permanent collection   (永久コレクション)

It is in the permanent collection of Tate Britain.

It is host to a permanent collection of over 1000 works.

The book is now part of the permanent collection at MoMa.

large collection   (大規模なコレクション)

He gathered a large collection of prints.

A large collection of cairns of various types lie near the city.

Plans are underway for digitizing this large collection of knowledge.

art collection   (アートコレクション)

In 1894, they sold their art collection to the state.

In 1811 his art collection was also sold.

The bulk of their art collection was sold at auction in 1929.

collection of short   (ショートのコレクション)

is a 1969 collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury.

In 1928 she published the collection of short stories "Khan".

"Sath Sangar" and "Sonzal" are his collection of short stories.

first collection   (最初のコレクション)

Traina-Norell launched its first collection in 1941.

Her first collection was sold exclusively at Browns.

His first collection was awarded the Dé d'Or in 1989.

collection includes

Its collection includes over 100,000 items.

The collection includes ship models from the movies "Tora!

The collection includes works of artists:

data collection   (データ収集)

DAMA/LIBRA phase 1 data collection started in September 2003.

The funding supported development of an online data collection system.

HINTS 2005 also used RDD/CATI and identical data collection procedures.

story collection   (物語集)

He published his first short story collection in 1981.

"Flamingo" (2003) is her story collection.

3-Ashbah El Hawas (Ghosts of Senses) a short story collection.

collection of poems

"Fish Souls" is Berssenbrugge's first published collection of poems.

When she was 20, she published a collection of poems "Kaeru" privately.

In 2004 Sabine Wichert published a collection of poems titled "Taganrog".

poetry collection   (詩集)

McIntyre authored a novel and a poetry collection.

"Chhalna Vagar" is his another poetry collection.

"Sapna Vatemarguo" is her another poetry collection.

private collection   (プライベートコレクション)

A surviving film preserved in a private collection.

The 1946 car is now in a private collection.

sketch: private collection, 15" x 11.5" (38.1 x 29.21 cm.)

short story collection   (短編小説集)

He published his first short story collection in 1981.

3-Ashbah El Hawas (Ghosts of Senses) a short story collection.

Lim published her first short story collection called "" in 1978.

largest collection

The largest collection is held at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne.

He has the world's second largest collection of colored lithographs.

It is home to the largest collection of Haitian art outside of Haiti.

collection of essays

"Janantike" (1965) is his first collection of essays.

His collection of essays, "Bond or Free?

Its most recent release is a collection of essays on Raul Ruiz.

extensive collection

He had an extensive collection of firearms.

Letterman is a car enthusiast and owns an extensive collection.

Other artifacts include an extensive collection of signaling equipment.

collection of songs

The main feature of the DVD is a collection of songs performed at the Sno-Core festival.

It is a plaintive collection of songs which combine country with hints of blues, gospel and folk.

It is a continuation of "The Imposter"—"a more focused collection of songs about the Apocalypse."

published a collection

In 2010, he published a collection of the comics.

In 1912 he published a collection of prose poems.

He published a collection of poetry in Maltese in 2014.

collection of poetry   (詩集)

He published a collection of poetry in Maltese in 2014.

In 1990 Mamet published "The Hero Pony", a 55-page collection of poetry.

Nilsen also published a collection of poetry in 1919 under his real name.

collection of books

Kankol Vayanasala and Grandhalayam is one library with good collection of books.

At his Dublin home, 1 Fitzwilliam Square, he kept a collection of books and maps.

The library has a collection of books and movies for both children and adults in Spanish.

collection contains

The collection contains, amongst other things, ca.

The collection contains the following stories:

The surviving collection contains around 50,000 images.

personal collection

It includes several pictures from Gordeeva's personal collection.

Ru Smith, who donated the holotype to the AMNH from his personal collection.

Other posters used and the mugs, are part of Tarantino's personal collection.

collection of stories

The collection of stories is based on cases from his chambers.

It is a collection of stories about being an infamous comedian.

In 1945, his “Serene nights” collection of stories was published.

tax collection

URA targets to increase tax collection to at least 16% of GDP by 2020.

The Fort was built to control the area and to facilitate tax collection.

He was a close friend of Isaac Abravanel, whom he worked with in tax collection.

second collection

A second collection, "The New Chronicles of Don Q."

"geo•logics", Rowe's second collection, was released in March 2015.

