collectively known

These 3 areas are collectively known as Pranburi.

The tests were collectively known as "Dew Point".

These groups are collectively known as Sudanese Arabs.

known collectively

They were known collectively as "Miller's Boys".

These were known collectively as extramural schools.

These were known collectively as the Contras.

collectively referred

These pieces are collectively referred to as spall.

The games are sometimes collectively referred to as Halma.

They were collectively referred to as the Kung-Pao Buckaroos.

collectively called

These vulnerabilities are collectively called "BlueBorne."

This led to various initiatives, collectively called Homes for Heroes.

Many people enjoy watching miniseries collectively called Taiwanese drama.

referred to collectively

DDT, DDE and DDD are sometimes referred to collectively as DDX.

These genera are commonly referred to collectively as sphingomonads.

Torrin sits on dolomites, informally referred to collectively as the "Durness Limestone".