collaboration between   (間のコラボレーション)

The collaboration between the two men was exemplary.

The song marked the second collaboration between T.I.

The campaign is a collaboration between several groups.

first collaboration   (最初のコラボレーション)

The film is Winkler's first collaboration with Netflix.

It is his first collaboration with producer Chet Atkins.

It was Dutt's first collaboration with Swastika Mukherjee.

close collaboration   (緊密なコラボレーション)

After that, she and League started a close collaboration.

Much of his work was completed in close collaboration with Sanjay Ghemawat.

The music and visuals are created in close collaboration with German born Christofer Jost.

collaboration with other   (他とのコラボレーション)

The fifth step was collaboration with other government agencies.

They practice collaboration with other choirs for larger projects.

His fourth album, "Made in Trance", is a collaboration with other French musicians.

second collaboration   (第二のコラボレーション)

The song marked the second collaboration between T.I.

It marks Berg's second collaboration with Dieter Bohlen.

This is the second collaboration between Dev and Sujit Mondol.

written in collaboration

Many of his works have been written in collaboration with Roger Establet.

The lyrics of his songs are written in collaboration with his brother Francesco Gazzè.

"The Tree of Seasons" was written in collaboration with June Considine and Jules Williams.

collaboration album

It was the second and final collaboration album between the two.

Southwest (album) Southwest is a collaboration album by Daz Dillinger and Nuwine.

Music's collaboration album "Cruel Summer"), 2 Chainz' "Riot" (from his mixtape "T.R.U.

collaboration among

These tunes were then developed further in a close collaboration among the composer(s) and Chaplin.

The DLBC will "formalize and strengthen already existing collaboration among the participating centers".

2019, Jäkel became chair of the "Bertelsmann Content Alliance", managing the collaboration among all content businesses in Germany.

international collaboration

The center is a full member of the MAGIC international collaboration since 2017.

As the cost was thought to be too great for the UK alone, international collaboration was sought.

An international collaboration between IAGG and eight other NGO's has been set-up to promote major worldwide aging issues.

developed in collaboration

Both of these features were developed in collaboration with DeepMind.

The musical was developed in collaboration with Theatre Royal Stratford East.

The drug was invented by Human Genome Sciences and was developed in collaboration with GSK.

created in collaboration

"Villa Inferno" was created in collaboration with Brian Ritchie of the American band Violent Femmes.

Some of his later operas were created in collaboration with two of Italy's major writers of the time.

To evolve the blog, on February 15, 2006 the new India Uncut was created in collaboration with Madhu 'Madman' Menon.

produced in collaboration

", which was produced in collaboration with WNNR and DJ Accident Report.

It was produced in collaboration by a number of companies, including the Communication University of China.

From the Surprises range, Watermelonade, and Enchanted Fruits were produced in collaboration with Chupa Chups.

third collaboration

The film marks the third collaboration between Rosenthal and Keret.

This is the third collaboration of Angela Dimitriou with songwriter Phoebus.

"Aambala", her third collaboration with Sundar C, was her first 2015 release.

made in collaboration

The last two of these were made in collaboration with Richard Rosenberg.

"Endocrinology" is an artists' book made in collaboration with visual artist Kiki Smith.

Most Western peace plans had been made in collaboration with the Afghan opposition forces.

began a collaboration

In 1490 or 1491 he began a collaboration with Mariotto Albertinelli.

In 2008 he also began a collaboration with Marc Maron on "Maron v. Seder", an hour-long video webcast.

In 2007 Puma began a collaboration with sound artist Lasse Marhaug, for the celebration of Grieg anniversary 07.

worked in collaboration

He worked in collaboration with Turkish composer Ahmet Adnan Saygun mostly around Adana (; ).

Burkill also worked in collaboration with the forestry department, conducting research on dipterocarps.

Cirque Éloize and Zone3 worked in collaboration during the production of "La Vie Est Un Cirque's" four seasons.

musical collaboration

It was in Paris that she met Darol Anger and began a fruitful musical collaboration.

Kutiman virtually assembled 24 Fiverr musicians from a dozen different countries for one cohesive musical collaboration.

The year 1992 was the beginning of his acoustical period and musical collaboration with Tomo Jurak and Janez Zmazek – Žan.

through collaboration

They resolved the situation through collaboration, an approach they have continued ever since.

Rootschat RootsChat is a free online genealogy forum for researching family history through collaboration.

Similarly, the E3 network connects member agencies through collaboration and inroads to marketing innovation.

first collaboration between

This is the first collaboration between authors Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.

The first collaboration between the two artists was "Say Kids What Time Is It?"

The soundtrack was the first collaboration between Chopra, Rahman and the lyricist Gulzar.