A second collection, "Woodrat Flat", was published posthumously in 2015.

book collection

His book collection can be found at Bamberg State Library.

At that time, its book collection consists of 45 000 volumes.

He bequeathed his own book collection a few days before he died.

garbage collection   (ガベージコレクション)

Also when there are alleys, garbage collection may take place from the alley.

(Such issues are ameliorated in languages with automatic garbage collection.)

The introduction of municipal garbage collection reduced the presence of garbage.

entire collection   (全コレクション)

The entire collection was sold out online within three weeks.

A free Davis Art Walk map serves as a detailed guide to the entire collection.

The highlights being there paintings, the entire collection is in handloom fabric.

small collection

Current-day Heinola is a small collection of private homes.

At one point the village housed a small collection at Royal Arcanum Hall.

There is a small collection of the history of Ventura Avenue and West Ventura.

collection consists

The collection consists of about 13,000 titles.

Its collection consists of nearly one million objects.

The museum’s collection consists of the following cars.

complete collection

The most complete collection of them is that of J.

A complete collection of his prints can be found at Skagens Museum.

Another complete collection is housed with Meisei University in Tokyo, Japan.

collection included

The collection included 17th century Ottoman textiles.

The collection included various works by James Gleeson.

His collection included items purchased from Archduke Stephan.

collection of paintings

This church has a collection of paintings from the colonial period.

The castle also houses part of the Lobkowicz collection of paintings.

There is also a collection of paintings and family portraits by many notable artists.

important collection

The archive is an internationally important collection.

The Rijksmuseum possesses the largest and most important collection of classical Dutch art.

In Belgium, the Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire in Brussels houses an important collection.

collection of more

The new building opened with a collection of more than thirty thousand volumes.

He gave a collection of more than 50 M. C. Escher prints to the National Gallery of Art.

The DeBences' collection of more than 40 Tiffany-style hanging lamps provide the museum’s lighting.

collection of works

There is also a collection of works by the modern sculptor, Marino Marini, in a museum named after him.

3 Novels by César Aira 3 Novels by César Aira is a collection of works by Argentine writer César Aira.

His large personal library featured an extensive collection of works on the early history of the Colony.

collection system

Germany's collection system is 80% automated and 20% manual.

The automatic fare collection system is supplied by Thales Group.

The funding supported development of an online data collection system.

own collection

In 1986, Sheikh Hassan started his own collection.

He has had his own collection since 1993.

These images were later organized into their own collection.

refuse collection   (収集を拒否)

94.9% of households have regular refuse collection service.

Allerdale Borough Council provides refuse collection, streetlighting, and other modern amenities.

Infrastructure and services run by the council include: clearing snow in winter, city wardens, maintaining parks, refuse collection, sewage, street cleaning and street lighting.

s collection

The museum’s collection has designated status.

The museum’s collection consists of the following cars.

This tool is apparently still in Bud’s collection at hishome."

s collection

The museum’s collection has designated status.

The museum’s collection consists of the following cars.

This tool is apparently still in Bud’s collection at hishome."

toll collection   (料金徴収)

The Express Pass allows for automatic electronic toll collection.

The toll collection was scheduled to be completed on 30 April 2013.

Drivers may either pay by cash or use the FasTrak electronic toll collection device.

vast collection   (膨大なコレクション)

Given enough resources, this can result in a vast collection.

In this vast collection of woodland there are many rare and local species.

There is a vast collection of materials on overseas Chinese and children's books.

collection of all

Let "S" denote the collection of all functions from "T" into "S".

The Cantor space is the collection of all infinite sequences of 0s and 1s.

The municipality maintains the water supply and garbage collection of all these slums.

museum collection

"Florence" is the only working dragger in a museum collection.

Founder Steve Green donated Dead Sea Scrolls parchment fragments to the museum collection for its opening.

The first museum collection was opened for the public in 1937 by the director of the local high school Asen Stefanov.

new collection

In 2012, a new collection was released by Raketa.

A new collection had to be built up for the museum.

In April 2014 she launched a new collection called "New Attitude".

collection include

The principal works in the collection include:

Later editors who worked on the collection include Vũ Quỳnh (1452-1516) and (1447-?

Groups included on the multi-artist collection include Black Label Society and Iron Maiden among others.

collection of art

Benton has a collection of art treasures in the false bottom of a wheat silo.

