private collectors   (私人收藏家)

All 23 tapestries sold to private collectors and museums.

His works are scattered around the world in museums and private collectors.

Most of his easel work is in the hands of private collectors in both Mexico and abroad.

art collectors   (艺术收藏家)

Rendorp and his wife were art collectors.

His father and uncle were art collectors.

While Knops and Jägers existed, they had not been important art collectors.

tax collectors   (收税员)

The Hafners eventually became the local tax collectors.

Until the late 17th century, tax collectors were called .

They were chief justices, commanders-in-chief, and tax collectors.

among collectors

Despite this, these films remain well-known and prized among collectors.

By 1985, the band's releases on the Kamera label were hard to find and fetching high prices among collectors.

Both versions of the album are considered extremely rare and copies sell for very high prices among collectors.