

The most important difference is in the code used for the end of a line of text.

The actual maximum code rate allowed depends on the error-correcting code used, and may be lower.

airport code

The airport code for the capital, Conakry, is CKY.

It is represented by the IATA airport code ABD.

The airport's airport code, ICT, is also a nickname for the city.

bar code

Their faces are replaced with bar code stamps.

because there is no bar code or the bar code is unreadable).

code number   (kod numarası)

The structure is identified by the code number 2088 E.F.

Gagillapur pin code number is 505528.

The code number assigned it by the Central Statistics Office is 22071.

lines of code

In contrast, version 3.35 has approximately 162,000 lines of code.

Version 1.0 consisted of 36,000 lines of code and was written in fifteen weeks.

The encryption and decryption routines can be specified in a few lines of code.

law code

A law code from Æthelberht's reign also survives.

The law code, as it has been preserved, is singularly unsuitable for use in lawsuits.

Mahmoud was a consistent supporter of the replacement of Egypt's civil law code with Sharia.

following code

The following code looks for an old item in a group of items.

The following code shows a linked list FIFO C++ language implementation.

The following code samples are ALGOL 68 versions of the above ALGOL 60 code samples.

post code

It lies above sea level and the post code is 37795.

It lies above sea level and the post code is 37609.

It lies above sea level and the post code is 37448.

same code

Different brands share the same code if they have the same active substance and indications.

Most simple words execute the same code whether they are typed on a command line, or embedded in code.

It does not make any additional codes available, so the same code points encoded different characters in different countries.

identification code

The village identification code is 028673.

The International Astronomical Union has assigned the MSU Observatory identification code 766.

The lighthouse is completely automated and managed by the Marina Militare with the identification code number 3300 E.F.

binary code

The central development was binary code systems.

The binary code for this instruction is 10110 followed by a 3-bit identifier for which register to use.

In a nutshell, training the algorithm to produce a low-dimensional binary code, then all database entries could be stored in a hash table mapping binary code vectors to entries.

code of practice   (uygulama kodu)

The Franchise Association of New Zealand introduced a self-regulatory code of practice for its members in 1996.

A court may use a code of practice to establish what is reasonably practicable action to manage a specific risk.

A workplace inspector can refer to a code of practice when issuing an improvement or prohibition notice, and they may be admissible in court proceedings.

honor code

The school's honor code was adopted from Kentucky Military Institute.

The school enforces an honor code that is similar to that of the higher education units of CES.

Today, there are myriad exceptions to the honor code in the form of new institute policies such as the fire policy, and alcohol policy.

developmental code name

It is also known by its developmental code name "SHB-331".

Cymegesolate Cymegesolate (developmental code name Progestin No.

Bicalutamide is also known by its former developmental code name -176,334.

program code

As any program code, widgets can be used for malicious purposes.

Much of that increase was allocated towards the production of an operational stealth aircraft, the Lockheed F-117A, under the program code name ""Senior Trend"".

Computer scientists use abstraction to make models that can be used and re-used without having to re-write all the program code for each new application on every different type of computer.