The present family is responsible for the great collection of art in the castle.

Poultney's world travels led him to amass a large collection of art in his home.

library collection

Since 1944, the library collection was rebuilt anew.

The library collection includes LGBT fiction and non-fiction.

Part of the library collection of Petlura was returned to the Ukraine.

houses a collection

The university library houses a collection of 825,000 volumes.

It houses a collection of wagons, including a buggy and a mud wagon.

The Center houses a collection of artwork from the 19th century to the present.

comprehensive collection

Bio-Rad Laboratories offers a comprehensive collection of spectral data, including their Sadtler data.

Grant McDougall of Christie's said: "It is the most comprehensive collection of memorabilia I’ve had the good fortune to catalogue.

The Berlin Zoo, which opened in 1844, is the oldest in Germany, and claims the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

collection of photographs

The book is a collection of photographs, divided into two booklets.

Among the sub-archives of the EFA there is a large collection of photographs.

The book features collection of photographs taken during the last two decades.

collection also includes

The collection also includes notation created by students.

The collection also includes objects from Antakya and its surrounding regions.

The collection also includes holdings relevant to performing arts and natural history.

collection of rare   (レアコレクション)

She also briefly owned The Sherwood Gallery, which featured a collection of rare artwork.

The microclimate in this part of Norfolk enables the owners to grow a collection of rare and exotic plants.

On 31 January 2010 he announced the release of a collection of rare tracks, "From Farmhouses to Tour Vans."

waste collection   (廃棄物収集)

As a young man he worked in the family business of waste collection.

It can also include the optimizing of waste collection and bus service networks.

Waste is delivered to the station by road, using up to 100 waste collection vehicles.

contains a collection

Nowadays it contains a collection of tapestries.

The museum also contains a collection on the history of the institution.

The Kamogawa Room contains a collection of gifts from Manitowoc's Japanese sister city Kamogawa.

revenue collection

So if the king wanted to ensure smooth revenue collection, he needed gentry co-operation.

Inside a market, both hygiene rules and revenue collection activities have to be enforced.

As the collector he is the chief revenue officer responsible for revenue collection and recovery.

record collection   (レコードコレクション)

She got in touch with salsa through the record collection of her father.

Yoon cites his record collection as an influence to pursue her music career.

He grew up enjoying music, usually listening to his sister's record collection.

collection called

The collection called Gold by Giles began in March 2007.

Lim published her first short story collection called "" in 1978.

In April 2014 she launched a new collection called "New Attitude".

significant collection   (重要なコレクション)

He also owned a significant collection of coins, medals and engravings.

It has a significant collection of Mexican folk art, and the world’s largest public collection of Haitian art.

It currently includes a large collection of graphic and applied art and a significant collection of photographs.

hits collection

The album is the third greatest hits collection from the group.

This is a continuation of the format used in Erasure's 1992 hits collection "Pop!

It followed the successful greatest hits collection "", released the year before.

diverse collection

The order included five families, within which a very diverse collection of genera were grouped.

In the waters around Svalbard, the scientists gathered a large and diverse collection of marine fauna.

His work has been incorporated into a diverse collection of museums, including the Ghent Design Museum.

unique collection

It contains a unique collection of decorative glass.

The museum also houses a unique collection of 6000 palm leaf manuscripts.

Chief amongst the attractions is the unique collection of Guild and Trade Banners.

rich collection

McGreevy amassed a rich collection of photographs, clippings, and other baseball memorabilia.

The church has a rich collection of icons, some of them predating the existence of the church.

It also features a rich collection of artifacts documenting the everyday life of Alsatian Jews.

national collection   (国立コレクション)

Her work is held in the national collection of Belgium.

"The Coming Footstep" (1847) went to the national collection in South Kensington.

The original roof was tiled, but after a national collection, the tiles were replaced with copper in 1937-1938.

intelligence collection   (インテリジェンスコレクション)

This victory is attributed to Bahirji's intelligence collection.

Intelligence services value certain intelligence collection techniques over others.

Albright led studies associated with intelligence collection systems, such as hyperspectral sensors for surveillance, and automatic target recognition systems.

collection entitled

Wallis' poems were published as a collection entitled C"hips from the Block".

In an eight-year span, the band released 5 CDs and a retrospective Vinyl LP collection entitled "...Discover Vinyl".

