Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

area codes   (códigos de área)

The areas (with the area codes from the site nomination) are:

There are no area codes in Greenland, and all telephone numbers have 6 digits.

Many area codes reserved 999; 320 was also formerly reserved in Bell Canada territory.

building codes   (construyendo códigos)

This is in addition to building codes which must be met.

The standards are like building codes.

Most building codes require that they be installed in older buildings as well.

postal codes   (códigos postales)

The island has two postal codes: 00200 and 00210.

Some locked bag customers have individualized corporate postal codes.

Croatian postal codes have five digits, written without separator characters.

dress codes

The requirement for such dress codes differ.

6286), which prohibits government offices and agencies from implementing strict dress codes.

Schools in Oklahoma, Illinois, and North Carolina have enforced or suggested similar dress codes.

codes of conduct   (códigos de conducta)

Nowadays, ethical codes of conduct exist in almost every profession.

The rest of the participants described ambiguity or lack of clarity about codes of conduct.

The chief ethics officer may also administer punishments for violation of ethical codes of conduct.

zip codes   (códigos ZIP)

The community is divided between zip codes 92025 and 92027.

The neighborhood's zip codes are 19121, 19129, 19130 and 19132.

It has zip codes 10510 and 10562.

legal codes

Much of their legal codes are from translated passages of the Qu'ran.

(Such are the legal codes "Grágás" ‘grey goose’, "Gullfjǫðr" ‘gold feather (quill?

Records of at least six legal codes survive from his reign, covering a range of topics.

both codes

Kicking the ball out of play is legal in both codes.

He usually played as a winger in both codes.

The following year Murphy lined in both codes in the under-21 grade.