In 1999, MAX released their first greatest hits collection entitled "Maximum Collection" which also topped the charts.

collection of documents

Data sets can also consist of a collection of documents or files.

This collection of documents was reviewed during Juan Diego’s canonization in 2002.

Corwin assembled a unique collection of documents regarding the Second World War and the Holocaust.

greatest hits collection

The album is the third greatest hits collection from the group.

It followed the successful greatest hits collection "", released the year before.

Later on, in 2002, it was included in the "Intergalactic Sonic 7″s" greatest hits collection.

collection of historical

The museum build up a collection of historical artifacts and painting.

The only collection of historical buildings in Koryazhma is in the Koryazhemsky Nikolaevsky Monastery.

The German Museum of Technology in Kreuzberg has a large collection of historical technical artifacts.

growing collection

Within a few years, he returned to Tulsa with his oil company and his growing collection.

Offers direct access to a growing collection of Iberoamerican online journals offering full text articles.

In 2003, it became apparent that the original facilities could not properly display enough of the museum's rapidly growing collection.

collection of original

A collection of original and Southern gospel songs.

I didn't really count that as a collection of original work."

It is home to the world's largest collection of original Rockwell art.

collection of letters

Einhard is also responsible for three other extant works: a collection of letters, "On the Translations and the Miracles of SS.

His collection of letters from celebrated men found its way into the British Museum, as did some of his bibliographic collection.

In January 2014, Helene and Wolfgang Beltracchi published two books: an autobiography and a collection of letters the pair wrote each other while in prison.

collection of historic

The book is a collection of historic and current portrait photographs of figures from the computer industry.

Burleigh retains an outstanding collection of historic moulds which are used today in the production of Burleighware.

In 2003 the museum took over a collection of historic trams and buses when a museum run by HT (Hovedstadens Trafikselskab), the local bus company in Copenhagen, closed.

collection of artifacts

The museum started with a collection of artifacts from the History Department.

It also features a rich collection of artifacts documenting the everyday life of Alsatian Jews.

The museum has a vast collection of artifacts, historic photographs, murals, graphics, and rare documents.

collection and recycling

The district council provides services such as waste collection and recycling, local planning and housing services, environmental health services and council tax collection.

Sedgemoor is responsible for local planning and building control, local roads, council housing, environmental health, markets and fairs, refuse collection and recycling, cemeteries and crematoria, leisure services, parks, and tourism.

The district council is responsible for local planning and building control, local roads, council housing, environmental health, markets and fairs, refuse collection and recycling, cemeteries and crematoria, leisure services, parks, and tourism.

collection of articles

Dewey and Horace M. Kallen edited a collection of articles on the CCNY affair in "The Bertrand Russell Case".

He has also edited a collection of articles to create a second volume "Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages" .

His first book was published by Underground Kiadó in 2011 as "Filmflesskönyv' (Film-trip-book), a collection of articles and essays.

collection of early

The temple is noted for its large collection of early Buddhist manuscripts.

During its existence, it has collated a large collection of early prints, and rare and valuable books.

This two-disc compilation album is a collection of early singles, covers, demos, compilation tracks, live tracks and two versions (one remixed and one remastered) of the band's first album, "Background".

collection features

The collection features ten games, all unofficial remakes of classic games.

The collection features 33 "powerful worship songs from today's top artists", eight of which were newly recorded for this album.

The collection features some of the best-known paintings by major European artists, as well as numerous works of sculpture and porcelain.

collection of other   (他のコレクション)

A large collection of other artifacts, documents, glass slides and photos is housed at the school.

In November 1638, Milton wrote "Lycidas" and the work was published in a collection of other memorial works for Edward King, who had attended Christ's College with Milton, published that year.

first poetry collection

Malewezi's first poetry collection, "The Road Taken", was published in 2011.

Wong's first poetry collection, "monkeypuzzle", was published by Press Gang in 1998.

In 1960, she published her first poetry collection, "Return from the Dreamy Fountain".

fine collection   (ファインコレクション)

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon holds a fine collection of this artist's works.

A fine collection."

The National Museum of Copenhagen also houses a fine collection of 17th century Thanjavur paintings.

collection of data

Data set A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data.

A vertex algebra is a collection of data that satisfy certain axioms.

Traffic forecasting begins with the collection of data on current traffic.

essay collection

It is Wallace’s third essay collection.

He was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award in 2013 for his essay collection "Vachanaryachi Rojanishee".

"Shabdna Landscape" (1981) is his essay collection while "Feenni Divalo" (1966) is his poetry collection.

fare collection

The automatic fare collection system is supplied by Thales Group.

These stations still have off-board fare collection vending machines and Go-To card readers.

The initial result was a four-axle low-floor design that would have been suitable for automatic fare collection.

collection of ancient

Lady Charlotte Guest published "Mabinogion", a collection of ancient Celtic stories from Wales.

He donated his collection of ancient artifacts to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens in 1890.

The collection of ancient glass objects is one of the four largest ancient glass collections in the world.

debt collection

Organisations affected included Columbia University, and third parties included debt collection companies.

On April 28, 2011, Citibank announced that it was hiring 1,400 debt collection staff who were previously outsourced.

However, the Arbitration Court of Tomsk Oblast, having considered the claim, ruled to refuse Yukos Capital in debt collection.

collection of old

Archeologists have unearthed a collection of old Roman coins in 1946.

It was nationally recognized for its extensive collection of old, rare and specialty records.

The typical description in the guide was "Bob West and his giant collection of old scratchies."

another collection   (別のコレクション)

His second book, "Pay This Amount", another collection, was published in 2008.

"Grantha Sangati" is another collection of his book reviews published by Popular Prakashan.

In 2018, he published another collection of twelve short stories, titled "Strafe" ("Punishment").

released a collection

In 2005 Resonance FM released a collection of demo recordings.

In 2001, he released a collection of calls titled "Otimen Recording Hell!

In 2014, he released a collection of short stories titled "Er vi venner igjen?

collection titled

A three disc collection titled Fully Naked was released in 2001 as a box set.

About this time he co-edited a collection titled "British Pamphleteers" with Reginald Reynolds.

Sony later released a shorter version of the CD collection titled "The Very Best of Major Lance".

valuable collection

By a miracle this valuable collection was returned virtually undamaged after the war.

A special train was chartered to transport the valuable collection to Valencia, arriving the evening of August 9th.

In 2010 were found cult objects, manuscripts and printed documents which constitute a valuable collection of the history of the community.

collection of taxes

The Shahbandar (Port Master) was in charge of the traders and the collection of taxes.

He was assigned to the standing committees on assessment and collection of taxes, and on medical societies.

According to the unanimous decision of the judges, non-profit cemeteries are immune to the collection of taxes.

major collection   (メジャーコレクション)

A major collection of her work was published in 2007.

In 1965 she published her first major collection, "A Way of Seeing".

The other major collection of naval bases on the west coast is in Puget Sound, Washington.

original collection

Much of the original collection was destroyed in World War Two air raids.

The original collection is maintained by the Oregon Historical Society in Portland.

The original collection was published in 1937 and included 21 essays mainly written between 1928 and 1931.

manuscript collection

´There are several preserved transcriptions of this manuscript collection.

Most notably, 3 sonatas by Drese were included in the 1662 manuscript collection "Partiturbuch Ludwig".

For instance, E refers to the collection of M. J. Eisen, and H indicates the manuscript collection of J.

collection comprises

The collection comprises 27 poems of between 6 and 48 lines.

The collection comprises around 4500 pieces, some of which belonged to football legends.

The collection comprises over 700,000 cataloged items, in addition to thousands more items that have yet to be cataloged.

collection of science

He edited "Out of This World", a 1944 collection of science fiction stories while he was still in the Army.

I, Robot (disambiguation) I, Robot is a collection of science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov compiled in 1950.

The Wind from the Sun The Wind from the Sun () is a 1972 collection of science fiction short stories by British writer Arthur C. Clarke.

collection of manuscripts

The museum library holds about 24,000 volumes and a small collection of manuscripts.

Copinger's collection of manuscripts is now held by the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester.

He formed, however, an intimate friendship with the patrician Farsetti, of whose rich collection of manuscripts.

third collection

He published a third collection of stories, "The Night in Question", in 1997.

A third collection of poetry, "Black Distant Voice", was published in 1992, winning him the Author of the Year award.

In 2015, a third collection, "In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe: Classic Horror, 1810-1916", was published by Pegasus Books.

collection was published

The oldest title in the collection was published in 1542.

The collection was published in book form on 28 April 1938.

This collection was published in 1999 by G. P. Putnam's Sons.